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  1. As some of you will know if you saw the Social Media updates, the tournament was postponed. Now there is a new date announced! http://www.tthub.com.au/article/31/a-new-d...tournament.html
  2. Tt eSPORTS and AVeRMedia are teaming up with Torn Banner Studios to run an awesome tournament for their latest smash hit game, "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare". Chivalry is a new FPS Medieval Style game where you can either fight to the death in an arena or participate in objectives with your mates online fighting as different classes, ranging from Knight to Archer. Do you enjoy watching top notch gameplay video's, game walk throughs, frag highlights or guides on YouTube? We've selected some of the best of the best YouTube personalities to compete in this tournament along-side you! The awesome YouTubers participating are: Mercader- www.youtube.com/mercadergaming Skeetz - www.youtube.com/skeetzgaming HolmesInFive - www.youtube.com/holmesinfive Daxiongmao - www.youtube.com/ryandingle85 WhyChuchie - www.youtube.com/whychuchie Satta - www.youtube.com/sattaTV As you can see from this list, we've got people from all walks of life and different gaming background; ranging from Battlefield 3 to World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. They will all be releasing a Chivalry video on their pages, so check them out for any further competition information and to learn about the game! There are 24 places total in our server (before YouTubers), do you want to help fill the gap? To sign-up, head to this forum link (and register) then fill in the following information: In-Game Name: Steam Community Profile Link: Why should you be chosen to play?: To purchase Chivalry, head here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/219640/ Sign up thread here: http://www.tthub.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=33#p33 As with any awesome competition, there are also prizes! 1st: $150 and a Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin Headset 2nd: $50 and a Tt eSPORTS Saphira Mouse 3rd: Tt eSPORTS Dasher Mouse Pad Random Draw: AVeRMedia Capture Card Random Draw: Tt eSPORTS Dasher Mouse pad Where can you watch the tourament? www.twitch.tv/ttesports will be the hub for all live coverage on the event, it will start up 20 minutes before the competition and run all throughout the night after the tournament! All of the YouTube personalities will be in on the stream, so come in to watch the action and ask them some questions. Where/When/How? If you are accepted into the tournament, you shall receive an invite to a STEAM community group where the server details and information will be given out. The Date and Time for this tournament is Saturday the 22nd of December at 5PM (Tasmania/Victoria/New South Wales Time) and is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. What's the format? We will be running a 24 player Arena FFA limited to 25 minutes game time. The top 8 players with the best scores will continue on to a second round where everyone else will be eliminated. The remaining 8 players will play once again in a 25 minute FFA game with the top 4 scores moving on. The remaining 4 players will then continue to a 20 minute FFA game where the 3rd player will instantly receive their prize and the top two placements will fight to the death in a 15 minute 1v1! If you have any questions, please post on the www.TTHUB.com.au forums in the Chivalry section!
  3. sgtsmithy

    What of Atomic?

    Well bummer., I hope you guys keep doing what you're doing in your new home :) Will you guys still be doing events like Atomicon and the Monash CGBC Atomic Day?
  4. sgtsmithy

    Diablo III

    Anyone still after BETA Keys? I have a few left that I'm doing give-away comps for.
  5. sgtsmithy

    Guage interest: Community Mouse Testers

    Thanks for the replies :)
  6. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    - Makes your weapon more accurate - Makes your weapon silent, to if you are spamming etc. people can't hear were the shots are coming from - Always fire 2-3 bullets at the head rather then 1 :) It only seems to reduce the spread in CSS rather than make the crosshairs close in more like it does in CS 1.6, but I still agree with you. I play with a dot anyway, so not 100% sure :) New CS:GO updates out. New game modes and maps etc. Haven't had a chance to play!
  7. sgtsmithy

    Requesting reviewers for Thermaltake Product

    I didn't know you had a review site. You got Skype/MSN? Hit me up with your contact details and I will talk to you there. Recommend away Mudgey, anyone you recommend can't be too bad in my opinion.
  8. sgtsmithy

    Requesting reviewers for Thermaltake Product

    Just like you right? :D We need to catch up again, I'll be up your way @ Easter.
  9. Hey guys! We are in need of some reviews done for our Thermaltake Product (Not Tt eSPORTS). This includes things such as; - Computer Cases - Power Supplies - Laptop Coolers We would love video and text reviews, if you can only do one of the above, don't stop yourself from applying. If you think you have what it takes, send me a PM on these forums with the following information: I will bold this next part so I hope it is read (and stands out well). You MUST have some experience. If you have not reviewed something before, do a review on it (big or small) and post it on these forums, get some feedback and THEN PM me. I need to be sure that the person I am sending my product to is capable of doing a review. Thanks guys! Note: Available to Aus/NZ residents only.
  10. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    - Makes your weapon more accurate - Makes your weapon silent, to if you are spamming etc. people can't hear were the shots are coming from - Always fire 2-3 bullets at the head rather then 1 :)
  11. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    Anyone else got the BETA yet?
  12. sgtsmithy

    Guage interest: Community Mouse Testers

    I ask people to be completely honest. Makes me mad as a gamer when people write bias reviews. I wouldn't want people to review a car as awesome, then go driving in it and it be horrible. So even if one review is bias, the people who purchase the mouse will end up outweighing the one review. Fortunately with the last mouse, some people bought it and put up their own thoughts on www.sc2sea.com. The people who purchased the mice agreed with the positive reviews :)
  13. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    Yeah sounds like a ridiculously fun server......lol
  14. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    I has both. I haven't played DOD for so long and DOD:S seems to be quite a small community in Australia. The most populated server always seems to be this server where if you kick some ass they make you run around with a shovel for 6 rounds or they ban you. hahahahah that server! I've heard many things about this server
  15. sgtsmithy

    CS:GO BETA Has been refreshed and updated

    No, it's been changed to the P2200 or something like that.