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  1. Hi all, fist post :) I recently pickup a few sata backplane - $18us each - and being the cheap bastard I am, figured I would have a go at my own sata array. Sata Backplane The question now is how to mount them? Top on the list is 4 Scythe Hard Disk Stabilizer's. Scythe Hard Disk Stabilizer Atomic's own Big Willy - Who makes the brackets they used for the HD's and where can you get them? Big_Willy If you have a better idea - besides pay'n a few k for real 16 way array - let me know. Cheers
  2. good idea - but will drill out the pop rivets. same price as the Scythe thing's - maybe with cheap'o psu's to - could use 1 or 2 the psu's to power the HD's.