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  1. Speaking of Noah's Ark I watched a doco many years ago about the building of the massive cargo and old tanker ships. When they first designed them, they had real trouble finding a design that could withstand the oceans fury. Then a guy came along and made a design based on the dimensions of Noah's Ark. Surprise surprise it worked! Nothing they threw at it in the simulation tank could tip it over or make it sink. Today our cargo and oil tanker ships are based upon the very same design. Makes you wonder ...
  2. pandemonium

    Drive safe this holiday season. :)

    You don't really need to drive safe this Christmas actually. With the amount of greed camera's out there, oops I mean speed camera's, and the police revenue raising holiday season ...oops I mean blitz, oops I mean safety campaign. You can rest assured if you so much as look like not driving safe, the Government revenue raisers, oops I mean the police will be there to caution, oops I mean fine you for the trouble. So remember folks, to drive safely this holiday season, because if you don't, the Government stands to have a very good holiday season indeed ... Merry Christmas - that will be $180 and 2 demerit points, oh and have a Happy New Year :)
  3. I got 6GB of the Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz series CMT6G3M3A2000C8 RAM as an early Christmas present. I have a n00b question about the settings if this ram. If I set it to 1600MHz in the BIOS, and I theoretically overclock 20% I'll be adding 160 x 2 (160 = 10% of 1600) which means adding 320mhz to the speed, totaling at 1920mhz (as close to 2000MHz as possible) which means my ram will be well under what it is rated at, yet my CPU will be overclocked. Or does it mean I can set the RAM to 2000MHz in the BIOS and overclock, thus taking it well past its rated specs and as it is sold as "overclocking" RAM, which will be able to go past its rated 2000MHz spec and still offer stability? A little confused which road to take. 1600MHz or 2000MHz ? Cheers. And Merry Christmas :)
  4. What a fantastic idea. Cant wait to read what your great combined minds come up with.
  5. pandemonium

    Merry Christmas

    A man calls his son the day before Christmas Eve and says, "I hate to ruin your day but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough". "Dad, what are you talking about?" the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer", the father says. "We're sick of each other and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister and tell her." Frantically, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone, "Like hell they're getting divorced", she shouts, "I'll take care of this". She calls immediately and screams at her father, "You are NOT getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do a thing, "DO YOU HEAR ME?" and hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Sorted! They're coming for Christmas - and they're paying their own way!" :P
  6. pandemonium

    Watercooling questions

    Have you looked at the Corsair H70 ? Over the last few days here (in Melbourne) its been stupidly hot. I'm running an i7 920 @ 4GHz 24/7 without issue. Just an option to consider if you haven't looked at the Corsair H70.
  7. pandemonium

    Need your expertise.

    WOW who would have guessed everyone else understood what I was after ... So anyone interested in the project? I know there are online places I can ask/pay for this service, but if anyone here can do it, I'd rather pay someone from the community. Oh and this is STRICTLY for personal use ONLY. I have a G19 keyboard and am currently using LCD Misc (vanilla version) Its a good program, but its really on the bland side, so to speak. When I found the myLCD program I thought that's what I'd like mine to be. So I loaded it into the G19 and its works a treat. Only problem is, the res is WAY off, with a good portion of the screen missing. I had a fumble around the program seeing if I could find a command that would allow me to scale it down some. But I know absolutely nothing about coding, and couldn't find anything that would allow me to re-size myLCD to fit the G19. So I'm asking if anyone here can. If you can, I'm happy to swing something your way for the effort. Cheers. (Edit) as Robzy said the extra features myLCD has is a file called USBD480.dll That is the only thing I can find that is different between the two programs. Both programs work on the G19 Keyboard. I've tested them. Just the res with the USBD480 is bigger. If someone could get into the USBD480.dll and have a look around, the res might be in there? LOL I know absolutely nothing about coding, I'm just having a guess about that.
  8. pandemonium

    Need your expertise.

    Sure if that will produce the same results. All I'm after is the USBD480 working with the G19. If that means using the original source to get that result, fine. That's why I posted the lcdmisc project link too.
  9. pandemonium

    Need your expertise.

    Need the services of someone who can make some changes to a program I want to use. I found a program online for an LCD, the USBD480. Which is a 4.3" 480x272 pixel resolution color TFT LCD. What I'm after is someone to make some changes so it can be used on a Logitech G19 LCD which is 320x240. Plus a couple of minor changes to the program. Base Program The Program I want changed Willing to pay some $$$ for your services :) PM me if interested.
  10. pandemonium

    The Sandy Bridge Preview

    I'm beginning to wonder if this whole upgrade your pc business is worth it. Here I am with a pretty decent set up with the new Civ 5 and I can't even play it. I been through 2KGames forums, I'm not alone by a long shot on the issues this game has. And if it was one game fine, but its other games too. Right out of the box, issues. If its not issues with the games coding, its hardware computability issues, steam issues and so on. Yet for much less I could buy a console and be gaming straight out of the box. Buy the game, load it and play. Just how it should be. With PCs, its upgrade this, upgrade that, so you can get the "best" from the game. Which is fine by me, IF it all works that way. For a while now, this hasn't been the case at all. WTF is going on? Now I see Intel are gearing us up for the "latest and greatest" in CPU power and efficiency. Soon the slogans will start up about how much better gaming will be with these new chips. Review sites will test, and include in those tests gaming results, with graphs showing the improved performance for our gaming benefit. So you'll read the reviews, see the results and upgrade to the best gaming experience you can afford, or money can buy. OK now your set up. Got a killer rig ready to grab that newest game for your beast of a PC to light up, all bells and whistles at max settings. But what? I need what update? I need to run MemTest to check if my RAM is faulty? have I tried Prime95 to see if my new CPU is running ok? I need the latest DirectX runtime executable? Oh I need to update my videocard drivers? Oh I need to reinstall Steam? Have I updated my BIOS? Should I wear a bra on my head before I press the games .exe? So you do all that, and more, and the game STILL doesn't work? .... Now your sitting there, with a brand spanking new $XXXXXX machine, playing Windows Solitaire waiting for an update, a miracle, something so you can actually get some use out of this killer gaming rig you've built. I guess you could always load an older title in the mean time. Or maybe see the light and buy some simple PC for net and basic tasks, and grab a console and be done with all the bullshit. /ends rant ;)
  11. pandemonium

    The Sandy Bridge Preview

    All I can say is thank you Intel for my i7 920. I will be holding onto it for a while yet.
  12. pandemonium

    The joys of playing COD Black Ops

    You returned a steam game to EB and they let you? You know that key for CoD is permanently tied to your steam account right? Yeah it would be if I actually got a chance to use huh?
  13. pandemonium

    The joys of playing COD Black Ops

    Just so people don't think I'm making this shit up:
  14. pandemonium

    The joys of playing COD Black Ops

    Call me crazy, but I just returned the game to EB and swapped it for Civ5 :P I'll grab a copy of Black Ops in a couple of weeks, I can't be bothered with it right now. But it gets better, I just loaded up Civ 5, chose a race, a warlord and some stuff (yes I'm a noob to the whole Civ experience) Get to the first screen with a picture of a Japanese warrior looking dude, a narrative voice starts up and .... CRASH! some error pops up with something about DX11 and what looked like a reference to memory. Bloody hell I can't win. All I want to do is play a game. I build a killer gaming rig, spend the big bucks, all my other games work fine. Now I've got to jump online and find out why this game is crashing as soon as it starts. Latest vid drivers = check. Win7 x64 DX11 = check. Everything up to date. No wonder people are turning to consoles ....
  15. pandemonium


    Yeah mate. Had those LEDs been red I probably would have went twin 60GB Vertex' instead :P