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  1. tunksy

    sub $200 overclocking board

    very nice... not sure on the colour tho
  2. tunksy

    Project: RED

    PICS! NOWA!!!
  3. tunksy

    Looking for this case.

    think you are on the money. looks like an old aerocool case.
  4. tunksy

    Water Cooling options

    i prefer 3/8 tubing and compressions. the xspc compressions are ok without killing your wallet. next to that i prefer enzotech.... have a look at the koolroom and gammods.
  5. tunksy

    Water Cooling options

    look for the EX series not the RX series mate. the ex rads are as thin as the stealth GTS rads look here: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=20463
  6. tunksy

    Water Cooling options

    my advice: no dyes or coolants. use distilled water and primochill liquid utopia. get good tubing, something like primoflex. if you want colour get coloured tubing. you've picked soem good parts already in regard to the water block, and pump. I'd get the blackice rads I've always used them and they've been fantastic quality. I've heard some bad stories about koolance reservoirs so personally I'd steer clear of them and stick to xspc. xspc also currently have a pump reservoir combo on pccg. comes with a d5 variable pump. awesome value. finally. dont buy cheap stuff, the ek pumps seem decent enough but I just dont trust them long term. D5 (mcp655) and ddc's have been around longer and have been the staple of watercooling pumps they're tried and tested and have pretty good records as far as breaking goes.
  7. tunksy

    EyeFinity on a budget.

    if you can get on ocau, some good deals on second hand monitors come up frequently.
  8. tunksy

    Project: RED

    mate level of detail is fantastic keep it up. its helpful for those of us who don't wana go searching all over the net for something. you're doing a fantastic job. good job to remember to take lots of pics along the way! seriously keep it up!
  9. tunksy

    Project: RED

    Yeah, it would be great - except that I have a socket 1366 CPU :P what cpu are you using again mate? i mentioned the evga just for the sideways facing 24 pin connector about bloody tome someone did that :p cant wait for another update!!
  10. good idea mate save some pennies and move the old system on. thats your best shot.
  11. tunksy

    Project: RED

    Love that this is finally getting some love again mate well done glad to see it coming along. a Z77 FTW would be pretty sweet now tho :P
  12. tunksy

    Total War: Rome II

    No doubt they will bring the AI up to date with the latest games and hopefully improve it some. Rome TW is bay far my favorite strategy game. Hope fully they can mold some history into the single player campaign say like a button you tick that has the factions follow history in their rise and fall. Cant wait to read about what improvements they are planning or if there will be a bunch of different scenarios and hopefully some new historical battles. also a better money management system would be sweet. the latest TW games from the medieval remake just haven caught my imagination in the same way Im bloody excited they are doing a remake but soon Id like to see TW venture into something new in the series. Futuristic or the WW's or even a Plantery spin off. CANT WAIT!
  13. tunksy

    Dual channel worth it?

    yes dual channel will give you more performance.... go buy some more ram.
  14. I thought overclocking the cpu was separate from memory frequencies. Meaning if you have your ram stable at 1600 9-7-8-20 at stock 3.4ghz, and if you just move the multiplier to overclock to 4.6ghz, should be stable at the same timings/frequency for the ram. But yeah its cheap enough not to worry about the 28% I guess! Not quite, as the CPU contains the memory controller, so once you start pushing the CPU, say 4.6GHz, which is the highest speed I can run 2133 actually, just remembered, 4.7 or greater won't boot. If I drop the RAM down to 1600, I can boot all the way up to 5.3GHz. This has been my experience, and quite a few others. I believe the Ivy CPUs contain MUCH better IMC though, most doing 2400+ without issues. here's the thing what set of cheap ram cant do 1600mhz these days? plus as you said if you drop the ram back down its no longer a limiting factor...
  15. tunksy

    ITX Build

    pics would be sweet mate. get a fan profile for your GPU. personally id probably sell the 6870 and get a 7770... quiet as all hell runs cool and is good enough for low-medium details at 1080p