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  1. Before and under the law he is, which is what he was getting at. No he isn't. Yes he is, it's a basic principle. Of course, I'd be interested to hear why you consider yourself to be either above or below him before the law. You can only enforce them by stripping them from the person you are enforcing them against, yes? How do I stop you from taking anothers liberty? I take yours. Ahh. I don't consider that to be hypocritical, not really. The only way we can ensure everyone has access to rights that can be enforced, is with the understanding that there has to be compromise, and sometimes, due to certain circumstances, those rights must be temporarily suspended. I would consider it hypocritical only if the system was setup with the understand/goal of no compromise being necessary.
  2. I am so motherfucking tired of people positing rights, when they don't understand the meaning of the term. Malkieri - What grants your 'rights'? Its not a unverisal law. Its not a derivative of a set of universal laws. Its not an emergent property of the interactions of derivatives of universal laws. It is a construct, and without enforcement, meaningless. With enforcement, hypocritical. Well said. I've never understood the argument that we have inalienable rights that's governments infringe up. I would like to clarify though, how is it hypocritical if rights are enforced?
  3. Before and under the law he is, which is what he was getting at.
  4. Sure you can, as long as you are not doing it to incite violence or harm. I guess you're referring to hate speech laws. The purpose of which, is not to simply oppress free speech, but to oppress free speech when it leads to other people being harmed. Something I consider a reasonable restriction, and the US has very similar laws to Aus on the matter.
  5. That's just not true. Americans have the right to free speech. As an Australian, I don't. Your government does not explicitly grant you that right in any document similar to a constitution, but you have the right in practice, and through common law. If it is to a lesser extent than in America, it is not to a significantly lesser extent.
  6. You mean that as a dismissal, I know. But consider: the aeroplane was science fiction once, as was space flight, the submarine, nuclear weapons (though they didn't call them that), plastics, waterbeds, digital computers, and more of the modern world than you realise. So is Superman. Which taken to the logical conclusion, means it is only a matter of time until our savior appears.
  7. willm

    Harden up Cuba!

    Why is that funny? Because I would like to know why those nine want it to be free....I don't support that taxpayers pay for wing wang extensions. Sex is considered an important part of emotional well being, and there are certainly times that it would be justified. Moreso in countries with a government run healthcare system.
  8. The NWO is pure conspiracy, and not worth even discussing. A world government on the hand is an interesting idea. Quite a lot of Sci-fi seems to have it as an inevitability. I wonder how such a thing would work, going by the different earth governments today. How would such a government ideally be setup? A federal government, with members retaining most of the power? Something similar to the EU, more of a union than a government(as much as that may be changing)? Which legal system would satisfy everyone, civil or common law? I'd like to think that we could work this out one day, even with the massive difference in culture and religion and such, but it will have to happen naturally, and take an amazing amount of time. For the sort of problems that can occur, look at the Oracle/Sun acquisition. The US has one set of philosophies, with the goal of protecting the consumer and so approve this, while the EU has a different set of philosophies that makes the reluctant to approve. MNCs are only one thing that would have to adapt and change significantly...all the other stuff would have to be worked out as well. Contradicting freedom of speech/defamation laws, divorce/custody, human rights issues. It seems like a logistical nightmare...but I do think we will get there one day.
  9. willm

    Chrome OS and how the internet works in .au

    Aside from a few countries, I don't think most places have the internet capacity to run everything via the cloud, at least not fast enough without frustrating people. I can see it working for netbooks, not for actual PC's.
  10. willm

    Chrome OS and how the internet works in .au

    The whole ChromeOS thing seems like the newest attempt at trying to start a shift towards terminals instead of local machines. Which, I think will fail as it has failed each time previously, as people like having control of their own information. Although in this case, with the OS being tied to the cloud and everything being rather transparent to the user, it may just work. The EU should have reacted when MS bundling IE was actually a problem, when the US did. Now, they are about 10 years to late and with the browser market being competitive again, and IE not being in any way mandatory, the complaint only reflects poorly on the EU.
  11. willm

    Hadley CRU hacked

    Read page 18 about the establishment of a government - it's what Kevin07 wants to sign in 10 days' time. It's not a full government - no supra-national legislative right - but they do have economic powers - an early-days EU It does not seem to be any more an "early days EU" than any other current agreement between countries for a common cause.
  12. willm

    man in Japan weds anime game character

    If you married a character, would you get access to all the different representations? There's quite a few different versions of April from TMNT for instance.
  13. According to The Shadow he did, but thankfully Alec Baldwin defeated him.
  14. willm

    man in Japan weds anime game character

    I wonder what the legal ramifications of such a marriage would be...as well as marriages to things like animals and such. Can you name such partners in your will, for instance?
  15. Why not? I don't see any reason why, in the hands of a company, an email address should be considered any more public than an address or telephone number. Rob. You know - I have no answer to that. I'm not sure what I was thinking of when I wrote what I did, but companies should absolutely not release information given in confidence, and should be held accountable when they do.
  16. I can't say it really bothers me too much. Email addresses tend to be public, and I've never really understood trying to protect them as though they were a private telephone number. I think it's stupid, no doubt about it. From a privacy perspective though? Not so concerning.
  17. willm

    There is only one true God..

    It is incidents like this that reinforce my belief that religion has no place being taught in school, regardless of if the school is private or public.
  18. willm

    The UKs Crackdown on Piracy & Gaming

    I would be curious as to how they would do this, while still allowing valid forms of encryption. SSL, VPN's, even some P"P game stuff is probably encrypted...
  19. willm

    agh, print reviews...

    I don't think this holds as true as it once did. These days, with an online site having such a broader audience, they quite possibly have a greater income and can afford to pay their journalists more, resulting in higher quality articles. While I appreciate the convenience of print media, e.g. being able to read on a train or something, I feel online media has long surpassed print in what it is capable of. Accuracy, timeliness, relevance, discussions and redactions, updates etc.. I became disappointed with most PC mags a few years ago, when every few months it would simply be a different round up of common components despite not much having changed, a few game/software reviews and a few tutorials, all geared towards the lowest common denominator. No thanks.
  20. willm

    Harden up Cuba!

    That's the thing. It's just the US being vengeful and petty, and trying to force a change of government simply because they disagree with it. Which by itself, is not a good enough reason.
  21. willm

    This is just ridiculous

    Natalie is meh...that picture certainly doesn't do her justice. I find this lass far more endearing
  22. willm

    Harden up Cuba!

    Sanctions should only be used to try and stop human rights issues of similar scale. Not as retribution or because one government deals with the ideology of another.
  23. willm

    fast fancy food?!

    The Angus burgers have been available in the UK/Europe for years...just bringing the offerings into line I guess. What I wish is that the rest of the KFC restaurants in the world included pineapples with their zingers.
  24. An Ars article on Google's new programming language http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/20...from-google.ars It seems interesting, but I wonder why this is needed, rather than improving the existing languages, or contributing to some of the languages in development such as D.
  25. willm

    Swipey Swipey

    It's the fact that the more profitable approach is being taken. Looking at it from a different angle, ISP's inflate the costs for local traffic, as other posters pointed out. This is artificially limiting the service, in order to derive greater profits. I don't understand why you can't see that.