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    [PC] The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    Did any of you guys have trouble getting through the witcher 1? It took me 4 or 5 tries to get through that first act, but after that i was LOVING it. One of my favorite rpgs.
  2. huntedwumpus

    Battlefield Play4Free

    Battlefield Hero's was fun before they introduced the 'pay to not be terrible' concept. I'm sure BF Play4Free will have the same sort of model, where you are ALMOST competent in combat until you give them a little money.
  3. huntedwumpus

    Alien Swarm available on Steam

    Got it last night and played it with three other friends, had a blast. I never played the original but this game was surpisingly tactical and more difficult than we anticipated, making it ALOT more fun. We all got to like level 12 and called it quits, but we are definitely gonna be playing this for a while.
  4. huntedwumpus

    Shattered Horizon

    Shattered Horizon is having a free weekend on steam fro mthe 4th-6th of June. Now is a good a time as any to try it out hah. I believe its also going to be half priced during that time. totally worth it in my opinion.
  5. huntedwumpus

    Shattered Horizon

    I guess its just personal preference. I hear two-sided opinions every day about it. I think the game is beautiful, but i could see why someone would think its too fuzzy or ugly looking. I think it has a nice gritty and dirty tone to it, and the shadows and lighting are really impressive. No it isnt crysis, but its a good looking game, and YES the new patch made the compatability and stability issues alot better.
  6. huntedwumpus


    Love this game, been playing for a while, I believe I bought it back in the Steam Christmas sale. Such a steal, five or even ten dollars is a ridiculous price for the amount of game time that I have put that I have logged in it.
  7. huntedwumpus

    Shattered Horizon

    Its a pretty unique concept and takes some getting used to. I found myself not liking it at first solely for the fact that i was terrible at navigating a 3D enviroment and using it to my advantage to eliminate the other team. I guess it sort of "clicks" after a while and it became alot more fun to me. Imagine a cylindrical tube tunnel going vertical with a lip at the top. hanging upside down from the lip (like a bat) you can see all the way to the bottom of the tube to enemies coming up, as well as enemies coming through the top of the tube. It is highly unlikely that in the shadow of the lip anyone will see you if your suit is powered down. ^ It is situations like this that makes the game so enjoyable and different than any other online FPS. But i do agree, it runs like crap on most systems, I barely cranked out 30 fps average on my old 8800GTX Q6600 setup. Now that i have a 480GTX and an I7930 I have no problem keeping a solid 45 or greater FPS, the game looks beautiful.. but i suppose that is up to the person judging.
  8. huntedwumpus

    Shattered Horizon

    I thought this too at first, the new weapons look ugly and horrible compared to the first all purpose gun. And the new "grenade pistol" was a terrible idea as well. BUT all this aside, i find myself enjoying the game quite a bit due to each gun giving people different roles. I know that you could technically snipe with the original gun, but sniping with the railgun is soo much easier. The shotgun and the pick axe make close quarters more enjoyable as well. Also, the new flare grenade and the decoy are VERY useful making the game more interesting to me. Popping a flare out behind me while rushing the enemy is a great feeling knowing that i will be out of their vision. As I am not currently in Australia it makes it a little easier to find people to paly with, but it seems to me like there are plenty of Europeans Australians playing in the 3 or 4 servers that are constantly active.
  9. huntedwumpus

    Shattered Horizon

    I have been playing Shattered Horizon for a little over a month now, got fairly used to the game before the new DLC. Anyone on the forums play? If so, any thoughts on the new DLC? I didnt enjoy all the new guns much at first.. but now I am beginning to enjoy the variety. And the new Grenades are awesome.
  10. huntedwumpus

    Mass Effect 2...

    im LOVING this game so far, who else is playing?
  11. huntedwumpus

    Mass Effect 2...

    Dont know if this has been stated already but i had a little trouble figuring out how to import a character at first from Mass Effect 1. You have to go to the configuration option from the start up menu, and then choose the save game option o nthe left side, and then find the directory where your ME1 saves are stored. Usually the are in C:>MyDocuments>Bioware>MassEffect ect. Edit: oh btw this site - http://www.annakie.com/me/home.htm has a bunch of legit PC save games from mass effect 1 that you can just download and import to ME2 if you dont want to play through it again, the Bioware Devs even stated on their forums that this form of import is OK. This guy has almost every combination of paragon/renegade playthrough male or female, with a variety of decisions made in game.
  12. huntedwumpus

    Official Atomic Steam Group

    Id: kelton312 thanks in advance oh i guess im still a learner .. :(
  13. huntedwumpus

    Mass effect 2

    Im looking forward to this feature as well, along with the new biotic and tech powers specific to each class. Mass Effect 1 was really all about story for me, the gameplay didn't really bring anything new, not that it was bad. Mass Effect 2 looks like it is improving both areas by a lot.
  14. huntedwumpus

    Mass effect 2

    So, Im pretty excited for this game. Especially with all the new celebrity actors and game play videos they put up. I played the first one through like 10 times, love the universe and story. Discuss!
  15. huntedwumpus

    So... Whos going to play Borderlands?

    You pretty much HAVE to play this game with people you know... and if you do its REALLY fun. but playing with strangers always ends up with somebody taking off with some of your loot. other than that I like this game alot, been playing with 3 close friends. on our second play through now, it gets really freaking hard, but the guns you find at high level are just amazing.