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  1. When is GT300 coming out?
  2. alex.tt

    best cpu cooler for under $100?

    You can get a ultra 120 extreme amd socket very cheap now. I used to have one for my i7 920, it did the job very well. +1 for thermalright ultra 120 extreme
  3. alex.tt

    TFC 240 rad and TFC 360 rad

    okay... Just another question to ask. Dasa, what tube do you recommend for watercooling? Is Feser Tube Active UV Hose 1/2 ID UV Blue good?
  4. Is there any big difference in performance between two of these radiator? Thanks.
  5. alex.tt

    XFI Extreme Audio

    Haha nuke, I have tried it on the earphone with loud volume and its better my ex58 onboard audio.
  6. alex.tt

    Stupid Razer

    I used to have one razer lachesis, the cursor didn't stay still. I used the goliathus mat.
  7. alex.tt

    will onboard realtek output 5.1 for games?

    I think the z-5500 is better.... Not sure... but i think is..
  8. Should be working fine. Since http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/FileList/Memory...5p-ds3p_3.3.pdf, the memory support list here, they have the corsair pc-8500c5 on the list, should be fine.
  9. Thank you very much dasa, this is the exactly link i was finding. So many useful information. Thanks alot. Appreciate Thx
  10. your build seem ok, and the corsair supply 850watt is great, good cable management, you could go for the 1866mhz dominator for better performance instead of the gskill 1600, I think the g.skill 1600 is cl9 one, because i just recently bought a triple kit. The gskill kit is good but there is not more overclock space for these rams. The corsair dominator has more overclockability than the gskill. If you want to get the gskill ram, you can get the G.Skill Trident 2000mhz if you want, they are good too. Rest of you build is just brilliant.
  11. alex.tt

    Looking for new speakers, suggestions needed

    I have a Logitech Z-4, which is a 2.1 speakers, they actually work pretty good for me. They are not that expensive too.
  12. alex.tt

    Just a simple question...

    I think the latest atomic issue has solved this question ^^
  13. yea..actually were discussing the 4.5ghz with two 4890s benching.. haha.. didn't realize it went so far away from the topic. get back to the topic xD
  14. Since I am not as pro as you, but I could ask anything I like, even when i asked people about those 4890's, I would ask just because I have seen several reviews about those cards, but they showed different results in different review, THAT'S WHY I M ASKING. I didn't pretend that I know a lot of things, I ask things when i got question. I know you're pro, but if you feel shit or bad about my post you could just ignore it, OR YOU WANT ME TO ASK SOMETHING BY PM THAT PERSON? I am sorry if my posts bother you so much. tat's all. PRO .