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    PSA - Dexter Season 4

    Wow you guys are late. I watched the finale late on sunday night, which wasn't what I expected. It was a very entertaining season, although it almost seemed like they could have done a whole lot more than what they did.
  2. willm

    What cheeses you off?

    People who use URL shortening services to try and get you to visit a website you would not ever visit if the address was made plane. It's childish and annoying, so why do they do it? Also people who have intrusive web ads and then complain when people use ad blockers.
  3. He reminds me of Morris from 24.
  4. It would be excellent news indeed. I have read other comments on this, which hint that one politician in SA is responsible for holding this up. If anyone is familiar with this, can you explain why that is possible? I forget the lads name just at the moment...
  5. willm

    win 7 as good as the hype?

    Well, summarizing from the video and other notes, the memory improvements (not just related to management) are: Memory allocation is now far more efficient, as it has been redesigned to cut out all the cases where unnecessary caching or overallocating buffers was happening. The driver model has been redesigned, with memory usage reduced by 50% per window The registery is now read into a paged pool as opposed to being read from a memory mapped file Memory manager redesigned - processes that grow quickly uses their own pages more aggressively The system cache, paged pool, and pageable system each have own working set, so each can be tuned more efficiently The end result shows the client foorprint across several configurations consistently being reduced by between 10 and30% I think it is undoubtedly more efficient and uses less/makes better use of memory.
  6. willm

    The Athiest Facebook experience

    That is very true, although I would hope we would one day move past this part of ourselves. There was a South Park episode which lampooned exactly this. Long in the future after Richard Dawkins had shown humanity the way, there were different 2 or 3 main different science sects which talk to warring each other, and science had in many ways replaced religion while being portrayed as similar in many ways.
  7. willm


    I think you may be giving a whole lot more credibility to a delusion than is deserved. I say this as someone who has taken drugs, and has had similar experiences to what you describe. These can be very powerful experiences, and may indeed have allowed you to realize something you otherwise would not have. That doesn't mean the drugs took you outside of reality or allowed you access to things otherwise not visible on this plane. You quite possibly could have had the same epiphany by thinking deeply, having a near death experience, having amazing sex etc. If this trip you describe was the catalyst that has led to you changing your life in a positive way, then that is excellent. But don't be tricked into thinking it was anything more than it was. edit: spelling!
  8. willm

    The Athiest Facebook experience

    I've never had a problem, although all of my friends also happen to be atheists/agnostics. perhaps not openly, but they certainly seem to have a lot of skepticism about any organized religion. Which is something that interests me, as it seems to be a generational thing. I wonder what the age demographics are for atheism/agnosticism. That is one of the better definitions I have heard. Or at least, it captures my view very succinctly :) Why would you take fence sitting over a default skepticism? Why give the idea of a particular god any more credibility than say, santa, unless there is even the smallest reason to? (I'm don't mean to attack your view, but I would like to understand it better) I've seen many stories where new research is viciously attacked if it threatens any beliefs while any findings that may lend credit are openly embraced. That's probably for the more extreme cases, but it happens.
  9. willm

    A science question.

    Light is made of photons, which can be generated in various ways. These photons have a limited life span and turn to heat or become absorbed somehow. When a light is turned on, there is actually a constant stream of light made up of photons that are continuously being absorbed while new one are created.. It is not so much that the light goes somewhere, but rather that the light stops being produced. What I have said is probably horrifically wrong, and I am as interested in the answer as you are.
  10. willm

    Why saying sorry is a joke.

    I said society has deemed it unacceptable, except for places that they otherwise deem are OK. Such as beaches and perhaps a park. There are only a few situations where it is fine to drink in public, and they are the exception rather than the rule.
  11. willm

    Notorious child killer set to go free

    I don't think the problem with our current system has anything to do with a lack of resources, and everything to do with prison being used as a punishment for many offenses that do not deserve it. This is not just due to the whims of individuals in positions of power, but rather a reflection of the thoughts of society in general. I'm sure if you asked most people how they thinka criminal should be dealt with, the majority will include prison in their answer. Personally, I think prison should only be used where an individual is a risk to society. There is really little other reason to lock someone up away from society. There is an argument that can be made for prison as a deterrent, however I think it falls short unless alternatives are considered.
  12. willm

    Why saying sorry is a joke.

    I think people don't have a problem being drunk in public at a pub, or at a place where society has otherwise decided it is suitable. Drinking on a bench in the city or in the botanic gardens or a train however, society has decided this is not acceptable, and so there is a stigma associated with it. Going by observations I have seen, people seem to look down on people who drink openly in public on a bench or on a train or wherever. I think what Ernie is saying is that aboriginals don't have a problem with this, and so people shouldn't not accuse them of having a drinking problem just because they drink in public.
  13. willm

    Why saying sorry is a joke.

    I'm not sure that saying sorry was ever meant to bring the two cultures together as one, but more to try and make up for the past to aid in living side by side. Ernie is giving an interesting perspective though. Australian society does have a stigma about drinking openly in public, and so when Aboriginals disregard this as they don't have a problem with it, the rest of society who does have a problem with it looks down on them for it. I'm sure there are plenty of examples of things like this, and there isn't anything that can really be done. It is impractical for the majority of society to be educated to be tolerant or change their views, which means that things will go on as they have been or more likely the behavior will eventually be eliminated somehow.
  14. willm

    Single purpose OS

    I had thought a RTOS was basically a different philosophy, rather than being closer to the hardware? Basically enabling deterministic scheduling, right? That is true. RTOS is all about guaranteeing completion of tasks before deadlines, and the schedulability of task sets. To achieve the above, the OS layer is substantially thinner, and much more customisable and controllable, i.e. to the point of controlling the kind of scheduler used and how often the scheduler wakes up and switch tasks. Or, in some cases, there is no scheduler, and everything is done via cooperative mulitasking, where a task has to give up the CPU voluntarily. If what robzy wants is simply for the OS to get out of his way, and not doing background tasks like swapping processes out to disk, running clean ups, etc, then a RTOS would fit the bill IMO. This makes a lot of sense. I would wonder if there would be any practical difference between stripping down one of the already substantially trimmed versions of Linux or using the OSKit component. At the end of the day, it is still only going to be the core functionality he will need, right? Not unlike stripping various cars down to the motor. It doesn't matter what car you start with if all that will be left in the end is the motor. In which case, it would seem to make sense to start work on a car that was already substantially stripped down, rather than building a new motor from scratch. edit: Motor fails as an analogy due to the many different powered motors. Something like a steering wheel works much better.
  15. willm

    Single purpose OS

    I had thought a RTOS was basically a different philosophy, rather than being closer to the hardware? Basically enabling deterministic scheduling, right? I would think that robzy would have to do a substantial amount of stripping down to get his dedicated OS without reinventing the wheel, regardless of which type of OS he decided to go with.
  16. willm

    Seagate or WD?

    Why is it then that alot of people seem to recommend the Samsung Spinpoint drives for new PC builds? Because they seem fine. I didn't say they were worse, just that they didn't have the same track record as Seagate and WD do, since both of those companies have been making harddrives for far, far longer.
  17. willm

    Seagate or WD?

    I consider Seagate and WD to be the two leading brands of HDD. Both are of the highest quality and come with 5 year warranties. Other brands such as Samsung seem to be competitive on price and performance, but don't have the track record to match. As to your question go for which is cheaper, you won't be going wrong with either brand.
  18. From what we know the storyline has been done a million times before. That doesn't mean this telling of that story won't be unique, amazing and compelling in a way we have never seen it told before.
  19. willm

    10 classic mistakes in sci-fi movies

    The items in the list seem to be considered wrong only because the author is relying on a specific set of assumptions, not necessarily backed up by the films/shows. If we suspend disbelief and assume while we don't understand the technology behind what we are seeing, it is sound - the problem goes away. As for aliens speaking English - I think in the case of the wraith, especially todd, they would have picked up human phrases/slang enough to know when to use it. Especially having heard shepherd say it often enough. The more annoying issue was that all aliens on every world spoke english. Not even some distorted form of ancient Egyptian as in the film and first season.
  20. So check the track record :) Terminator 2 was revolutionary back in the day with its use of CGI, and that did not stop the CGI from becoming the focus of the movie rather than the story. Even with his other films that did not make heavy use of effects, the story was always the main focus.
  21. willm

    Single purpose OS

    You seemed to take an unusually hostile approach to my input. Even when I was making much the same points as other people. MiamiBeachCop made almost the same points I did, although more succinctly. Did you have a problem with my phrasing? Did I do something to piss you off? Your hostile attitude seems to be based on the fact you think I am a different user, and so you reply based on who you think me to be and not what I am saying. Let us try and stick to the arguments being made rather than insults(implied or explicit) and it will be better for all.
  22. The worst thing I have ever tasted was some salted licorice while in the UK. Second would be tequeza, tequila flavoured beer. Why do people invent these things, I will never know.
  23. willm

    Do The Jews Actualy Control Hollywood?

    If we do, no one has told me about it.... I must have missed that memo.
  24. That actually sounds like it could be a winner!