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  1. You can right-click -> "Ignore the state of this component" and that will stop this from happening. As far as I know there was a bug which caused AVG to minimise full-screen applications every 20 minutes or so, but I haven't seen it myself and it seems as though it has been fixed. The AVG Firewall is generally quite good and only has problems with network printers/scanners. I've never heard of AVG detecting a game exe as a trojan, although there have been a couple of false positives in the past which were pretty annoying -- the iTunes for one. Although the next update fixed that pretty quickly and if it was in the Virus Vault you could have restored it and it would have fixed the problem instantly.
  2. turro

    A Challenge (Dragons Age)

    You need: - a tank (warrior or arcane warrior with a shield) - 3 dps (damage dealers), preferably 1-2 magi, ranged dps is better than melee Mages do A LOT of damage, so if your PC isn't a mage then look into using wynne or morrigan. Must have abilities for mage: - Heal - Crushing Prison - Fireball Winter's grasp and Cone of Cold are also very good. You can't be a blood mage unless your PC is a mage, but if it is, then definitely become a blood mage and then blood wound is the best spell in the game. I haven't played the game on Hard or Nightmare, but it's not hard on Normal. You just need to make sure they're all attacking the tank, and then unload from a distance. On Normal, friendly fire is reduced from the normal damage, so for instance if 6 mobs are piled on your tank then a fireball is a good investment (assuming it won't kill him). Same goes for CoC. Also Force Field can be used on friendly targets which can be good for a break.
  3. turro

    Need an experts opinion :)

    Seconding i5 750 & HD 5850 combo, excellent performance and value. For PSU I would go with a Corsair HX 650, good warranty, modular, excellent efficiency and you'll be able to use it with two HD5850's down the track.
  4. Nice box. That 5.25" bay there is pretty ninja, lol.
  5. A few other things probably but mainly the HX is modular so you only use the cords you need.. makes for a tidier case and better airflow
  6. Taxes and shipping costs play a part, but mainly they figure that Australians will simply pay more for it. It sounds messed up, but they wouldn't price it that way if it wasn't worth it.
  7. Umart doesn't seem to have a "if your system doesn't work, we'll troubleshoot it and fix it for you" policy so I'd say the extra $160 is wasted
  8. lol, cool dad. I'd probably just leave it at 1550 7-7-7-20, it sucks that it's not stable at it's stated timings, but you'll never notice the 50 MHz difference. I guess what you are really asking is whether it's safe to leave it on 1600-7-7-7-20 to which I would respond so long as the voltages and temps are within spec there's no way you'll end up damaging it :)
  9. turro

    New Rig

    No DDR3 is good, but you can save a lot of money by getting slightly lower rated RAM. Basically making your RAM run faster won't help very much; the main reason you have to buy RAM which is rated for higher clock speeds is because OC'ing your CPU will necessarily involve an OC of your RAM, which may or may not be feasible depending on the rating. In your case 1333 MHz should be fine.
  10. turro

    Low Budget gaming PC

    True on the 24" LCD, I got one a couple of years ago for $500, best five hundred bucks I ever spent. It was big then, and it's big now.. only see if you can find a 1900x1200 LCD (if there are any still around).. the 1080p ones are too stretched horizontally in my opinion.
  11. turro

    For those who think MP3 is great.

    Most people can't tell the difference between 192kbps mp3 and anything higher, so why bother spending more money on making it more expensive? (Not that most people have hearing problems, but the shitty earbuds people get with their ipods/phones don't exactly have world-class sound.)
  12. +1 vote for 5850. Clear upgrade over the 275 and good value if you don't want to spend the extra $150 for the 5870
  13. turro

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    I think with storage as cheap as it is these days anyone who likes listening to music should just FLAC it, if you need to then recode it for mobile players etc you don't run into compression artifact problems.
  14. Won't have an effect on the cooling but I'd want them closed anyway, just to stop dust and bugs and stuff getting in there
  15. turro

    Bloatware on new Dells?

    When I bought my Dell it came with a bunch of support software and driver software that I didn't really need (touchpad ctrl panel, webcam etc) and also McAfee but apart from that it wasn't too bad. Personally I just wiped it and started again with an image that I downloaded (this was Vista) and it was perfect after that. It sounds like you will want to wipe it anyway, though.