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    NEW BUILD $1750

    the factory watercooled 580 is overpriced retartedly. 580 is what ~560-600? then like 120~130 for a water block max total somthing like 730$ that way u can get a better waterblock like an EK, heatkiller, koolance, aquatuning ect what radiators do you have in mind for this? 2x 360? or somthing along those lines? also if you havent seen this watercooling aus site: www.thekoolroom.com.au / www.gammods.com
  2. schaden

    NEW BUILD $1750

    looks solid. is it for gaming? ifso maybe a a better graphics card? i guess its already paid for. but a suggestion is a reference 6950 becuase u can unlock them to a 6970 very easily haha edit: are u guys buying seperate parts for wc or just buying a koolance kit?
  3. MODS! the tools xD. got my photo on my friend using the dremel me using the jiggy XD steel is a bitch to cut rough cuts :D thats all the photos from this that i have. nexxus is coming along. just converting my 3d files to 2d dfx files for the laser cutter!
  4. I modded an old pos case we got from the school it support guys for my friends birthday. he came over on the weekend and we added a few more mods to it, photos below for those interested XD. ps. i also got a 6950. within 5 minutes of putting in the computer its bios was flashed and now has the 6970 shaders unlocked :D 330 dollars well spent. pictures maxxed out :(
  5. alirghty lads, just dismantled my fan controller so i can get dimensions and all that bizzniz done so i can draw up a nice little mounting device in autoCAD. i will upload the 3d modell when i have finished but here are some pics of the dismatnaling. PS. got accepted for engineering at QUT, trying to get into industrial design next offer round.
  6. well progress has been kinda slow for the moment. I am hoping to go over to a freinds place tommorow and pick up an old case so i can salvage some things from it. Im going to work on the hard drive cages tonight. I will make 2 cages that hold 3 each. I will upload a picture of the design for them in a moment and start fabrication soon.
  7. haha thanks. i got all the alu rod and the corner brackets for 50 bucks. im sure if i had gone to a metal specialest store i could have gotten a better price ... but every where is flooded and bunnings was open so owell. no it has an invisibility cloak on. haha i hope to keep it awesome... hopefully XD. really hope i can find somewhere that can lazercut soon cuase the majority of the work will be done by the laser, lazy me..
  8. well i hit up bunnings today and bought some alu square rod and some joining end bits. from this i built up the skeleton of the case with all the side panels just being screwed on allowing for easy access to all parts of the case. alot bigger now that i have a skeleton XD. my antec 902 fits inside easily XD the joins are pretty clean i label this picture: omfgwtfbbq thats big questions and your opinions please :D
  9. just an update on what im running atm. its not pretty, haha. For those ghetto computer lovers out there (if they exist) thse photos are for you XD.
  10. Look what santa brought (new lens too xD) yet to order my res :(
  11. schaden

    Project: RED

    what are you going to use for cooling the rest of the graphics cards components? are u using the stock plate or are u going to be getting some other heatsinks? il be starting my wc scratch case build of giganticness asoon as i finish school... 2 more exams...
  12. schaden

    Green Machine

    yea i tried using iso at 100 and it didnt seem to change much but the first photo up there is at 100. most are at 1600 tho. first go actualy using my dads new canon 500D
  13. schaden

    Green Machine

    Never ever posted anything on a forum before XD so here it goes. Decided id take some photos of my computer which i have just changed alot of recently as i bought somthings back from china :P one of them including a 5850 /drool. just have a look through. tell me if you like what you see! [comp specs: Antec 902/ e8400 @ 4GHZ / corsair XMS2 @ 1066 / DFi Lanparty x48 UT T2RS / sapphire 5850 1gb / gigabyte odin 850W GT.]