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  1. lumpy crumpet

    6970 CF Heat Issues

    nesquick, CCC doesn't have the ability to create fan profiles or play around with the fan settings unfortunately. I've been using MSI Afterburner for the tests which is pretty good - although it crashes BFBC2 if you have it running while playing. BFBC2 today at 70-90% GPU load was hitting 71/65 (top/bottom) which I'm pretty happy with. This however is with the side of the case off and a 120mm fan blowing onto the cards from the front. It seems if I have the side on, it kind of just blows hot air onto the window and then it gets sucked into the cards again. I'm hoping the shroud on the side fan that comes with the HAF X will fit nicely onto the gfx cards and then I can just set the fan up to pull air out the side - hopefully getting rid of the hot air while I have a 120mm pushing air onto the cards from inside. I also swapped the cards around so the one that was running a bit cooler is on the top now. Currently idle temp on the auto fan setting is 58/41 at 54/40% fan speed. If only I could get the top card to run remotely close to the bottom card temps I'd be laughing.
  2. lumpy crumpet

    6970 CF Heat Issues

    I just finished testing the top card by itself and the results are. Max Temp (closed case, fans on auto): 81-82 Max Temp (closed case, fans on max): 76-79 Idle Temp (closed case, fans on auto): 55-58 These results are taken at an ambient of about 23 and also with a 120mm fan blowing air directly onto the card itself. EDIT: Have just finished testing the second card by itself. Max Temp (closed case, fans on auto): 77 Max Temp (closed case, fans on max): 74-75 Idle Temp (closed case, fans on auto): 53-57 I may try running this card as the top card with CrossFire. It seems when the top card pulls the hot air off the bottom one, the temps drop quite a bit. Idle temps for the bottom card in CrossFire were about 45. As it stands, I think this setup may be migrating into a CM HAF X on the weekend with the side fan pulling hot air out (as the cards blow the air into the case) while an additional 120mm pushes air onto the cards from the front. I may also consider a slot cooler above the top card if I can fit it on the mobo as I figure this will have the same effect as the top card does on the bottom in terms of temps.
  3. lumpy crumpet

    6970 CF Heat Issues

    Current fan set up has the front blowing in, the top blowing out and a dual fan set up linked to a Hydro H50 blowing in from the rear. I may try another fan blowing directly on the cards before going for another case though...then again it's not exactly fresh air.
  4. So. unwilling to listen to reason, I got myself a 6970 Crossfire (2x Gigabyte 6970 OC2). I actually have a slot between the cards so they are not sandwiched together, however, the top card is generally running pretty hot (60-65 idle) and it will hit 100 under full load at which point it shits itself and all kinds of crashing ensues. This is all currently being run in a Silverstone FT-01 which brings me to my question: If I get something like a CM HAF X and have the 200mm fan blowing on the cards plus the optional 120mm and 80mm fans just for the VGA slots, will this solve the issue or is this set up destined to fail? There are plenty of people who seem to be running 6970 CF without issues so any advice would be good. Ideally i need to get this sorted well enough so that I wont have issues with a QLD summer (Brisbane). I would rather not have to sell the cards =( however, I also don't want issues when we start hitting 30 degrees in summer.
  5. lumpy crumpet

    Best GPU for Dell U2711

    World of Tanks Dragon Age 2 (this one makes the 5870 work out a bit) BFBC2 SupCom 2 DoW2 Looking forward to mainly: BF3 Deus Ex Space Marine ME 3 Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Diablo 3
  6. lumpy crumpet

    Best GPU for Dell U2711

    Ok, so with all the Dell specials and etc I bought a U2711. I'm now tearing my hair out over what GFX cards I should buy to not have to compromise on the quality at such a huge resolution. I really liked the HD6990 + HD6970 combo however, HD6990's seem to not exist and are quite loud. Furthermore these 2 in Crossfire seem to also be quite loud - and I'm personally not prepared to be gaming in a room where a jet plane is taking off. So realistic options: GTX 580 SLi (Gigabyte Super Overclock) GTX 580 3GB SLi (Possibly Zotac AMP2!) GTX 590 SLi (Whatever I find @ $850 a piece) Going through a million reviews and benchmarks all I keep hearing is possible issues with VRAM and yet not. I don't want to screw around and have issues with this in 6 months time and I also want the cards to go for about 24 months because either way, this is about to be very expensive. Most importantly I don't want any screwing around when it comes to BF3. I'm planning to run this off a HX-1050 PSU. Obviously what I'm wondering is if the GTX580 SLi will handle bumping up AA/AF and does it make a big difference at 2560x1440 (up to now I've been playing at 1680x1050 on a HD5870). I'm also wondering if 2x GTX 590 will cause heat/noise issues or any other problems and if the PSU will handle it? Is it possibly overkill? Last but not least, are the 3GB GTX 580's maybe the best compromise?
  7. lumpy crumpet

    Which card for under $400

    For $435 I'd grab the Sapphire 5870 without thinking twice about it. Don't quite understand why the 5850 is even still on the cards with the 5870 at that price.
  8. So I had to update the bios to deal with the whole iPhone sync thing. At least I got all that working. However, with the new bios (F9), I can't get an overclock to boot...at all. I had it running at 3.2Ghz @ 1.1875v(bios). Now it just goes nowhere. Increasing the vcore also gets me nowhere, I tried everything up to 1.23. Does anyone have any recommendations for the QPI/VTT, PCH and PLL settings? Also what to do with the load line calibration - leave on auto? set to standard? I just want it back at 3.2, can't be arsed going nuts but as it stands, it's not behaving!!!
  9. lumpy crumpet

    ATI big mouse

    3 of us updated the drivers last night, all 3 with different ATI cards. The friend with the 5850 doesn't seem to be having any issues what so ever. Myself and my other friend with a 5970 both got the big mouse issue again. I had a look for the old hotfix but am unsure how this will affect the new drivers.
  10. lumpy crumpet

    ATI big mouse

    So I just updated to the ATI 10.4 drivers as it seemed like a good idea and the improvement on load times in BC2 is definitely noticeable. However, I now have to deal with the big mouse issue...again. Does anyone else have the same problem and is there a hotfix for it?
  11. lumpy crumpet

    Bike shoppin!

    Out of what you had on the first page. The VTR250 is imho the best choice by far. Service will be cheap as there are no plastics to remove, it's a twin and not a 4, has reasonable torque, being a honda it's very reliable and parts are readily available and reasonably cheap. If you're looking at stuff like the GS500 (which I hate with a passion) also have a look at the Kawasaki ER 5-N. Usually you can pick up an ER quite cheap and they are also great bikes to learn on, especially if you're a taller/heavier bloke (eg not a 60kg japanese midget). I did my time on a DT230 2 stroke enduro and servicing is a royal pain, as is the power delivery...goes something like this: nothing, nothing, nothing, THERE'S ALL YOU POWER (insert gear change), nothing, nothing, nothing THERE'S ALL YOU POWER. I then went to an R6 which was fun but not really practical for everyday commuting. Now I'm on a Kawasaki ZRX1200R and am a firm believer that bigger bikes are just infinitely easier to ride. So if you can afford an ER-5N instead of the VTR, i would definitely say get it. (or if you're into the GS you can go that way too)
  12. lumpy crumpet

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I can't stop playing this, It's just too good. Mostly play Rush as I'm a bit over the flag capping thing. The game is actually surprisingly easy, I've only got the M16A2 to unlock and then I've got everything. Medic was by far the easiest class to play, especially when you get things like the magnum ammo and MG36. Recon is probably second easiest, I couldn't be arsed with sniper rifles so ran around with the Saiga. Engineer eats wang, by far the slowest class to get all the unlocks for. Assault is definitely a lot more fun after you get the M416, I found myself just using the extra grenades and higher explosions upgrades so that I could be a 40mm spamming tard. As for maps, Valparaiso is the one for me. 1 Bradley and 1 Blackhawk is plenty...don't want any more vehicles stealing my kills!
  13. lumpy crumpet

    Bioshock ...its here!(NO plot spoilers)

    Just finished Bioshock 2 last night. Absolutely loved the game and the story. I definitely recommend upgrading the Spear Gun all the way, and in case anyone is still struggling; using the Trap spear to directly hit Big Daddies. It's hilarious, they die so quick!
  14. lumpy crumpet

    Best Mouse?

    +1 for the MS X8
  15. lumpy crumpet

    New Soundcard sub $200

    Creative X-Fi Titanium. I think it's about $120 @ PCCG