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    PSX Emulated Memory Card Data From PC to Mac?

    there is also a memory card converter that works for most emus and able to convert to cheat device formats as well cant remember what its called tho will have a look though my old programs and post up the name later
  2. ian_hard

    Steam Sale

    i have just gone crazy on steam brought Deus ex HR plus dlc, CS: complete, witcher 1 and 2, batman arkham asylum and city GOTY and borderlands 2. all for around 70 if steam downloads weren't free from my isp i think i might get close to hitting my cap for once
  3. ian_hard

    File Servers & NAS

    i have been saving up to build a file server. in a norco 4u 20 or 24bay rack case. as i already have a rack and a couple of dell servers. i was going to use freenas 8 but have decided to use ubuntu and set everything up i need and strip everything i dont. im also going to build a low power draw server for a router. so when i start this build i will post it up on here
  4. ian_hard

    Anyone still playing DayZ

    i have been playing the game non stop for about 2 months. with a round or 2 of BF3 or CoD inbetween deaths to calm the nerves. the good thing about dayz and arma 2 is that when it comes to pvp its mostly about skill and patience unlike CoD. i mostly play on the AvA servers. and yesterday the best thing happen. the sever had just restarted and i spawned back in at the south citys of panthera and as i went over a hill 3 crashed heli's spawned in a row from my line of sight about 800 - 1000km apart. so i went alooting and picked up a dmr at the first heli then there was a lmg and fn fals at the other 2. but how the helis spawn i was able to get on a nice sniping hill 700m away from 2 of them. so the waiting game began. after about 30mins a few guys showed up and killed each other didnt take any shots as one had a akm and the other a lee enfield so figured they could sort them selves out as i think they were recent spawns then came along a guy with a m4 cco or acog so i took him out. but then no one came for awhile. so i waited a bit then decided to alt tab and check my e-mails and what not for a few mins then went back in and i hear someone drinking close by so i look around and there's a freaking gillied sniper with a m107. about 15m next to me. shitting my pants royaly i line up a head shot with the dmr and shoot. turns out it was one of the clan members of the server. so my heart starts racing thinking there could be more in the area. start looking around. soon realize theres no one around and loot the body and away i go on my merry way. well thats my little story of why dayz is one of the best games i have played. i have never played a game that actully gets my heart pounding as if i was in a real gun fight
  5. ian_hard

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    steam ID: ianhard88 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ianhard
  6. ian_hard

    HTPC remote OMFG

    the old ipaqs could be used as a universal remote used to be fun screwing with teachers at school i think i might have to invest in one of these remotes my dinivo mini wont switch out of ps3 mode and doesn't charge properly any more
  7. ian_hard

    Stupid things you forget when building a pc

    my most annoy thing i forgot to do was. when i was on a very striked dead line to replace a dc jack on a hp dv7 laptop which is connected to a cable about 15cm long and getting the case and mb all back together at 3 in the morning to find out that the cable had slipped out of its run and blocked off the dvd drive bay (the very last thing i needed to do) then having to strip it all the way down to the mb removed to fix it completed 5 that morning and had work at 8 that day. that was one shitty day at work
  8. ian_hard

    Pursuit of the perfect work space

    i didnt make the table its off another forum but i have a table similar without the leg but smaller i also dont have the rack either
  9. ian_hard

    Open Hardware Monitor

    if your looking for somthing to monitor your temps and what not and output to a g15 try everst you can arrange any reading to anywhere and the lcd eg. mine is set up sorta like this CPU:4000 MHZ, 100% 40C 40C RAM: G 1024, C 6144 40C 40C GPU: 875,1588,100% S/M: 40c/40c
  10. ian_hard

    Pursuit of the perfect work space

    a large surface area corner desk like about 85cm to 1m from front to back then build frames for what you need on top EG.
  11. ian_hard

    PC Case Gear

    edit: you answered my question in the above post pccasegear are by far the best i have dealt with i normally get a e-mail back regarding my query in about 2 - 3 hours (thats quicker than "calling" telstra) on average i make an order once a month and if i get up early enough i get it the next day if e-mailing is becoming to much of a hassle call them edit 2: by any chance are you in qld if so they stopped shipping there for a few days around the time of your order it could have been over looked or missing paper work
  12. ian_hard

    A/V switch

    you can get av switches with remotes. harvey norman and the likes should have them if not they should be able to get them in as for the composite to hdmi there are adapters but they go for around $100 each. your best option would be get a cheapish denon or yamaha amp and speaker pack. that will solve both problems as well as give you surround sound but they are still expensive Edit: by any chance do you have on of the new sharps quattron
  13. could be your main bios has got corrupted or died and the back-up one has kicked in (for once) which would explain the revert back to a different bios revision your only option is installing a supported cpu of that revision and then updating like uberpenguin suggested
  14. ian_hard

    Show us your Rig

    dont get me wrong its a nice case its just that back door part i have a haf 922 for my htpc and there is a bit more room behind the tray for cables and the hdds because i have to bang the door back on i have almost broken off the power connector for one of my hdds
  15. ian_hard

    Show us your Rig

    oh well that just spoiled that plan is there much clearance from the back of the hdds and the door