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  1. Just posting this to break the flow of replies.... As a new voter and being opposed to the Internet filter and the current government, I'm pretty sure I'll just throw my vote to the greens. It's probably the apathetic teenager within but I personally don't see how the greens could do any worse than others before them. I don't follow issues closely or really care about government expenditure etc. as long as Australia doesn't run itself into the ground I shall remain happy. The joys of living in such a "free" country. *meh*
  2. armor

    Trouble with Cheeky's car.

    Had a similar thing happen to my mates Celica while we were out on a cruise. Turns out some part of the ignition barrel was loose and just had to give it a bit of a tap to get it going. Glad its fixed mate, could have been a lot of things but atleast its an easy fix.
  3. armor

    Looking for Love. (Immature)

    An interesting way to introduce ones self. Good luck and welcome.
  4. At least the guy has finally gotten out of it. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to serve time for a crime you didn't commit and be labeled a paedo. Stuff like that just doesn't go away and the dicks that kept the evidence from coming forward deserve to be drawn and quartered (not in a literal sense). A formal appology and compensation for both parties is rightly deserved.
  5. armor

    In mother Russia

    Wow, must be tough over in the motherland. Feel sorry for the bloke that got the chop : / Might go a chicken kebab the next time....
  6. armor

    Game censorship and piracy

    I don't buy games unless I need to for online play or if I can't copy them myself (PS3), I have pirated material but I believe I would not have bought it anyway. I am a blatant thief but does it bother me? No. I understand the law perfectly regarding infringement of copyright and intelectual property and I'm sure everyone who infringes copyright does so knowing the risks and is fully aware that it is not right. Censorship may drive someone to download the product but by doing this you are missing out on large portions of functionality, you can't play with frieds or enjoy those fancy leaderboards, it is a trade off between free and full function. For products that aren't too heavily networked this approach may be fine but with newer software becoming increasingly online orientated it's becoming more of a trade but it all comes down to whether an individual wants to drop the coin to use your product. Anywho onto censorship.... I don't believe that censorship can trully be effective unless the public can take it into their own hands to manage what they watch and who watches it. A parent should surely understand that a 13 year old child should not be viewing R rated movies or harder MA rated titles but ultimately it is the decision of the parent to enforce what their child watches. I understand that parents cannot keep an eye on their children all the time but having the government do the parenting for you is just plain lazy, that sticker is just another thing that ruins the artwork on the box at the moment, if you are motivated to see something chances are that you will find a way. The nanny mentality that the government has adopted is completely and utterly frustrating, I should be able to choose what I watch and be able to moderate my own viewing. If a movie is too hard for me I'll turn it off, I am not forced to watch anything and I believe this is what the government has forgotten, there is a switch on the monitor or TV for a reason. Of course there is material that lies outside of the law and should not be allowed. The government meeds to work in conjunction with the public to form a new system of content moderation. Education of older generations may be a good start towards a modern censorship system.
  7. armor


    I have to say, I'm extemely happy that I don't have any of these on me : / The old man has one on the back of his neck just above his hairline , from what I understand he has had it for ages, no way in hell would I touch that thing.
  8. armor

    Doing anything for Halloween?

    Making the trip up to the city for LANoWEEN with a couple of mates. Should be a good day.
  9. armor

    Awaiting correspondence of doom

    Double or nothing does seem a good deal... It'd be a lot less inconvenient but if you can't trust yourself 5 months is better than 10.
  10. armor

    Friend Induced Insomnia

    Being woken up to having the door almost bashed in at 5am while at a sport and rec for the night. Apparently a few of the guys from the other booking thought it would be funny to do crap to us.
  11. armor


    Didn't mind that...the hot chicks help it along.
  12. armor

    O backup, backup! wherefore art thou backup?

    I've got the main data spread across my main pc over 4 disks. All crucial data is backed up to my network drive and the lot is backed up to my external. Shouldn't lose much if it all goes sour. I can grab the network and external if there's a fire etc. too.
  13. armor

    Smith Crisps "Do Us a Flavour" - new crisps

    Why the hell would i buy any of those when I can get the real thing? Popcorn flavoured chips - Destined to fail Ceasar salad - I'll go to the chicken shop Late night kebab - Kebab van Coat of arms barbeque - Isn't there already a barbeque flavour?
  14. I'm interested in these new cards, hopefully Nvidia deliver on their promises and give us a killer series.
  15. We have the casio scientific ones, apparently can only take "board approved" models into our exams. They go on forever these little casio's, I've had this one on the original battery for 6 years.