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  1. Just putting it out there, there is a guy on youtube (westcoastmods) who did something very similiar to this =) He also has the thermaltake case, and made his own grommets. He explains how he did this in some videos in very good detail, as well as why he choose those materials over others! The link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WestCoastMods Part 1 of grommet: Part 2:
  2. i think its only a 3year old sim card max. :/ i think when it was my older brothers they may of deativated internet on it. however would that mean i cant use wifi? also to get a new sim card it would cost money right?
  3. kilsabber

    Build Opinion

    what will it be used for? and you looked at the coolermaster 690 advanced
  4. Hi, i recently purchased a HTC HD2, and for some reason i cant connect to my home network. the error which pops up is: There is a problem connecting to the GPRS service in your registered home network. I know the internet and the details i entered into the phone are correct. i have a hunch that the sim card i used has the network deativated on it if that makes sense. any way you guys know that i can resolve this problem?
  5. so it will most likely have to be done by jailbreaking or something?
  6. i recently purchased at HTC HD2, and i was wondering if it is possible to upgrade it to windows phone 7? EDIT: Just saw sparky's post. can someone exdplain it in simpler words? im guessing it can be right?
  7. kilsabber

    what case ?!?

    lian li lancool k62.
  8. kilsabber

    Help with a build.

    yes it will. however, you have to understand their is a major quality difference between the two cases. the lancool is alot better. it may seem that the NZXT is nice and all, but overtime it will become a pain in the arse X_X
  9. kilsabber

    Help with a build.

    vapor-x cards run cooler and quieter. so if ur planning on overclocking ur GPU give them a thought.
  10. kilsabber

    Help with a build.

    sorry to butt in but its kinda on topic, Dasa you said that 8x8x wouldnt have a affect on a 5770 crossfire, but wat about 5870 crosssfire? would it limit the bandwith or? and if so am i correct in stating that it only limits it by 3-5fps?
  11. kilsabber

    Building a new machine.

    hmm. im not that much of a fan of the ft01, the ft02 is nice, but pretty expensive for wat it is. I really like the Lancool k62 though. i was looking at it the other day as i was looking at the pc-p50 black version, and i realized that i probably prefer the k62 lol. love the harddrive mounting system. SOOOO CONFUSING NOW X_X
  12. kilsabber

    Building a new machine.

    hey index, its been a while since this thread wass active, but you still happy with the case? i was looking at it before but wasnt sure.
  13. kilsabber

    Buying New PC

    have a look at the seasonic X series power supplies. they have a 80+ gold rating hence are very efficient. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=12908
  14. kilsabber

    Kitlog Guide biased

    1) the HDD is a SSD which is bloody fast. a 1tb drive is only 100 so not a big ask. the sidewinder keyboard is bloody good. the g19 is a piece of shit when u take into account the price. and the xfx is in their because of its great performance and looks.