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  1. i have a 1tb hdd in an external case using sata. I connect to my computer with esata. now, it is full, and everything seems fine, except for one small thing. when i try to copy a particular file, it causes the device to disapear/become disconnected in windows and I have to plug it in again to be recognized. further investigation revealed it is only the very end of this file that is causing problems. what is this, a bad sector or what?
  2. tickitytock

    the time keeps on changing

    every time that i refresh a page or go to a new page the time keeps onalternating between an hour ahead and not. is there a setting i can change to stop this or is it a buig?
  3. i hear a lot of people claiming this and don't understand why. it was also a plot point in the sopranos. what is the history behind this?
  4. tickitytock

    For the Fox haterz

    this should be a national sport.
  5. tickitytock

    PSA: It's the end of the world as we know it

    i think that was in the movie the omen.
  6. tickitytock

    Unregistered visitors can view trademart

    when i originally posted, your post only had one line it in. now it has several. how do you change your posts without showing that you did, i would like to be able to do this when i make a mistake. Looks like we have a new class clown. Hi! was just kidding!
  7. tickitytock

    Unregistered visitors can view trademart

    the result of careful planning no doubt!
  8. tickitytock

    My new motorbike finally arrived!

    How fast can it go? the maximum speed, without consideration to limits?
  9. tickitytock

    coma patients can still learn

    so I guess the secret was right? lol.
  10. tickitytock

    Dogs are better then Cats

    dogs are generally happy idiots. loyal and fun, but nidiots nevertheless. cats have a sense of indepednece and intelligence. basically everything deniro said in meet the fockers
  11. tickitytock

    Is it rude to do this?

    it isnt rude.your friend sounds like a bit of a twit.