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  1. sushi

    R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

    What a pity. Such a good actor. And only 57. He could have done many more movies. :'(
  2. sushi

    Cadbury backs down on sucky chocolate.

    I love Aldi's chocolate.. especially the one with hazelnuts.. its basically choc full of nuts! and it only cots $3! and its much much better than fucking cadbury.. that shit's disgusting..
  3. sushi

    Like tears in the rain

    Lordbug, my heart goes out to you... brings me back so many memories... But You see like a very strong person and you will survive.. It wil hurt but if you keep on building yourself, you will only (as others here have said) become stronger and better off... These are life's hiccups that can cause a lot of grief, but once they are over, one sees life in a different (and hopefully) beter angle. My hearts bleeds for you. Keep strong, and take your life day by day for now, and take it slowly... - Sushi
  4. sushi

    Racism by gender?

    I think it's because guys will share their for example, racist jokes or voice their opinion more often with their mates, where women will keep their racism to themselves more... which doesn't mean necessarily that they are less racist, just that they're less likely to voice their opinions out loud, hence less racist women in the limelight... That's my opinion -Sushi
  5. sushi

    Porn Facts

    WOW, those 100 rules must have really needed hours upon hours of research... It's a shame you didn't do any of the hentai ones. May I suggest another 100 rules for hentai and all japanese anime porn? The rules will probably vary, while some will be similar :) - Sushi
  6. Mineral make-up and crushed pearl make up is different. I worked for about 2 years in a Korean beauty shop dealing with the cosmetics and plenty of asians who asked all the time about crushed pearl as an ingredient in cosmetics. The asian market is used to that and somewhat crazy over it. They usually asked about anything with pearl in it. It's not restricted to just make up but all sorts of cosmetics. It supposed to brighten your skin (or face since they love having whiter skin just as the west is into bronzers) and is good for a clearer skin. I used to sell Pearl facial masks and they would go like hotcakes. I found this link http://mineralbasics.com/store/angel-eyesm...ator-p-682.html Maybe it will help :) -Sushi
  7. sushi

    Am I doing the right thing?

    EDIT: Bah pressed the thing twice... lol.. I can't multitask...
  8. sushi

    Am I doing the right thing?

    Rob, as a female I can tell you that probalby she knows or guesses why you're sorta avoiding her... And really if you feel comfortable with her and think she's a great girl, why don't you tell her what you feel, without blaming anyone, just state the facts how it is for you, and don't predict the convo... Just say what you feel, girls are a little bit better with understanding that (not that guys aren't but in my experience girls deal better with it) and it seems she has a bit of a hunch about your feelings at this moment. Also I think after you tell her and explain how you feel, I think you should take some time off until you can get her out of your system (as in the strong feelings). But I think it's fair to tell her that and then to just have time apart.. I think is she's a good friend, she'll understand. But I think having a break is a good idea. -Sushi
  9. sushi

    A joke

    Hehe :)
  10. sushi

    A quote from Pompeii 79CE

    The guy's just probably been dumped by his girl.. or she ran away with some other guy... so he's just frustrated and angry... No, nothing has really changed since then :P We're still the same human beings feeling the same emotions... Plus Italians always were know to have a hot temper ;P -Sushi
  11. Hey Nic, It happened to me about a month ago... I got $350 + international trans fee on top of it... Checked my netbank and there was a transaction from Bloody Bucarest in Romania for 800 romanian currency!!! I was "WTF" and ran to my bank... (thankfully 800 romanian is about $350 aud)... couldn't believe that I got scammed.. Went to report it to the bank and they filed a report and in about a week's time I got my money refunded... So at least I got it back. - Sushi
  12. sushi


    OMG, I nearly choked myself with laughter... even though I can't laugh out loud sinc ether eare aothe rpeople sitting next to me... I would love to see this movie... I love geisha's with swords coming out from any and every part of the body! hahahaha - Sushi
  13. OOh, another film with Johnny Depp, and one of my favourite all time books... I gota see it! Heh, it's making me want to go and play American McGee's Alice again :)
  14. sushi

    What's it going to be then, eh?

    Oh yeah, roo mince was one of my cats' favourites. You can get them in any supermarket in portions :)
  15. sushi

    What's it going to be then, eh?

    Heh, how cute :) Well, I never had a cat from the rescue, but I realised after friends and family had adopted cats from shelters that they don't eat realy meat. I on the other hand had half feral cats and were born at home so we fed them whiskas and good old raw mince meat, cheese cubes, raw liver, raw chicken, all nicely cut up, they ate the ocasional rat, or possum. I don't believe feedig cats rice (have you ever seen a cat eat rice in nature?) But that's just my opinion, Though if I had tuna or other meat in my rice dish they were really eagar to eat that! Or steal my chicken off my plate:) You can look up cat cookbook recipes online. Just google them :) Aww I would love to have a cat once again *sigh* -Sushi