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  1. ccbonline

    Opinions on postgrad IT courses?

    It depends who you do it with.
  2. ccbonline

    5.1 Speakers for music?

    It depends what you use them for.
  3. ccbonline

    Free Atomic stickers

    me please
  4. not alot of people will be buying the extreme edition. And from what i make of it no.
  5. ccbonline

    multi core or not?

    I believe in the next months and years that single core CPU's will be phased out.
  6. ccbonline

    CPU guide & CPU vs. RAM?

    The amount of ram does effective the effectiveness of your CPU.
  7. ccbonline

    osCommerce Edit Homepage Text

    Is it possible for anyone who has used or uses oscommerce to give me some advice. Or some advice on PHP edititing.
  8. ccbonline

    Moving pc under my desk (again)

    Go to bunings and by a fine mesh/material filter and put it arround the vents. This a thought.
  9. ccbonline

    Firefox and high CPU usage spikes

    I have just noticed that it uses 90% of my CPU Procceses I have just noticed that it uses 90% of my CPU Procceses
  10. ccbonline

    NEw Keyboard+Mouse suggestions

    Logitech G15 or G17
  11. ccbonline

    vpn server router

    Netgear FVS Series - Contain Firewall, VPM, Serverish, Router. They are a bit pricey.
  12. ccbonline

    CCTV Types of cables Cat Vs Coax

    Got COAX much better quality and the cable is much cheaper.
  13. ccbonline

    Wooden Motherboard Tray

    I hope you dont have termites.