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  1. divemasterc

    Sausages on the bbq grill

    Boerewors, on the grill. Solves all the problems. mmmmmmmm /go to check local butcher for breakfast boerewors...
  2. divemasterc

    What is your favourite fruit?

    I work in produce. I eat EVERYTHING.... Fruits.... veges.... all raw. Except the guys that eat mushrooms raw.... thats weird.... and eggplants... >.< Would give my left nut for a guava tree though... mmmmmm
  3. divemasterc

    Guilty pleasures

    Michelle Branch- All you wanted... Such a chick song, but for some reason I love it, and can listen to it over and over again.... She got a great voice..... SHUTUP! /runs into the dark recesses once again....
  4. divemasterc

    The physics of windows and doors

    door not 100% level on the hinges? or the doorway itself? then it would require even less to blow shut
  5. divemasterc

    How to make a dyke

    We'll get there Drago.... =D Yea, what he said. It was really my Fishtank that gave me the idea. SILICONE THAT BASTARD DOWN!
  6. divemasterc

    How to make a dyke

    why not grab a length of metal, rivet it to the garage on either side of the door, and then silicone it in for water proofing. benifits: Removable if you move. Cheap (rivets, rivet gun(borrow 1) , sheet of metal (probably get a cutoff bout 2" high, maybe bit more?) and some silicone, $5 bux a tube and the gun you could borrow) Less invasive than ripping up the driveway! If it doesn't work you won't have lost out on much either...
  7. divemasterc

    deep heat rub

  8. divemasterc

    Nut Buzz

    try a needle file, and just make a little groove to get it sitting a tiny bit snugger. other than that, a nut should'nt cost much. I replaced mine a little while back, not a difficult task at all, and, in fact, I manages to get it to sit just a little lower to the frets, made it alot more awesome to play blistering solos. Then my cable or pickup socket broke. Haven't played for a while because I can't be stuffed finding out which.... >.<
  9. divemasterc

    Nut Buzz

    looking at a replace the nut, or return to the old gauge. Could try filing a groove to make it sit a little tighter, (if you dare) but fuck that up and youll need to replace the nut anyway. That .42mm from a .52mm yes?
  10. divemasterc

    First person TETRIS.

    Fuck. Me. Dead...
  11. divemasterc

    PC vs Console(GAMERS)

    This is Greaver @Aki54 As if open the PS3, what if he couldn't play heavenly sword anymore? *tears*
  12. divemasterc

    You know what i hate?

    this is a kiwi special greasy said GreaZZy... fuck.me.dead. its a S not a Z you bunch of Americanised-slang-wannabe bastards!!!!
  13. divemasterc

    Can dish it out but can't take it.

    no one tends to fuck with me at my work. And if they do, I tell them exactly what I think of them. If that doesn't work I'll either give them a smash or just fuck with thier heads/homes/car... :D Haven't had to do that all yet.
  14. divemasterc

    You know what i hate?

    You are aware, are you not, that 'fare' can be a verb all by itself? Thus 'Fare well' - which became concatenated over time. In present tense, as in actually saying "Farewell!" In future or past tense, no, sounds like ass.... example: :I'm going to go say farewell to my teacher tommorow" should be used insted of "I'm going to farewell my teacher tommorow" or "Crowds gathered to bid farewell to Micheal Jackson" should be used intead of "Crowds gathered to farewell Micheal Jackson" You can't "Farewell" someone... you can *bid*/*say*/ etc them farewell though... EDIT: Also, it stemmed further back from "Fare thee well" or "travel well" Can you imagine... "Crowds gathered at the wharf to travelwell the sailors." (maybe not a great example, beacause no-one says travel well.... but if contraction can work for fare well... ???)
  15. divemasterc

    Errant hair growth.

    I'm generally not a hairy bastard at all. 23 nearly and I still dont shave more than once every couply months! And even when it does grow, its blonde, and cant be seen.