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  1. Let me word it this way: You can never over estimate the grunt you will need in a couple of years, which is why I am after a board with double width slots. I never expected to see 3 slot GPU's, so hopefully this board will keep me going for the next 5 years.
  2. jdm_com_au

    NFS - Underground II

    I got Underground I and II as well as MW for PC in a $20 bundle. Just a shame I can't find any resolution hacks for the first two games.
  3. jdm_com_au

    Generic UPS

    Maybe he just wants access to trademart.
  4. jdm_com_au

    Sleeving service (Victoria)

    I did some sleeving once. Next time I'll just buy Bitfenix from PCCG. The amount of time it took for the sakes of saving a few bucks wasn't worth it for me.
  5. Whilst I don't need 4 double width slots, I do need 2. You can never over estimate the grunt you will need in a couple of years.
  6. Hey, don't blame me, I was only quoting jdog. But whilst it might not be cheap, a twin Xeon board that has 4 double width PCI-E 3.0 x 16 slots sounds like good value to me!
  7. I did a bit of googling and unlocking a 7950 doesn't seem to do much.
  8. jdm_com_au

    Win7 Net 4.0 error

    Thanks for that.
  9. jdm_com_au

    Win7 Net 4.0 error

    Apparently I am getting this error message whenever windows starts thank to my video drivers. I have found Net 4.0 and Net 4.5 updates for Win7. So I thought I might play it safe and install both. But do I need to instal 4.0 before installing 4.5?
  10. jdm_com_au


    I'll be getting my Wii U once somebody brings out some sort of backup system for the game discs. Even though both of my kids are now adults, I clearly remember the time and money spent getting GC and Wii discs re-surfaced or SNES and N64 cartridge replaced due to the style of use and abuse. I still have to get the odd disc re-surfaced.
  11. jdm_com_au

    Automatically logged in on every visit

    I hit Log Out every time I exit. If I just closed the tab without logging out, I could understand being logged in on random occasions. As I said, no other forum does this. Are you logging into the main page as well? Sometimes I log in at the forums index, but not often. Otherwise I will only log in by hitting the add reply button on a thread. This automatically takes you to an error message with the option to log in.
  12. In that case, just build a workstation. I built one a few weeks back. Around $1K for the twin CPU board and a 6 core Xeon. 128 Gig of cheap Kingston ram would set you back just over $600.
  13. jdm_com_au


    Recently, Model Railroader magazine (yes, I like trains) released the first 70 years of the mag on DVD for around $200.
  14. The first point is that I wanted to see if the 6990 was overkill for my system, not whether a similarly priced card would be better. The second point is that 3 days ago I said I wouldn't be buying it straight away. So if it happens that the 6990 is NLA when I'm ready to buy, this "vote" you spoke of would be pointless. The third point is that I never stated what my budget will be. So if it happens that I only have a spare $200 when I'm ready to buy, this "vote" you spoke of would again be pointless.