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    Best Gaming Headset! 2012 June

    Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A looks best so far Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A looks best so far
  2. falconmick

    Best Gaming Headset! 2012 June

    Ok, I started looking into headphones, my main needs are Music/Movies but I want 5.1/7.1 for my occational gaming trip Currently looking into theses headphones: Astro A40 new, have got some amazing reviews hard to get in Australia atm Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A Really good quality + cheap Razer Tiamat 7.1 10 drivers, Ohhh fancy but people having grounding issues + bass over powering Bad bad bad mic way too expensive ROCCAT Kave Real 5.1 currently I am using Gamecom 777, which I love to peices, my only issue with them is that ive snapped the headphones off multiple times because I move my headset around allot (to lans) ive fixed em, but it's a pain in the ass.
  3. falconmick

    3 screen gcard

    well then what should i get....
  4. Ok, I was considering buying 3 24" full HD screens, and I was wondering, for under 400 bucks whats the best gcard to go with if I want to do 3 screen gaming (I think amd does better 3 screen) Like does any1 know of any good deals currently on sites like pccasegear mwave shoppingsquare etc.... I mostly play un-demanding games like wow, hon, but I don't want to get a gcard worse that what I currently have: Radion HD 4890... Preferably the one gcard which has the 3 screen compatibility :) thanks for all your help
  5. falconmick

    What Nvidia Card

    You also need the display that is certified for Nvidia 3D, 100Hz I think. 120Hz. 60 frames for each eye. actualy it can do it at 100Hz... which is a setting if you have higher light
  6. falconmick

    What Nvidia Card

    Also I was looking for a card with a HDMI output so that I can watch 1080p movies in full HD! thx
  7. Ok, so I'm building a new PC from scratch for a Stereoscopical gaming setup... I have decided to go with Nvidia's 3D Vision as of it compatability and stuff. So I was wondering... What G-card should I buy if I'm buying online and want to spend less than 500 ish on it (the lower = more for other parts :D) Eddit: Also I was looking for a card with a HDMI output so that I can watch 1080p movies in full HD! thx
  8. falconmick

    Power to the PC

    Can't you please create a "Power to the PC" tour in WA, being in WA (as we are sooo far away from everything) we never get anything... I pay as much as the next subscriber, so why can't we have one in WA, maybe UWA or Curtin could host it! PS... your tour event on "22nd September, 4pm - 11pm Agenda" wont have maximum people coming as that is the release of Halo ODST (which BTW for all u noob halo fans was first known as "Halo Recon")