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    And it's war......again.

    An A-10 better at COIN than a helo? Hmmmmmm. I think not. I also doubt that an A-10 would be cheaper than an Apache. An A-10 is a battlefield interdiction and strike aircraft, if you want a fixed wing COIN aircraft you want something prop powered. And yeah, good luck hitting an Apache with an RPG, let alone taking it down if you do. :) You think? The prop powered COIN aircraft like the Bronco are long gone, Stinger's are IR homing and Apaches have IR jammers and flares, an RPG through the tail rotor al la Blackhawk down, much simpler. Depends on what year Dollars you work in but stated fly away cost of an Apache is about US$20M, A-10. just under US$12M. However there are rather a lot of them sitting up at Davis Monthan that would probably go for less than half that. Although the primary intent of the A-10 was tank busting it is a superb COIN platform, ask Killer Chick :) Cheers On an A 10 related note, they haven't made any in a long time and the productions facilities were either recycled / retasked and are no longer available, I believe around 1984?. Sadly the aging US squadrons of them are slowly being retired, the service life extension program will only go so far.
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    Having seen most of the things Mudg3 recommends I have to say that he is pretty spot on, the only series not on his list that I would add are Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei (I like Yoshitoshi ABe's style) For the movies decent bets are Ghost in the Shell (series is good too), Akira and the Patlabor movies. Macross Plus is also a personal favourite, although as Mudg3 said anything with Yoko Kanno will have decent music. Oh and a little gem I found - Voices of a Distant Star is a great short film
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    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Login at http://worldoftanks-sea.com/community/acco...821-Rainspider/ Bring beer. Or chocolate milk for me :-P Also, just noticed they've added loads of stats to the account details. Is pretty cool Chocolate milk and beer it is. I found the perfect German beer for tanking too (Weihenstephaner) just have to find a local bottle shop that has it in stock.
  4. rainspider

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    A while back I transferred my account to SEA and finally started playing again about 2 weeks ago. Who do I need to hassle for an AMPC invite?
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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Something I bought myself for christmas and because I needed a car. Stock image because its dark, late and too hard to get photos this time of night. After driving it 600kms home I have to say I like it and am very pleased with my purchase (my brother has issues with the chequered flag roof)
  6. I don't think its quite that bad. Most of the cuts are from delaying the F-35 purchase $1.3bn (not like they weren't already going to be delayed), cancelling the purchase of 35 self propelled howitzers $1.7bn, delaying the upgrade of defence facilities $1.2bn. The rest of it is retiring a plane they were close to retiring anyways (C-130H), cutting civilian staff (hopefully not ones that actually do important jobs) and mothballing a few abrams and apcs. So most of the cuts are stuff the libs will buy when the current goverment is voted out and there are purchases going ahead like the C-27J and the new submarines are still high on the list (hopefully we get ones fom the Japanese since the government will never buy nuke powered subs from the US). Also for defence we get 2500 US Marines stationed for training in/near Darwin soon.
  7. Don't we have C17ERs for the heavy lifting though? The C27Js are pretty much between the C130Js and the Caribous in carry weight and I would assume be used in situations where the globemasters aren't suited. The A400s are also around triple the cost to buy compared to the C27Js (52.9m USD vs 136m Euros*)
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    How do you reheat your leftover pizza?

    I don't reheat pizza, just eat it cold the next day. For frozen pizzas see below. Have to try that - Common one I do is chuck the frozen one under the grill until the cheese starts to brown - Usually the base is soggy enough I can then roll it up into a pizza buritto Thinking back - Most these gross habits stopped after I gave up WoW :P Fuck yeah.
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    Clark just broke 300

    It is nice to see Australia are getting back to being a decent side. Now they just need to replicate their performance while overseas. My only real dissapointment so far is how poor Marsh has performed as I have been saying he should have been in the side for the last few years.
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    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    I finally have started painting my guard and in order to motivate myself to get it done I have made the decision to attend one of the WA 40k tournaments in early March (same weekend as Soundwave so will be in Perth at the time). I also bought a battlefoam bag, while pricy those things are magnificent at holding/transporting your models. If I had something other than a phone camera I would post a couple of pics of my test mini as well as my first manticore.
  11. rainspider

    porn or pony?

    39/45. It would have been 40/45 but I was going through pretty fast and by reflex typed the wrong thing in one of the sections. I also do not watch much porn (or My Little Pony) and only recognised about 3 names from the list.
  12. rainspider

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    If you ever want some second hand Necrons I have a small force that I started, then lost interest in and never finished. Most of them are all based and painted a very reasonable standard. They just gather dust, so if your interested, let me know :) EDIT: Also, damn you city folk, I don't have a GW or anything for 370km's or so :( There is a nearby town with a club that meets twice a month, but that is it really :\ G-relk I kinda almost feel your pain. I'm lucky that even though the nearest GW is 600 odd kms away I'm lucky enough to have a few friends who are always up for a game. Also p0is(+)n there is a WA online community that has quite a few clubs scattered around Westgamer I haven't met any of those people but from forum lurking they seem ok. From my extensive reading of forums (its like its own little hobby) I think I will like the new Necrons being that they are a mostly shooty army like my guard, just have to get my hands on a codex and see what they can really do.
  13. rainspider

    I play just what I feel...

    +1 I wasted my time reading this thread twice, then reading Rygil's 2 other locked threads trying to see if there is some hidden meaning or point. The only conclusion I came to is that I wasted a good 5 minutes of my time.
  14. rainspider

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I can't wait for this game to come out. I'll be playing MP whn my friends are able to squad up and finishing the SP when noone else is on or I need a break.
  15. rainspider

    Occupy Melbourne

    I too am appalled with how the police treated the protesters. They should have used bean bag rounds and sting grenades on them. Fucking waste of space dickheads like these protesters are whats going to ruin this country long before 'The Man' does.
  16. rainspider

    Sup ya'll, what's crackin?

    I hear Periander is after some slaves. Nestle and the Goths killed of his regular suppliers. Good old Southern Cross, drive through there at least a couple of times per year on the way to and from Perth. Always worth stopping at for a feed / fuel.
  17. For me it really depends, alot of the time I listen to music by genre/sub genre depending upon my mood. There are a few that I listen to by album usually when they are made to be in sequence due to having a story or being DJ albums.
  18. rainspider

    Warhammer 40,000

    Actually Rion has a good point as someone who doesn't know as much about the universe the Horus Heresy books would be a good insight into why the 'grimdark' future is so grim and dark, there are a few novels in the series that aren't too good but most are very much worth reading, its easy to sometimes forget that there are people interested in the universe that haven't played the game table top game and have all the background knowledge that comes with it.
  19. rainspider

    Warhammer 40,000

    Almost anything written by Dan Abnett is pretty good.
  20. rainspider

    Need free antivirus for old pc

    I've used avast for quite some time as both free and paid versions and its pretty good
  21. rainspider

    First PC Build in 8 years

    +1 to the white Corsair case, I just got one a couple of days ago myself and it looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. Strangely the corsair logo on my front lower cover is stuck on upside down. The larger fans can be a bit loud too if you don't connect them to the fan controller and have them turned down but those are only minor problems in an otherwise very pimping case.
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    +1 to the Flukes if they are going to see some use. They are pretty much what all our guys at work use (electricians) however if you are only doing the odd pc related measurement that doesn't need to be exact then the slightly cheaper meter should be fine.
  23. rainspider

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    I too have used HE too close (danger close?) to my tank, with my KVs 152mm derp gun. Was a very WTF moment until I relised what had happened. I have also had games where I fired 1 shot but had 3 damages on enemy tanks.
  24. rainspider

    Atomic M33t 12!

    and Perth takes the lead! I hope it is in Perth, lot easier to get to and it would be good to meet a few more of the PAC crew.
  25. rainspider

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    We only played 2 after you left Mojo, we did finally win on the last game. The battle with the Lowes was good though (go wallet warriors!!)