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  1. qwakqwak

    Tablets, to buy or not to buy...

    Tablets = multimedia tool. Great for pr0n, streaming music to my BT speakers, watching a show in bed streaming off the nas.
  2. qwakqwak

    2 bay NAS

    Hey MacDude, Budget is part of it, was looking at the 4 bay version but decided the 2 bay would probably be enough. If I wasn't just storing easily replaced movies and music I'd probably opt for a 4 bay NAS and run it in RAID 0. Thanks for all the pointers.
  3. qwakqwak

    2 bay NAS

    Nice one, thanks Xen.
  4. qwakqwak

    2 bay NAS

    Hey Atomicans, I've been looking for a 2 bay NAS to use at home as a download server, somewhere to save all my movies, music etc and to play them on my xbox at home or ipad/iphone when I'm out. I've found a Synology DS212J on ebay for $230 delivered which seems like it will do everything I'm after. Does anyone have any experience with this product, thoughts? Thanks!
  5. qwakqwak

    Uploading 720p Video to Facebook

    Painfully annoying! However I have seen others upload video without it looking like pixels dancing.
  6. Hey All, Facebook apparently supports 720P video uploads now, however, no matter what I try it ends up spitting it out in shithouse quality. I followed the instructions given by facebook (H.264, 1280x768, MPEG-4, etc) but still not luck. Once the video is uploaded, if you share it on someones wall or on your own it looks like poo. The only way to view it in it's actual quality is to go to my profile then to my videos then click on the video and select the HD option which kinda defeats the purpose of sharing it on facebook. Does anyone know how to get around this? Ta
  7. qwakqwak

    Enquiry into IT price gouging

    Not disagreeing you with, my post could have been worded better. My point is that we pay an ridiculous amount of tax in Aus and companies would be looking at the return on their investment, cost of marketing to a small population and how expensive it is to do business here and then setting their prices.
  8. qwakqwak

    Enquiry into IT price gouging

    There is a 40% tax on imported cars, hence the price difference.
  9. qwakqwak

    Enquiry into IT price gouging

    Nothing will change while Australia is so highly taxed, the higher prices are tax dodging at their finest. I.E - Olympus Hong Kong will sell goods to Olympus Australia at a much higher rate so that they keep most of the profits in a region where tax rates are lower.
  10. qwakqwak

    Choosing a Mobo

    Legend, thanks.
  11. Hey Atomicans, Happy Friday! Can some please help me find a Z77 board, I've been looking around but I'm struggling to find a Z77 board with at least 4x SATA3 connectors. PCIe 3.0 would also be super. Cheers!
  12. qwakqwak

    Show us your Rig

    Decent Elysium photos on Xig's website http://www.xigmatek.com/product.php?produc...&type=photo
  13. qwakqwak

    PC or Mac?

    PC work gaming and work. Mac for phone, email and music.
  14. qwakqwak

    Computer Store Comparison - online and physical

    Maybe you will listen to me next time ;)
  15. Elpida Memory Inc have filed for bankruptcy, they accounted for 20% of the world's IC memory supply. There will be memory pricing and availability issues on their way shortly.