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  1. peteed1985

    Playstation now?

    Yeah Netflix has run perfectly without any lag at all on my ADSL 2+ since it released. That would explain telling us we aren't getting it at all. Saying we are getting it in a year and then no news for 2 years even to say there was a delay is a surprise. Would think they'd at least of said something.
  2. peteed1985

    Playstation now?

    So umm Playstation Now came out in America in January 2014 and we were told Australia gets its a year later so by rights Playstation Now has been out for almost 12 months in Australia. After all theres been no news from Sony to say it has been delayed :P Then again theres been no news saying it launched either but if it was delayed surely they'd tell us xD I'm surprised theres not even an article out anywhere about Playstation Now with a news site article about it and a news site asking Sony whats up lol. Seems Playstation Now must not be worth the effort.
  3. So many news articles or storys come out in gaming and other fields and all these sites inform about them maybe doing something but then a year and a half later no sites have bothered to say its not happening or that they have reached out for more info again. http://www.pcgamer.com/au/2013/01/18/austr...-left-4-dead-2/ Just one example and one I wanted to see come true but this is so common on the net its like on every 2nd news report. Seems 15 months ago valve was looking into it and 0 sites have any update after that. Can anyone from PC Authority ask valve for an update and report back? Its just so annoying having silence as the only answer after things like this being brought up and your left wondering are the companies like kotaku and PC gamer and the like lazy? forgetful? or what else? Bought it at launch expecting full game and instead have zombies despawning before they hit the ground leaving me with a game that being aussie costs alot and can't bring myself to play cause of all the fail censoring. Other things like pvp in diablo which I don't pvp myself but some people got the game that was meant to have pvp at launch only for pvp be put off till very soon after launch because it was almost ready and to still not be out 2 years later. I mean some people had GAME run off with thier CE money and had to buy 2 copys of the game purely for the pvp that doesn't exist. Lies, cons and straight out neglect are getting so out of hand. Ever notice games websites never get updated in a timely manner? Some MMO's i've seen come out and 6 months after launch the FAQ page on the official sites say they don't know what minimum requirements are and they will update the FAQ closer to launch since its still in early development, or they don't know the pricing model yet.
  4. peteed1985

    Best video games for while watching tv?

    So i've been wondering what games/type of games are the best ones to do when you want to watch a movie or TV while doing so? Google search just brings up the answer to the best HDTV to play games on lol.
  5. I used to be smaller when I was 12 but now am 29 and am 187cm and I used to soak when I was young in a huge deep bathat my Nan's place. Now I live in a flat and the bath is so shallow and short I can't get more than my legs and bum in the bath unless I lay down and have my legs sticking out. Sinces its department of housing theres no modification allowed or even possible to raise water height. Sometimes I just want a good old wash and soak so I search around the net and what do I find? The only places listed are guess what? Gay bathhouses >_< places where only Gay people go with side rooms for sex and stuff. Anyone know of a good alternative for those of us that are straight? Pools are no good cause even heated pools are cold and I really wanna soak in just warm relaxing water for an hour or 2.
  6. peteed1985

    Games with quarterstaffs?

    Always annoys me how staffs in games like wow are called quarterstaffs and are only used as stat sticks by casters when a quarterstaff is for meleeing. Any games with Quarterstaffs in them where they are used as melee and the combat is good?
  7. peteed1985

    First R18+ game?

    Do we have any idea what the first R18+ game for Australia's new rating will be? EB games has an R18+ category with 0 games right now haha.
  8. peteed1985


    Yeah however they only do heavy metal now whatever that means >_> I know pretty much nothing about genres or the different types.
  9. peteed1985


    Hmm was hoping more for digital download purchase but at least its something :D You will be hard pressed to find any cd's digital or otherwise. That band exists pretty much solely to do music for there shows/movies It's a shame because that "Now you're a man" is one of the few songs I like :( songs I listen to have to have a good beat as well as have the words actually be able to be understood and I like that song because it matches my tastes. EDIT: Well a friend suggested utopia in the city and they suggested red eye records. Red Eye Records can get an as new copy for me for $50. Imagine how embarrassing it is to ring up a store asking about "Double Vaginal Double Anal". Super Geek was at my place howling with laughter in the background as I asked...
  10. peteed1985


    Hmm was hoping more for digital download purchase but at least its something :D
  11. peteed1985


    Hey :) A friend of mine made an anime Music Video years ago with a song I liked so I want to buy an MP3 of it and maybe some of the bands other things. I looked up the song and it appears to be made by a band named "Double Vaginal Double Anal" or DVDA for short and 2 of the bands members are the creaters of South Park. To cut a long story short searching up how to buy this bands songs tends to just throw up a whole crap load of porn and I was hoping someone here might know of a way to buy this song. Song is called "Now you're a man" Bands wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVDA_(band) and my friends AMV
  12. peteed1985

    Diablo 3 beta keys?

    Anyone know a place giving out beta keys that don't require you be one of the first 5 to reply to a facebook question that gets 50 replys in the first few seconds of being up? Kinda surprised curse premium and/or Atomic hasn't had any to hand out at all xD
  13. peteed1985


    iirc the simcity 4 on steam doesn't have 1920x1080 which was a big let down :( Heres hoping this is better :) My favorite sims cames would have to be the train one from like 15 or so years ago and simcity 2000
  14. peteed1985

    Second Life?

    Ok apparently second life has alot of users and is a MMO yet I can't work out what people do in it? I mean the game seems to be a place purely for walking around and talking to people with millions of advertisment billboards everywhere. You can fly whenever you want and have alot of ability to customize your clothes and stuff. Apparently you can own land in it and build a house and stuff which I dunno how to do. Anyone care to explain it better and explain why anyone would log on for more than 5 mins once? Doesn't seem like really anything to do yet the games still around.