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  1. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    A Well-Deserved Reward "Ten years ago, Wargaming was a small development studio dreaming of releasing a fantasy MMORPG. Then, in December 2008, a completely different idea shot up, replacing orcs and elves with tracks and guns. That's when World of Tanks was born. To mark the event, every tanker who registered by December 31, 2017, will receive a gift from our team, and each reward will be based on your time in World of Tanks. You can check which gift you are entitled to in the “Achievement” tab in-game. It will be based on the year of registration, not the specific date. So, for example, if you registered on December 31, 2013, you would get the same rewards as someone who registered on January 1, 2013. It took a lot of thought on how to reward everyone and we realized that finding a perfect system would prove impossible. So, we have decided to choose a system that would be the best for the majority of players. You will be able to grab your rewards from November 28, 2018 until December 2019."
  2. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Visually the game as a whole looks pretty nice these days (from videos I've seen). Wish it looked like that back when I played it haha
  3. nobody813

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    I have recently noticed that with Chrome 69, Firefox 62 and Edge on Windows 10, and the former two plus Safari on Mac OS 10.13), the CPU will get absolutely smashed when visiting the forums (with no ad-blocker) . With an ad-blocker installed (in my case AdGuard AdBlocker), it believes that this site is attempting to run a crypto-currency miner, as per below: After pressing cancel the issue goes away (if I pause the ad-blocker the issue will come back). Have not noticed this with Internet Explorer 11.
  4. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    I still watch Jingles and QuickBaby playing World of Tanks, and I get the same feeling too. Then when it actually comes to playing it, I remember why I stopped so move on. Don't know that I'll ever properly get back into it; game has changed so much and so have my gaming preferences.
  5. If there's been one franchise that I've always wanted to re-released, it'd have to be Jazz Jackrabbit. I sunk many hours into the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 shareware demo on my family's then new PC back in the day, and always wanted to get the full game. Alas, it's quite a difficult game to get a hold of second hand (never found it brand new either back then), so today's announcement on GOG was quite the surprise! There's also Epic Pinball too.
  6. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    That's not bad there eveln! I remember when I started playing the IS-8 (don't think it's called that anymore) I was nervous too haha Off-topic, haven't the graphics a long way since way back when:
  7. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Yeah, the place is pretty quiet. I don't post here often anymore (this thread plus the rest of Atomic) but still lerk most days. Not playing World of Tanks doesn't help with that :-P
  8. nobody813

    Oh, I missed it.... I'm a Titan!

    Nobody listen to the talking pastry. I'm listening... wait what?
  9. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Plugging PC&TA :-P New campaign modes coming to World of Tanks - but only on console
  10. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    I do have it installed, but eh. PvP and I don't work well together much these days
  11. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    /jumps out of the shadows/ Kinda scary to think this thread was started over 6 years ago! Also, Hi :-) /jumps back in the shadows/
  12. nobody813

    Project Binky

    They're already on Patreon ($1 or more gets your the video 24 hours early)
  13. nobody813

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    Nice work! I still haven't unlocked a tier 10 tank yet haha Also I logged on tonight... nobody (else) was online!