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  1. It looks to be pretty good. If it starts shipping with windows, or is suggested through WU, and people who don't generally use antivirus software are protected, it would be a good thing. WHat is strange is the decision to not allow pirated versions of Windows to use the software, it doesn't make much sense.
  2. willm

    Suspicious running process

    Maybe use a rootkit checker, like chrootkit? If it happens again, list the processes in tree format to see if it was started by another process?
  3. willm

    Registry cleaners

    This topic was an interesting read. My experience is basically almost the last 10 years, doing pc repair, and fixing *a lot* of home users laptops. Many users with no clue how to maintain or look after a PC, or often even apply updates. Personally, i have never noticed an improvement with registry cleaners, except in very rare cases, such as the example master_scythe gave of overly large program lists. Even then, these issues are kind of irrelivant, I would think. For actual performance, it has been(in my experience), more to do with lame OEM installed programs, malware, toolbars etc., and never actually the size of the registry. I am not completely sure, but I would think that due to the way the registry works, the size would not be a factor for performance. The applications will request the keys that they need, which is handled by windows, rather than actually having to seek through the actual file.
  4. willm

    FileServerOS: Argue with me!

    What you want is to the absolute minimal install, and then go "apt-get install --no-install-recommends xubuntu-desktop". That will give you a lean-and-mean XFCE powered Ubuntu machine. Rob. Why would you do this, instead of using a distribution that is actually designed to be minimal? I'm still(always) learning, but from what I understand, minimal ubuntu still has a lot of extra stuff than say minimal debian or arch linux. Surely this is what keeps ZFS from being considered stable for FreeBSD however? The fact that it is only stable for a specific port? For the topic, I would think a minimal linux distribution or opensolaris would be the best options.