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  1. built by noob

    URGENT! TV repair

    15 pins sounds like he connected it to the vga port
  2. built by noob

    URGENT! TV repair

    can u see whats on the back of that board pull the rom out as well and see if it lets you select input
  3. built by noob

    URGENT! TV repair

    well that plug on the board is input so i would be guessing the tv tuner is missing or disconnected i couldnt see any where an antenna could be pluged into that board is there an fcc id on the board at all
  4. built by noob

    URGENT! TV repair

    it should have a input switch and that would be the first thing i looked for
  5. built by noob

    Want to know if your a nut job?

    woot and i am not paranoid i am just have realistic views of whats going on Paranoid: High more info | forum Schizoid: Moderate more info | forum Schizotypal: Low more info | forum Antisocial: Moderate more info | forum Borderline: Low more info | forum Histrionic: Low more info | forum Narcissistic: Moderate more info | forum Avoidant: Low more info | forum Dependent: Low more info | forum Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate more info | forum
  6. built by noob

    marketing and tech

    that hp clip is awsome ty
  7. built by noob

    marketing and tech

    i would like people to ad the most amusing stunt or marketing technique mine goes to Thomas Edison For frying an elephant to make a point. Now what have intel hp or microsoft done that can top this. heres a hot elephant (this was also the most human way of putting the animal down they were going to hang it) thats worth a link ty didnt know about the hp
  8. built by noob

    Scott Baio helps Sodomite find Happy Day

    can i have my 4 mins back pls
  9. its better for the board to have heat sink installed after the board is mounted looks sweet good work
  10. That's what I do. Anyway, 120mm fans are less noisy and last longer. Even the cheap ones. Ball bearing fans last longer than sleeve bearing fans. More expensive fans are not always better than the cheap ones so I'd do my research. bearing fans are normally louder as well
  11. built by noob

    Trouble shooting flow chart for pc's

    love it http://www.fonerbooks.com/poster.pdf
  12. never hurt a microwave yet from nuking stuff lots of stuff well bar the 3 eggs they really $#@!ed it up but not from and boards and stuff just take out the turn table andmake sure u aren't shorting it out and where and all good
  13. Dell's most basic Vostro 420 model will kick that quote's arse for $27 extra, delivered, with monitor: Core2 Quad 8300 2GB RAM Vista Business 320GB HDD 20" Monitor 512MB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4350 DVD burner etc 1-year onsite warranty $1199 delivered (incl. $200 discount for next couple days) If you want to go cheaper, no reason you couldn't go a lower-end Vostro. Srsly, save yourself and them the time and hassle. Consider this: in three days time they could be receiving a computer package, whole and complete, backed up with one year next business day onsite warranty. Can you provide that, personally? I know I can't! get it with out monitor and really drop the price yes dell for sure
  14. built by noob

    Periodic Detention

    And how many 12 years olds have credit cards? how many sites make money with out ppl using ccards whatever, I'm still going with the bullets and rope plan though. steel box 4 ft high 4 foot wide 4 foot deep and forget about them