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    HTC Touch Pro 2

    Telstra? -_- Xperia? Isn't that a Sony Ericsson model? Has anyone heard much about Windows Mobile 6.5? Is anyone using 6.1? What is it like? Do you like it? haha Tell us what you think! - Sorry, enough questions, I'm one curious panda... =P
  2. binkie

    12" Netbook / Notebook

    Thanks guys. Can you recommend any brand and/or models too for me to dip my toes into? :)
  3. Assassins Creed is such a beautiful game to just play. I found myself yes sitting ontop of a building and just looking at the town/city walls surrounding and the steep drops into the water and all the boats etc. Just the ambience of the whole atmosphere is surreal. Plus also running full pelt jumping off a roof top into a guards trachea with your blade is just as sweet :) Yeah the game play is repedative but you didn't have to do all the missions in each city to continue. I think it was only 3 - 4 of the special missions to proceed onto the assassination mission. Really looking forward to AC2! Definitely a buyer!
  4. binkie

    HTC Touch Pro 2

    Howdy! http://www.htc.com/www/product.aspx Google is always your friend :D
  5. binkie

    HTC Touch Pro 2

    Hi there, Has anyone got any information on the release date in Australia of this magnificent and sexy piece of mobile technology? Any other information and discussion on the new HTC range of mobiles/smart phones is also welcome :) Looking forward!
  6. Hi there, I'm looking at getting a Netbook or Notebook (which one? who knows..) and I'm not too familiar with these little guys. I wanted to get a laptop that isn't too big nor too small because I found the 7 - 10" range much too small and the 15"+ too bulky and not that portable for Uni and traveling etc. What are your opinions on this fuzzy border lined laptop range? I'm very interested to hear what people have to say :) Looking forward!