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  1. viremia

    Kogan Mobile

    Do they work in Telstra USB dongles? (3G) Edit: Probably should have checked their site first.
  2. Make sure you run squid -z to recreate your cache. And since you changed the default location for your cache, make sure SELinux isn't interfering. Check your /var/log/messages.
  3. viremia

    STOP things opening in the foreground (Win7 x64)

    TweakUI used to fix this for XP. The same registry change can be made at hkey cu\control panel\desktop\foregroundlocktimeout. It's default is at 200000ms. Looks like it doesn't work anymore. I have noticed the same frustrating issue.
  4. viremia

    Spam Sent from my Home Email Address

    My mothers ISP email address had this happen. I called her ISP and they wouldn't do anything for me because I'm not the account holder. They were happy to let it spam the shit out of any and everyone. Until my mother called them. And have you ever heard an old lady try and explain to an Indian that her email address had been compromised? Shit is whack.
  5. viremia

    Resident Evil 6

    Call me old fashioned, but I haven't enjoyed Resident Evil since PS1. YOU ALMOST BECAME A JILL SANDWICH.
  6. viremia

    Blacklight Retribution

    I downloaded this a while ago. I played one round on a US server and gave up. The game play wasn't bad for a free to play game, but the lack of Aus servers was disappointing. Might give it another go now that there are Australian servers.
  7. viremia

    The War Z

  8. viremia

    Steam Sale

    I've gotten: Limbo Alan Wake Bundle L.A Nior Nothing else too interesting so far.
  9. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Some guy walked up a hill right into Ezkaton, myself and one other friend. I hesitated as I thought it might have been a friend. Then he aimed at me with his AKS-Kobra. None of us had a Kobra. So we all shot him. Got myself a large Coyote pack and range finder.
  10. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Direct communication is the greatest feature of any game, ever. It should be standard in every single multiplayer game. Ezkaton and I raided Stary, then went looting Deer Stands up north. I saw someone in the distance running back south to Stary. Decided to follow him. Turned out to be 4-5 people. As it also turns out, I'm not as sneaky as I thought. Now I'm dead.
  11. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    It's such a popular place close to the coast, so everything's usually gone. I haven't found anything notable at Balota. I've been killed twice there, though. Gotta love players who kill unarmed survivors.
  12. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Be careful with that Enfield, Poison. It's been dubbed "The dinner bell" because once you shoot it, every zombie in the server can hear it and comes a-runnin'.
  13. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    I got picked off at a chopper crash outside Petrovka. 2 guys on an ATV, with two on foot that I didn't see. I was trying to observe them from a distance until a grenade exploded right next to me. Kind of surprised that didn't kill me. Gunshots. Gunshots everywhere! Tried to zig-zag off, agro-ing zombies along the way. I got hit once and it fractured a bone. Got hit again, broke the bone. Got hit one last time and died.
  14. viremia

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    That could have been mine, If only you didn't always run faster than me!
  15. viremia

    Final Fantasy VII on PC

    I did like FFX. Minus a few excruciating scenes -- Like Tidus and Yuna laughing for 10 hours. I'd buy the remake.