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  1. vengeancewraith

    Steam Specials Thread

    just bought the 2k games pack and square enix pack now to get my download limit extended so i can play these. but still WOOOOT
  2. vengeancewraith

    It has to stop

    LOL Company of heroes i think me and my friend clocked coh games at over 500 each in both muiltiplayer and skirmish games. Good game we still play the odd one about maybe 2 a week
  3. vengeancewraith

    Call of Duty - Subscription Fee

    i stopped playing mw2 a while back it was ok with friends and stuff expect for perhaps the large amounts of hax and the shitty server system and the newb weapons and i cud probably go on. cod4 was legendary cod5 was decent and they killed it with cod6. anyways backt o good games but good publishers/devs >_> <_< TF2 WOOT!!!
  4. vengeancewraith

    Steam Specials Thread

    @GReaver goes to 4th of july doesnt it? u got plenty of time Edit: jsut saw today only sales nvm
  5. vengeancewraith

    Steam Specials Thread

    im thinking 2k pack for bioshocks, borderlands and the civ games none of whcih ive played and square enix pack for batman, hitman, battlestations and just cause games (can any1 tell me if just cause 2 is good on pc? saw that the demo was sssshhhhhiii----- )
  6. vengeancewraith

    Steam Specials Thread

    just bought both of em will play tomorrow p.s. love days off when ur sick besides the fact ur sick
  7. vengeancewraith

    Killing Floor

    bought it a couple amonths bacdk didnt get into but now im like addicted though i hate nubs who agro the scrakes(chainsaw dudes) and fleshpounds (dudes that chcuk massive rages with a yellow/red rage indicator) i find most of the time i gotta jump in front to save their miserable lives unless a sharpshooter pwns them, with a crossbow hit me up for a game add shortstopper to steam
  8. vengeancewraith

    Cable internet plans

  9. vengeancewraith

    Cable internet plans

    ringing them up to check as i live in a townhouse complex and you cant see most cables so yeh might use naked dsl2+ if i can but need to reactivate phone line first (no home phone so no active line) that was according to tpg/iinet i think.
  10. vengeancewraith

    Cable internet plans

    the awkard position i mentioned for the phone line connection is behind a fairly large cupboard which ahs nowhere else to go.... oh well ty for advice ill see what i can get lols
  11. vengeancewraith

    Cable internet plans

    got the cable as currently on telstra cable but they have to have another cable for optus?
  12. vengeancewraith

    Cable internet plans

    Hey guys just looking for sum info. Currently on the 12 gb plan from telstra cable(... worst bang for buck ever but weve had good service i guess when we had problems). looking for an alternative since parents said its ok to swap as long as it doesnt include a home phone plan or anything (no line rental / we stopped having a home phone ages ago). our phone plug thingy ( dont know what its called soz) is in an awkard spot so no naked dsl/dsl2+ anyways hence the title. Optus are looking good for their naked broadband plans but was wondering as i heard some problems with them but not too sure if that was just adsl not cable can any1 confirm that. Also does any1 know if anyelse provides cable ? i seem to not be able to find any. Ty guys VengeanceWraith
  13. vengeancewraith

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    So wat servers do u guys hang out on. kinda bored of pub and me friends still mostly play cod..... going with madcap goes on his... but yeh. Add me on steam "shortstopper" if ur up for a game later. VengeanceWraith
  14. vengeancewraith

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    me and me mates can still join each other even though it sayd their offline.... lol
  15. vengeancewraith

    Good FPS/RTS Games

    shuda said fps or rts soz my bad. its funny cos every game uve listed ive played heaps well with the exception of bfbc2 i had to wipe comp and getting files of friend so yeh but still played it a fair bit lols considering a total war game but idk. thanks anyways