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  1. keza

    RAM Prices?

    normally a shortage of ram chips causes the prices to rise dramatically, but there isn't that big of a shortage is there?
  2. keza

    Games you never finished

    haven't seen it pop up yet but gran turismo 4 that game was massive if anyone has finished that game give them a frekin medal, cause that was soo long, i could have played it for 3 months straight and never finished it. but i dare say for me it was the best racing game i ever played. from a real simulation perspective.
  3. keza

    Computer Lock-ups

    now that is thinking outside the box + 1 master scythe
  4. keza

    Computer Lock-ups

    hmmmm off on a tangent have you used a seperate VGA/DVI/HDMI cable each time? cause that could be your problem. if not strip the computer down to absolute bare esentials, which means CPU, mobo, one Dimm of your RAM, HDD, GPU and PSU nothing else then reload again and see what happens. if that dont work then damn god just doesn't like your computers. also try using a different install disk for windows 7 if possible, if this is not possible then use Vista or XP and see if the problem arises again.
  5. keza


    so the board is dead or you dont know if it is?
  6. keza

    most epic single player game of all time?

    it was relaesed in 1998 so it was a late entry into that decade you never played pokemon red version or blue version did you for shame
  7. keza

    Computer Lock-ups

    as i said dont rule anything out, just because it is new doesnt mean it wont be faulty ive got a gigabyte board that was unstable from day 1, i thought it was ram or HDD but it is the mobo and even though ive had it for 6 months i CBF sending it in for replacement because im moving to a new platform in a few months
  8. keza

    Computer Lock-ups

    no it aint the monitor because when it happens.......the clock on my G15 freezes.........and if i have music playing it stops aswell. if you look closly there is a different monitor in each pic. computers are renowned to do random things that seem soo unlikely, but can be explained scientifically. this could be one of those situations, test your monitor on an other system and see what happens if that doesnt work try testing the HDD as that could be part of the problem. if that doesnt work then im out of ideas. only other interference could be expansion cards PSU etc.
  9. keza

    most epic single player game of all time?

    a few that havent been mentioned that deserve it, pokemon red and blue version, the rachet and clank series and jak II i know they were aimed at the teenage - kids generation but the storyline and gameplay was soo gripping especialy the original pokemon versions. admit it if you were a kid or teenager in the 90's you couldnt put the pokemon series down ever!!!!!!!!!
  10. keza

    most epic single player game of all time?

    The reason I ask this is that games like Max Payne or Doom would be way up on my list, but the control system was in an annoying phase that doesn't match today's system and makes it frustrating to play now. At the time it was great, 'cause we hadn't gotten a better and standardised FPS control system figured out, but you try and play them now and they feel off even after you reconfigure to modern standards. Ya dig? it doesnt matter when they were made or how the controls were, it is about how entertaining and enjoyable was that game?
  11. what is the greatest single player game that ever existed. and this doesn't mean graphics wise this means best game play and most enjoyable. so if anyone says crysis cause of the graphics they should just STFU. im thinking doom II or quake I
  12. these are awsome for $100 i got mine a year ago and they are really good for a 5.1 system they do the job with blu ray on the PS3, DVD's, gaming and music, especialy if you use the logitech drivers for windows 7 or vista cause you can split the 2.1 channel into 5.1 and make your music epic, it really does. Yep 15 :) Yeah I will be getting the ram soon. So i'll keep it updated :) Hahah yeah i know, i am in need of a new screen :P Money money money lucky little brat i couldnt get my first decent setup till i was 17
  13. keza

    Need a new Mobo

    you said it is a newly rig maybe you can get a replacement mobo under a warranty job
  14. keza

    Apple is now bigger than Microsoft

    im sorry but anything apple just auto fails, such as the failphone the failpad and the evar so popular failpod, and dont get me started on their mcfail range of failness. there is a reason why the mcfails are white, cough "gay". please this atomic Maximum Power Computing/Maximum Power Gaming, and since anything apple is neither they auto fail on this website and in the minds of a diehard atomican.
  15. the phenom 2 will completely outclass the Athlon due to the higher levels of cache and better stability due to the binning process used by the manufacturer, this is a rather silly question to ask