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  1. Hi Dasa, just wanted say that i swing back around here every few months specifically to look out for your updates. been doing great work for many years. keep it up.
  2. Great thanks for the help guys. I'll probably sack the idea of using those ports in favor of EOP. EOP was something i had looked at but in conversations i had with Iinet they advised only 2 EOP adapter could be used to effectively create a bridge. Perhaps that was the case with their products but it looks like the TP link above can support 6 - 8 EOP adapters so i might resume examining that front. Again thanks very much for the help.
  3. So i have a whole bunch of phone ports in my house. At present they are largely unused but I've tested them and confirmed they have dial tone. Is it possible to utilize these ports to connect devices through them to my existing home network. The ports (pictured below) are in pretty much every room in the house.
  4. Now that the locked skylake CPU's are out can we expect some parts guide changes in the near future?
  5. alexdtree

    Possible Overheating CPU & GPU

    Still haven't taken the time to install the new fan yet, but ive manage to drop my CPU to between 70 and 80 idle, Simply by closing unescercary applications that are increasing the load on my cores. There was an application called ATH.exe running in processes putting the cores under 25% load for no good reason. Since identifying that and checking every now and again what sort of load my cores are under and closing off unused applications ive been getting better temps. Hopefully soon i will get my hands in there and change the thermal paste and install a new fan.
  6. Hey Atomicans, I've been running the same build for about a year with heat issues for most of the time, i recently installed Core and GPU temps to see exactly how hot my gear was getting seeing as it was hot enough to burn flesh. my cores seems to be idling at between 95 and 99 degrees C and my GPU idles at around 60 - 70 Degrees C and spikes to around 90 during Gaming. I haven't had any major issues but I'm assuming these temps are abnormal if not extreme, I bought an additional fan which I'm yet to install though i fear that may not be enough. All advise welcome on rectifying the problem! im running. -Intel Core i5-750 2.66Ghz CPU Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R P55 1156pin DDR3 Motherboard G.Skill-Trident 8GB Kit(4x2GB) DDR3 2000 (Intel P55 ONLY) ATI 6970 Seagate SATA 1TB HDD x 2 Patriot Wildfire 60Gb SSD Samsung SATA 22x Black DVD Bluray/RW NZXT Zero 2 Black Tower Case XFX 850+ Psu Microsoft MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM Benq 24" G2420HD 2ms DVI-D HDMI WS Monitor X 2
  7. i tried using wi-fi on my ps3, worked ok for the shop, but trying to play multiplayer MGS4 or uncharted 2 or the warhawks demo, could play anything completely useless.
  8. alexdtree

    Ubitsoft to drop always on DRM

    Hey atomicans, Its been a while. Ubisoft has already dropped their always on DRM, i figured i had to bring this to the forums seeing as so many people here were passionate that they were not going to buy a ubisoft game till the BS DRM was fixed, so now it is will you come back to the Ubi-way? Source: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/09/05...m-for-pc-games/
  9. alexdtree


    1. Find food and water this is extremely important as without these you will die. 2. Find shelter, The outdoors can be unforgiving its important you have a place to sleep and stay warm or you will die. 3. Find a weapon, Sneaky past the infected is just fine, but you can only sneak for so long, eventually you will have to defend yourself or you will die. 4. Don't Trust survivors they will say anything to earn you trust only to take the 3 listed above. Be sure to follow this rule or you will die. Really hope this help you and your girlfriend have a successful camping trip.
  10. alexdtree

    Gun Control

    But you could say the same thing about high performance cars, huge tv's etc etc.It's a slippery slope when you start banning things because of what they could do. But those things aren't weapons? Edit: What am i thinking, im 7 pages of discussion late.
  11. alexdtree

    What's on your mind?

    Right now? That Tomorrow land is Fucking epic
  12. alexdtree

    Define Your Username and Avatar! Please...

    Name: Its a wierd name convention a primary school friend created when we were kids. Firstname followed by first letter of last name followed by tree. Now it seems so shit, but no one ever has it so often i end up falling back on it. Avatar: I tried up loading a cool samurai then i got this red X and im to lazy to change it.
  13. alexdtree

    The life and times of an Atomic'ite

    I only recently got into reddit, as in about 3 weeks. And i personnally love it, TBH its actually taken alot of my attention off the atomic forums. What i like about it is there is alot of informative information and entertaining material that is constantly updated so every time you go back there is more stuff to enjoy.
  14. alexdtree

    Tech support storys

    i work in Eftpos and atm tech support. Some of our Eftpos merchants really struggle following what we think are very basic instructions. One of Colleagues, advised the merchant to "Turn off the power", assuming she would understand that he meant to the eftpos terminal. Then the phone cutout. The merchant rings back a few minutes later advising she turned off the power to the entire shop (at the mains). +1 i get this ALOT at work, with eftpos terminals people seem to think that the terminal will magically connect without power or a working medium of transmission (a phone line). but TBH if i had a business i would put up with idiots for the cash.
  15. alexdtree

    Sweating while Gaming?

    interesting, never happened to me -> but i watched a pretty interesting video on the "Cult of Razer" Youtube channle where athene explains that while gaming part of the brain responsible for some our primal emotions can take over more processing while in high intensity gaming (i.e. fear mechanisms). sounds like this and that could easily be related. (will try and grab the link later tonight.)