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  1. mudjimba

    Windows Phones Sandboxed

    Are you able to "save" email attatchments to onedrive?
  2. mudjimba

    Replacing a HHD in Raid1 ?

    Is it windows raid? Open disk manager and see if the volumes are red colour. If not you'll see a raid config load on boot, with a key combination to access it. If so, post the type and version number.
  3. mudjimba

    What's on your mind?

    I don't want sharepoint to exist.
  4. mudjimba

    To download Windows 10 or keep Windows 8.1?

    That sucks, it's a frustrating pita and possibly waste of time trying to repair from here. Better off spending your time drinking beer or the many other joys of life. Unless you enjoy it.
  5. mudjimba

    To download Windows 10 or keep Windows 8.1?

    Run a 'chkdsk C:' and make sure there's no fs issues. Run 'dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth' restart and check updates and try again.
  6. mudjimba

    Any experience Mac administrators out there?

    - Should I stand up a Mac Mini with OSX server and create and OD environment? The cheap management option you do, and use profile manager like GPOs. Better options are 3rd party tools like airwatch, meraki, casper for management. - Should I just join them to the AD Domain? Both if using profile manager. - Should we use ARD for everything or another 3rd party platform. - Backups and imaging for easier standard deployments to all Macs. Use deploy studio, build images for the machines for easy deployment. If you have standardized dock and preset preferences, you can re-image machines without much impact. - Patch management and remoting. ARD or whatever management solution you chose. You should have a 10.10 server running with update caching to save bandwidth. You can download the update packages and push out via ARD or whatever you are using.
  7. mudjimba

    To download Windows 10 or keep Windows 8.1?

    Have you tried installing updates?
  8. When you shut down uefi windows 8 laptops, hold the left shift key to do a full shutdown. If you don't, they go into a fast boot state which is like a hibernation or sleep.
  9. mudjimba

    What do you make of strange temps?

    Cooling module/heatsink could be toast. They are consumable parts.
  10. If volts*amps=watts The difference between 40a and 42a is 480w>504w per rail? That's 960wats on the rails, vs 1008wats on the rails? You have a 620w rated psu, no difference there? dunno