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    New Pc Build $1,500-$2,000

    Im thinking he would need both a hdd and blu-ray player i guess they are cheap yeah? What sort of monitor would you recommend.. Im using a Samsung 120hz 3d 27" but i doubt you can get them anymore... Is 27" too big? Would a 24" be able to fit in the price range ($2000) Also with that USB network dongle...would that allow him to play games as well as download files if he needs too? Cheers Dasa
  2. Hey Guys, Due to the help I recieved with my PC build I thought I would ask for help again, this build is for a brothers mate and since he knows little about pc's he asked me for help and because you guys know more than me i thought I would come to you.. Anyhow he has a budget of between $1,500-$2,000 It has to include a 27" Gaming Monitor, SSD, Mechanical Keyboard, Decent Gaming Mouse, Wireless Network Card and Windows 8.1.. He wont be overclocking and the machine is basically used for gaming and general computer use... I was thinking i5 to reduce power consumption and also to eleminate the use of aftermarket cooling.. Would 16gb Ram be overkill? Thanks for taking the time out to help guys. Cheers
  3. Hey guys just wondering if you could make a suggestion for my pc...Im running a i5 4590 with the stock cooler in a Cooler Master K350 (Original Case wasnt there, CPL are morons) So im looking at upgrading to NZXT H440, would the cooling in that case be substantial? If not, what would a good air cooler be for under $100 Cheers
  4. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    I think I got alot of my parts from there before, i never had a problem.. ok Ill go with the MSI card, i prob wont overclock, knowing me ill fry something, Thanks for the help mate, i notice you contribute to alot of peoples builds, good stuff man.. Just one last thing..With that case is the stock 120ml fan good enough or should i upgrade it, what would you suggest for a fan at the back?
  5. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    I swear I typed that in...came up with 4 options lol btw that project looked awesome.. I have a question for you...what is the differance besides the fan setup for these 2 cards. http://www.cplonline.com.au/galaxy-gtx970-4gd5-4gb-256-bit-gddr5-1177-7010-mhz-2xdvi-hdmi-dp.html http://www.cplonline.com.au/galaxy-gtx970-4gd5-ex-oc-4gb-256-bit-gddr5-1266-7010-mhz-2xdvi-hdmi-dp.html I dont mind spending the few extra bucks if this card is better. http://www.cplonline.com.au/msi-gtx970-4g-graphic-card-gtx970-gaming-4g.html thanks for all your help...for me its easier putting them together than researching the stuff lol.. my school results prove that hahaha
  6. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    Just a question, I checked out staticice.com.au and couldnt find the PSU for the price you quoted, where did you get your price? Will this be a good equivilent? http://www.cplonline.com.au/antec-450w-neo-eco-efficiency-and-performance-80plus-bronze-neo-eco-450c-br.html
  7. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    Ok sweet..looks like ill be getting the GTX 970 then ;) I couldnt be bothered waiting that long. I didnt realise how small that tower is, its going to fit on my desk. so the stock cooler will be fine it not overclocking yeah? thanks for the help ;)
  8. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    Keeping the 16gb in my new pc.. so will I be using the stock cooler that comes with the I5? I am kinda an ATI fan boy, is there an equvilent card to the one you suggested? *Edit- Any reccomendations for a mouse and keyboard?
  9. keith_moon

    Note 4

    Anybody getting it on release day.. do you think $900+ is too steep?
  10. keith_moon

    Time for Upgrade

    Well i actually got it cheap from scorptec...I just think its too damn big for my room.. plus it doesnt have support for usb 3.0 and the connecters at the back of the hot swap bay dont have support for sata 3.0 Yeah pretty much 90% is for gaming and copying some blu-rays (Shh keep that quiet) lol So yeah im giving him the Tower, Cpu, Mb, and maybe PSU it depends if I can get some stuff for $1000 or just a little over if I have too.. I wont be overclocking or anything either.. Something smaller than the case Im using now..that will allow good cable management etc.. *Edit- what im thinking is using the psu for my machine and buying him something cheaper for his machine.
  11. Hey guys, this is my current build: Intel i7 920 2.67ghz ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 MB 16gb Ram (I think its GSkill Ripjaw) 3tb WD Black HDD 256gb OCZ-AGILITY3 SSD AMD Radeon HD 5870 Video Card 1Gb Samsung S27A950D (27" 120hz, 3d Monitor) Blu-Ray Drive Thermaltake 750w PSU Noctua Heatsink and Fans Corsair 800D case Im looking to upgrade my GPU, Motherboard, CPU and Case (I Have a Budget of $1000) Also if we could budget in a mouse and keyboard doesnt have to be top of the line but better than the Dell KB&M im using now.. The reason why im upgrading my pc is that im giving the other components to my brother to use.
  12. keith_moon

    Cheap Pc Gaming Rig

    25/11 My birthdate...Double the Celebration :D We both get a Machine :D
  13. keith_moon

    Multi-task machine..Please help

    I can't believe how hard it is to find a place that has 5870's in stock!!!
  14. keith_moon

    Multi-task machine..Please help

    Cheers Guys I will research the motherboards you have suggested :D...Much appreciated
  15. keith_moon

    Multi-task machine..Please help

    Ok Changed the PSU, HDD Cooler and Ram..Still trying to Figure out a MB so I think I have to study up a little more :D...Thanks for the help so far guys