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  1. bickas

    Funky table

    Holy crap. That is pure awesomeness.
  2. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    Pirates are always out to sea, doing pirate shit. So they can't stay home and raise families either. They are always running from the law. And when the law can't catch them, what does the law do? They hire ninjas. That's right! SNAP. Ninja's however, can raise families. And as we all know, family men are better men. So ninjas are more emotionally complete and stable individuals and therefore would not be prone to risky shit that pirates are known for. Ninjas have judgement. Tempered by awesomeness and sex. With a dash of darkness and madshit clothes, there's no way they can't win.
  3. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    Exactly, being inebriated has never helped pirates.
  4. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    The writer of Tomorrow When the War Began? he's not so scary No, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption. He'd be able to shoot all the n00bs before they got off the boat/descended from the shadows. I think you're confused, John Marsten is a poet. Not scary at all http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Marston No, he is VERY scary.... Scary John Marsten.
  5. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    Exactly. Point proven. AND. Pirates are clearly not even in the league of ninjas when it comes to health. Pirates don't get enough Vitamin C = scurvy. And Ninjas of course have fantastic health plans, most likely covered by NIB. Who rock. So, again, Ninjas Win.
  6. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    Aiight, cool we will bring physics into it. If you can't see a ninja, then you clearly can't shoot him. It doesn't matter about gravity or how fast the bullet is going, of even its trajectory. No see = no shoot = Ninja WIN.
  7. bickas

    Pirates vs. ninjas

    Ninjas + 1. You sir are clearly deluded. If light is so fast, then how come it can't catch a ninja?
  8. bickas

    Is this infected?

    Lick it. If it tastes good then you are fine!
  9. bickas

    Servo Sex !

    Only in Darin!
  10. bickas

    Best Mouse?

    The Logitech G9x is a fantastic mouse. Seriously one of the best. I have tried the Lachesis, and X8 but prefer the logitech by far.
  11. bickas

    And What Are You Listening To?

    BT - Every other way
  12. bickas

    Is it rude to do this?

    Definately rude. I don't really care if it is an informal meal, but if it is a restaurant then hello no. They should wait.
  13. bickas

    Telstra contracts and plan changes

    I'd start getting worried if I was gonna call telstra. They are moving their call centre overseas. Yes, as if it wasn't bad enough when it was Australia (bet you didn't guess they were in Australia as you couldnt understand them anyway) now they really will be overseas!
  14. bickas


    I concur.
  15. bickas

    Dogs are better then Cats

    Hell yes bitches!