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  1. missham

    they say nothing last forever......

    Nope, not even that. (thanks for the set-up!)
  2. missham

    Got the munchies?

    Mine don't *shrug*. I suppose if that's a concern you could just store everything separately and throw together as needed.
  3. missham

    Got the munchies?

    Cherry tomatoes. Snow peas. Grapes. Those little mini cheese and cracker packet things, but not too many, because cheese is quite high in fat - the calcium is good though. Unsalted nuts. Air-popped popcorn. Corn thins (like rice cakes but made of corn), with or without some kind of topping like cheese and tomato. Toasted crumpets or muffins with tomato sauce, mixed herbs and cheese melted on top - like a little mini-pizza (although again go easy on the cheese). Hard-boiled eggs. Rice crackers or unsalted corn chips, preferably with salsa or a tomato-based dip - creamy ones are high in fat. Nachoes made with unsalted corn chips, salsa, kidney beans and corn kernels, with cheese melted on top. Muesli or fruit and nut bars - preferably the ones that aren't glued together with honey or coated in yoghurt/chocolate. The little fruit tubs with diced apricot or peaches or whatever in them. Mini savoury muffins, with your choice of flavouring, if you can be bothered baking. Mini bake at home bread rolls - fresh and crusty from the oven with a little scraping of butter. For drinks, iced coffee is often tasty (and has the added bonus of calcium) and tends to be lower in sugar than most choc milks, just be aware of the caffeine content. Fruit and nut mix, but the fruit does tend to be high in sugar - banana chips aren't too bad though. Slightly off topic, but related - I've got myself into the habit of eating salad for lunch every day at work, knowing that I'm a lazy cook and often won't go to the effort of cooking a proper meal at night, especially when it's just me. I used to get the school canteen to make me up a salad plate which was great, but since their quality went down-hill I've been making my own. I grab a bag of baby spinach and rocket, handful of snow peas, punnet of cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, red capsicum and a couple of avocadoes, and chop it all up and toss it together to make a week's worth of salads. Takes about half an hour on a Sunday night. You could also added diced cheese, carrot sticks, hard-boiled eggs, olives, tuna, cucumber, pineapple, chickpeas, pretty much anything you would put in a salad really. Less expensive than buying lunch every day and stops you from being tempted by less healthy options when your tummy is rumbling. While making your salad army for the week you could also put together some little snack tubs to munch on during the day maybe, with some popcorn and unsalted nuts etc. A lot of re-training yourself to eat healthy is being prepared so you don't slide back into old habits, and learning that healthy foods can be tasty and that you're not missing out. In time your body will adapt to not craving fat and salt, and you may even find that the taste of such foods becomes distasteful. I still get cravings for fried chicken, but I generally can't stomach more than one piece at a time, the grease and salt is just too much.
  4. missham

    Happy Ramadan

    Oh yeah, school is going to be fun for the next month...
  5. missham

    Stupid pet tricks...

    My cat licks windows. I didn't teach him that.
  6. missham

    The black dog

    So after a long period trying to come to terms with my current situation, I finally bit the bullet today and fronted up to the doctor to ask for anti-depressants. Things have been difficult for me for some time now, for a variety of reasons which I won't go into here, and two months of counselling so far hasn't even scratched the surface of the many issues I've been denying for so long. I've known for a while that I was depressed, I guess I just hoped it would go away if I got help. And some days have been better. Some days I wake up, and I go to work, and it's great, and I come home and I spend the evening chilling out or maybe getting stuff done around the house, and I'm fine. And then some days I'm not. I have a tendency to dwell on things, to build them up in my head and get myself in a real state. Last night I managed to work myself into a panic attack - shaking, trouble breathing, hysterical crying, dizziness, the whole works. Thanks to friends who were on the ball and caught me in time, it didn't last all that long, but it scared me to think that it could happen again at any time, and there's not always going to be someone there to catch me. I'm not at risk of self-harm, or of harming others, but I do have impaired judgement at these times, and I tend to say or do things that are counter-productive and may seem odd or bizarre to the casual observer. Obsessive housework or gaming escapism, sitting and staring blankly into space for long periods of time, and of course the inexhaustible oozing tears that you can't even explain to yourself, let alone people who ask you what's wrong. For me it also ties into a lot of the issues I'm trying to work through in my counselling, which doesn't help, as there are a lot of behaviours that I'm trying to change, but am having difficulty doing so when at times I'm barely in a state to even function. And so to today's musings. I've often heard depression described as "the black dog" that hides in the background of your mind, and while mine doesn't have quite that visual imagery attached to it as yet, there are a few things that I have worked out about how black dogs behave, so that if you or someone you know has one stalking them, you can at least recognise some of what's going on, even if you don't understand what it's like. 1. The black dog is real. It's as real as it gets. It's not a figment of your imagination, you're not mentally deficient or weak. Anything that can reduce you to a sobbing dizzy incoherent mess with little to no warning really fucking exists. 2. The black dog does not respond to your commands. You can't snap out of it, you can't think positive, sometimes you can't think coherently at all. 3. The black dog is always there. Sometimes you feel him lurking, ready to sneak up behind you and snap at your heels to trip you up, and you know it's just a matter of time. Sometimes you think he's gone, and you think you've turned the corner, and then there he is, in your face bigger and badder than ever and not taking no for an answer. Take your pick, I can't decide which is worse. 4. The black dog is not a choice. You can't decide when he will appear, or how long he will stay for, or how badly he will fuck you up this time. He's either there or he's not. And once you know he's there, you're always going to be keeping one eye out for him. I can't even begin to describe how exhausting that is. Especially when you spend so much time trying to be aware of places he could be hiding and then he pops out from somewhere completely unexpected - see point three. So how do you help someone with a black dog? 1. Love them. Make sure they know you love them. Tell them as often as you can, in as many different ways as you can. Spend time with them, talk to them, call them when something doesn't feel right. Sometimes it will feel like it goes nowhere, and that will be really frustrating. But your loved one is in there somewhere, and they will hear you - just maybe right now they can't open the door because the black dog is just waiting for his chance to burst in. 2. Accept that sometimes, for them, it won't be alright later. Not for a long time later. And that often seems so far away compared with right now. The tiny steps you take towards a brighter future and a better you just seem to pale into insignificance compared to the massive pit that suddenly opens at your feet. 3. Encourage them to get help. Counsellors, medication, support groups, hobbies, exercise, whatever it takes. This may take some doing, as I know I can be quite resistant to these things at times - opening yourself up gives the black dog a chance to sneak in, and sometimes it's easier to lock everyone and everything else out along with him. While writing this has been somewhat cathartic for me and was the initial reason for starting this post, I hope it's also useful to people in this situation. Please feel free to post your own black dog experiences - either of your own hound or those you have observed in action. And please, please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment constructively. I promise I will try not to take them personally, and anything that may help me or others to put a muzzle or at least a leash on the black dog is always welcome.
  7. I don't get it, is there some kind of connection between prunes and plums Robzy? :P
  8. missham

    'equality' and other BS

    homosexuality is ok, therefore by your logic men and women are equal. Your right woman /= man woman = man * wo therefore for values where wo > 1 woman is more than man I believe your religion must make use of the formula evil over evil = woman on man and man root (two woman) because in that case woman will always be less than man if wo * man still equals woman For the geeks out there the formular does work let evil be any number except 0 (because there will always be evil in the world) evil/evil = 1 for the sake of calculation let wo = y and man = x 1 = xy/x + x * sqrroot(2xy) and you get the graph http://www3.wolframalpha.com/Calculate/MSP...mp;cdf=Tooltips proving that as long as there is a man present (x>0) then wo < 1 making wo*man < man POTM - for context as well as content.
  9. missham

    RF Bug Detector went off as it was pointed at me

    I'm kind of disappointed that I wasn't the first to suggest getting naked. Also +1 to Juggs messing with you by pressing the beep button.
  10. missham

    I've got gas...

    Mai I wish we had gas here. Then we wouldn't be paying $100 a week on average for the goddamn electric hot water system, which runs out after two decent length showers anyway (heaven help the third person up in the mornings in this weather!)
  11. missham

    Gotta get down

    I work Monday to Thursday. Today I spent three hours getting my hair done, and will shortly be commencing the weekly hosuework routine so I can actually spend time with Vanna when he gets home instead of spending our time together scrubbing toilets and folding clothes.
  12. missham

    Price matching

    Except it has to be authorised to do the price match and it's not done at the register...... Just like at JB if you get them to price match or if they drop the price a manager has to sign off on it. Fair point. It would depend on how each individual franchise operates, but I would still argue that someone who is paid a salary and manages a store is not going to be as fussy as someone whose pay packet depends directly on the profit that store makes (such as owner operators or franchisees). Couldn't agree more - in fact, I'm pretty sure I said something similar myself ;)
  13. missham

    Price matching

    I have had retailers match Umart onlines prices to just to make a sale which makes what missham said an invalid point. Not necessarily. You have no guarantee that the store made a profit on that item. Bigger stores can sometimes afford to absorb that, as it gets you into the store and looking at all the other shiny things, and keeps you happy so you'll come back to shop there again. Small and medium size businesses can't afford that. I've seen my dad tell numerous customers "sorry, I can't do it at that price, I can't afford it". He's better off not having the sale and keeping the stock than selling at below cost price and losing money. Depends largely on the item in question and the size of the business, your average Joe working a checkout at Officeworks would know next to nothing about the store's profit margins when they're asked to price match and probably don't care much either.
  14. missham

    Price matching

    It would be lovely if this was true, but it's just flatly not. Bricks and mortar stores will always have significantly higher overheads in terms of rent, outgoings, wages etc. For people like my parents, who sell furniture, online trading hasn't hit them too hard - you won't find many people willing to buy a new dining suite off the internet (at least not a quality one). For retailers of smaller high volume items, such as cosmetics and electronics, they are never ever going to be able to match the prices you find on websites that don't have a storefront and ship straight from a warehouse. What makes it even worse for these retailers is that customers will go into their store, investigate everything they can about the product, and then go home and look it up on ebay. The bricks and mortar retailer does all the work in terms of product promotion and sales and then gets stiffed at the register. And I have no clue how they're ever going to address that.
  15. missham

    Did you have KFC for dinner?

    Damn this thread getting into my subconscious! ...I had KFC for dinner last night.