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    'good' web hosting service?

    There was no authorisation given for them to charge money from you. Authorisation was given to send you an invoice though. A little tip for the future, don't click "Checkout", enter your details, and then click "Complete Order" if you don't want to be invoiced. This applies double-y if you are not clear on what is actually being bought. Rob. thanks for the hot tip
  2. vanderlae

    'good' web hosting service?

    Correct. I did not complete the order. The invoice was sent automatically using the details I had provided during the initial phase of the purchase. Payment details were not provided hence authorisation was not given. Regardless of selecting 'check out', again, the point is I reversed this (or so I thought) by back-browsing and emptying the checkout. I have cleared it up now and in fact purchased what I intended on purchasing in the beginning after I spoke with a human. Lucky, because the option the automated process gave me wasn't clear and I had selected something which was irrelevant and not useful to me. Having been through this, I will say that I don't see any reason why I won't be happy with Cove now. Just an initial piss-off. I have now registered domains through them and hosting plan - thanks for the suggestion and all the replies. Cheers
  3. vanderlae

    'good' web hosting service?

    I am so angry! Cove - not a very good first impression. I went to register domains through them, though during the transaction process I decided to opt out because I was neither happy or certain what I was paying for - but despite browsing backward out of the transaction and emptying the shopping cart, the bastards invoiced me immediately via auto response. What is this? I have sent them an angry but considered note as certainly I am not liable for the invoice and they shouldn't have invoiced in the first place. I am so mad. If they don't cancel charges I will be irate. way to go, Cove.
  4. Hi all Newbie here. I would really appreciate a couple of suggestions as to a couple of Aussie web hosting companies I should consider to for a website that I am getting developed shortly. The site will be a sort of 'client front' for my music production company, with the site sporting a 'show reel' consisting of very short splices of commercials I have written the music for. Potentially some kind of FTP or similar to send secure audio files over to the client. More just an informative site than a purchase point...no shopping cart etc. But the website will be pretty slick and will have a few bells and whistles because of the target market (advertising companies mainly, film directors possibly) but don't ask me what how they are created as I will just pay for the 'project' and don't know the technology going into it the site. So I guess that means it needs to support the regular programming things. Reliable, not overly expensive. I'm not going to pretend I know ANYTHING about this side of the fence, so if you can comment on a couple of contenders that would be fantastic. Oh, and somewhere to register the domains! Gees, how'd I forget that one?! The only one that has been suggested to me is Domain Hosting Shop many thanks, very cool of you to help out! (apologies if this is in the wrong spot)