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  2. hulk

    New Old Mac and the upgrade obsession

    What is wrong with iMac's? :-P 32-bit EFI, so no windows.and we have to make a special ubuntu version just for efi macs Don't forget the special UEFI version for new PCs that run Windows 8 out of the box. There's a whole on how "good" and "bug free" UEFI is. With this, it's no surprise to discover that some implementations are buggy enough (Samsung, I'm looking at you) that the simple act of writing "too much" into the NVRAM causes it to kick the bucket. (Even the main Ubuntu distro is a bit shaky with UEFI right now on at least a few machines out there - on my laptop, it doesn't even boot consistently, some times it locks up instead. At least it doesn't brick like the flawed Samsung laptops though).
  3. Heh, I guess it makes sense, although I'm pretty sure people have been RMAing overclocked CPUs for years, some of which failed of their own accord and others way outside of the so called maximum specs. What I find ridiculous is that this isn't already rolled into the Extreme Editions, I mean you are paying that much for the processor, you'd at least expect this warranty to be bundled in for those. Extreme CPUs do not cost any more to make than the cheap ones do either, so they would be nowhere near losing money having to replace those anyway. It does give overclockers piece of mind though and gives an honest option for warranty for overclockers, because lets be honest, most of us are dirty crooks who will fraudulently return items that did not break of their own accord or were broken by other components (me included) :p Having said that breaking a CPU by overclocking is rather rare unless you are trying to break it (e.g suicide runs), so for the vast majority of people the money will go to waste anyway.
  4. The GPU related benchmarks aren't all that relevant if you aren't using the onboard video though. Seems a lot less impressive if you remove the graphs showing the huge difference with the onboard GPU :P. At least Intel looks to be going forward in performance rather than sideways like that other major CPU manufacturer ;)
  5. Internode ADSL2+ Annex M Very High Speed profile (Billion 7800N router), in Tassie too :O Telstra Next G - ZTE MF668 "Telstra Elite Modem"
  6. Here's mine: http://3dmark.com/3dm11/354456 ATI 5970 @ 900/1250Mhz
  7. Probably should have waited for SB. New enthusiast platform is out late next year supposedly, but Sandy Bridge will be faster than Nehalem I recommend you get an SSD, it's a worthwhile upgrade and you will see the difference from this.
  8. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Imo, use whatever you had in the PC before starting for CPU, GPU, RAM for this round. No 8GB of RAM boosts and no CPU changes :). You need something to change for round two :P
  9. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    BSOD I'll go into more detail when I figure out a few things Should have let me OC your PC XD I have the 1337 skillz
  10. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Yeah, he asked me about that, I never would have expected it. The only thing I can think of other than that is that his minimum frames in Unigine were pretty crap, meaning perhaps it had to go back to disk because there wasn't enough RAM (causing extra delays in the benchmark). Having said that, I would have thought 4GB to have been plenty :S. There is also the possibility that the low amount of memory on the cards was hindering and with more RAM, more could be borrowed for Hyper Memory (these 4850's are only 512MB) EDIT: it doubled itself up, haha
  11. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Gah, comeon, this is getting ridiculous :p. Stop adding things to your PCs XD
  12. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Ooh, Core 2 Quad will give you tough competition, especially if it's a Q9550 :p Psst... I'll lend you my X6 1090T and 5970... :p
  13. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Haha, but then you'd have to borrow my crap to compete :p
  14. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    I think you both should do HD tune ;)
  15. hulk

    Jdog v Nobody813

    Haha, you're lucky I'm not participating :) EDIT: You've gotta do Windows Experience Index for the lols EDIT: Apologies for not leaving the next post free... oops :/