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  1. sabmac

    I realise it's cliche...

    The cliche song in my group of mates (about 5 of us play guitar) is Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
  2. Well he qualified 1st, lost position to Vettel at the first corner and cruised on from there. The Red Bulls dominated, mainly because Ferrari fucked up qually.
  3. ^ Unless they don't have much say in the NBN and all the work goes elsewhere. Which is very possible.
  4. sabmac

    Which FPS?

    Sabmac ;)
  5. sabmac

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    It would be really nice to be able to actually connect via IP though. Sigh.
  6. sabmac

    Playstation Network Id Database V3

    PSN: OrigamiK1ller The only game I play online so far is Fat Princess, but I haven't had the console long.
  7. sabmac

    Show us your PC Gaming RIG!

    No pics, sorry guys, but: AMD Phenom II X720 Gigabyte HD4870 4GB DDR3 64B G.Skill SSD 1TB+ in other drives 17" CRT + 37" LCD TV
  8. sabmac

    Which FPS?

    I play BC2 exclusively (after playing CoD4 before that, BF2 before that, and CS before that.) The server issues piss me off but the game itself is excellent. Far more team-based than CoD4 at least (not sure about MW2) and more interesting IMO. I actually believe BF2 was a better game in its time than BC2, but it's still fun and involved.
  9. sabmac

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I've been having severe problems on GA servers the last couple of days: Lag spikes (for everyone, comments in the chat work) and entire server kicks. It's been great.
  10. sabmac

    Mass Effect 2...

    Regarding the story, the reviewer from Kotaku says it better than I could: That's exactly how I see it. I'll be playing through it on Hardcore next time, but I'm going for 100% on this one for the moment (and burning out on scanning planets... sigh...)
  11. sabmac

    Mass Effect 2...

    Finished the game tonight. Took me about 22 hours on hard, gaining all squad members, all of them loyal, and all ship upgrades. I would like to see what everyone else here thinks but I'm at work, so I'll just put in my preliminary findings. (It's an experiment, damn it!) 1) The story is not quite as epic as the original (being a middle game, that's not surprising,) but the game is much larger with many more places to explore and things to do. 2) This is more of a 3rd person shooter than an RPG. Doesn't bother me too much, as I play as a Soldier anyway, but more customisation options would have been welcome, particularly when it comes to weaponry. The combat itself is slick. 3) I came across numerous graphical glitches and a door bug. Nothing game breaking, just a little disappointing. 4) On hard, it was pretty easy, particularly the final boss. Overall another epic that kept me playing for 24 hours over 3 days. Lucky I have an understanding girlfriend.
  12. I guess it just wanted you to leave it alone for a little while. Too much play.
  13. sabmac

    Should I stay or should I go?

    While you're still getting monies, can you get started on the above ? Would obviously give you more scope for when you do quit the cleaning job. This. You know you want to get your forklift license, so do it now.
  14. I posted about it on the moon in a spacesuit with wolves attacking me. This is an excellent find, and it's actually slightly astonishing there are common parts of most HIV mutations that hadn't been looked at yet. You go, research team!
  15. sabmac

    Didn't get a TF2 halo?

    I'm going to add another layer of complexity to this argument and declare TF2 a terrible, boring game.