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    Tin Foil Hat Time

    I am reaching for my favourite tin foil hat as I type this but I just had a prompt for 12 new important updates for my windows 7 install, 7 of which are related to "security issues". Now call me paranoid if you like (I am sure you all are behind my back anyways) but whenever I have had a new OS released from microsoft I have had a similar raft of "security related" updates that inexplicably precede my system performing slower and more erratically. I mean it is nice of them to address these "security related" issues on an OS they are phasing out but is anyone else similarly reluctant to "fix" their system when it is working fine?
  2. littlefloppybunny

    Atomic Commonly Asked Questions

    Thanks! It was only Tuesday. Sorry I was sleepy and confused.
  3. littlefloppybunny

    Atomic Commonly Asked Questions

    Well yeah that would be me :) So how long does a weekend ban from the atomic site last? It's now Wednesday and counting?
  4. littlefloppybunny

    What's on your mind?

    For the love of god can someone submit a user review to get rid of the blatantly false assertion of this review http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/UserReview/327...online-fps.aspx think of the children and do something today. Every damn time I log on to the home page it rudely exposes itself to me like a dirty old man in a trench coat.
  5. littlefloppybunny

    Gharphields 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

    Just make sure there is plenty of those waxing strips so that you can do it like falling dominos. Go for the record of the longest continuous wax.
  6. littlefloppybunny

    Windows 7 hates usb memory sticks

    I have had an alternate copy solution suggested by friends but it sort of chaps my buns that something as simple as file copying is bugged in win7 and there doesn't seem to be nayone talking about it or fixing it (that I could find by googling).
  7. littlefloppybunny

    Windows 7 hates usb memory sticks

    yep, microsoft security essentials edit I am pretty sure it is a windows 7 issue as the transfer will race along with a progress bar and then hang on the last 0-100 Mb and literally just sit ther with no progress for 2 to 5 minutes.
  8. littlefloppybunny

    Windows 7 hates usb memory sticks

    I have finally gotten around to asking someone for answers to this issue I have had since day 1 of installation. I copy video files from and to usb sticks. When I copy the file from a laptop running xp, a file of approximately 740 mb takes about 2-3 minutes. When I try to copy the same file to my win7 pro computer with higher specced cpu and gpu more ram etc, the transfer takes anything up to 6 or 7 minutes and sometimes hangs altogether. Anyone heard of this and a solution? USB is 2.0 and the sticks range from 2GB up to 16 GB different manufacturers same problem.
  9. littlefloppybunny

    Assistance, please: Workplace exploitation?

    OH & S laws in Australia are seemingly designed to bend the employer over a barrel and let the employee ream them at their leisure. Employers are advised to take all steps that they possibly can to reduce their liability for workplace related stress and even then they will have to pay out if a claim is made it just won't be for as much. The bottom line, work related stress is a magic bullet that cannot be contracted out of or avoided by any means. Your friend should consult their doctor and obtain treatment for stress related to all the work gripes that she has, get the matter documented and then approach her employee and inform them that she is suffering from stress due to the complaints she has about her job that is affecting her health for which she is currently receiving treatment. She should ask for whatever alteration to her employment that she is unhappy about and if her employees do not come to the party and start helping her out she should go on stress leave. Her employment contract may limit her entitlements to stress leave or even stipulate procedural requirements regarding the management of her stress and should be followed but in the end she will either receive changes to her employment or a juicy payout. Everything she does should be documented from the start. Her notification to her employees should be in writing clearly stating that she is suffering from stress due to her work conditions and all exchanges should be in writing or noted as soon as they take place. Tell her to buy a notebook and write everything down, dates and times and what was said by whom. If it gets to the point where she decides to take stress leave consult a labour lawyer before taking action and have them go over the work contract for any landmines. Also tell her to punch herself in the face 3 times before signing anything again without first having read and UNDERSTOOD it or consulting a lawyer.
  10. littlefloppybunny

    in your opinon: whats the best Anti-Virus?

    Does Avira work on windows 7?
  11. littlefloppybunny

    GA EP45 UDP3 8 Pin Power

    I am using an ATI 4870 with 1gig standard clock. 1 x 640 GB WD Hardrive 2x Optical Drive 8 GB Ram Q9400 All standard with no overclocking. I have turned it on and no smoke escaped (yet) it boots and have just installed x64 XP. I installed windows 7 x64 which promptly overwrote XP ( I need to do some reading on dual booting obviously) and so far it is working fine. So the answer for everyone is so far it will work with only the 4 pin plugged in. It may not OC very well but that is in issue for another day. As for needing a new PSU I would have thought that 580w would have been more than adequate for what I was running i.e no crossfire no multiple hardrives no soundcard etc. It is effectively a barebones system. I don't even have any cooling fans installed apart from those on the CPU and GPU.
  12. Hi all, this is my first post so be gentle with me. I recently bought some parts to build my first own built machine. I had a Hiper 580 PSU that was about 3 years old never been used so I assumed it would be fine to run a Q9400 a single optical drive and a 640G WD hard drive on a GA EP45UDP3 mother board. After putting it all together the last power connecter was to the CPU power supply on the motherboard. I plugged in my modular 4 pin power cord to the PSU and reached for the slot on the motherboard only to find it was an 8 pin socket. Now the 4 pin plug fits into one side of the 8 pins and I did this and agonised about powering it up until the thought of letting the smoke out of motherboard and ruining it caused me to run away to the net desparately searching for some information. Does anyone know if it would be ok to run the board with only the 4 pin plugged in? The original PSU manufacturer had an adapter that ran 2 molex and the existing 4 pin into and 8 pin adapter. This is now only available as far as Iknow in the US or UK. I have seen an after market adapter that runs the 4 pin into an 8 pin but would this be underpowered for the needs of the CPU?