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    Photography, gaming and football. They're all good.
  1. effing_sea

    GRID 2

    Interesting, i lost my GRID 2 game files when i swapped my HDD over. This could tempt me back in to reinstalling. Is there much of a multiplayer scene??
  2. effing_sea

    AMD Radeon R-200 Hawaii

    Yeah i thought those cards would dominate under decent cooling, it's a shame AMD don't package the reference cards with a decent cooler. I probably would have grabbed one if they did.
  3. effing_sea

    AMD Radeon R-200 Hawaii

    I was looking at getting a 290x but the reference coolers dont seem like they do too good of a job. I ended placing an order on a reference 780 yesterday after the price drops. I'm upgrading from a 560ti so i should get a nice little bump in framerates. I can't stop hitting the refresh button on the tracking, lol. "In Transit"...*F5* "In Transit"...*F5* "In Transit". Any minute now.
  4. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    So it looks like they'v adjusted the F1 2013 price to something a little less offensive. Good stuff. I registered on the atomicsim forum yesterday, nice work, it looks schmick!
  5. effing_sea

    Assetto Corsa

    I picked up the tech demo for this the other day, I havn't had a chance to set up the race wheel and give it a good go yet, but i did have a quick go with an xbox controller. The best i could do was a 1:28. The physics are very... physicsy, i don't think i've played a proper racing sim before.
  6. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Yeah just saw that in the steam store... 81 dollarydoos!!?? Surely they jest. I think we bought a 4-pack last year and it worked out to be about half that.
  7. effing_sea

    Humble Bumble Weekly Deals

    Anyone want any of these filthy Origin keys?? Dead Space: F5V5-KHHD-H9VH-DY58-ST82 Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box: B7XX-S396-MAF3-EBCS-VZHQ Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: 65ZH-59HY-6ZLK-8EW5-XPGH Medal of Honor: 5YRH-NB8D-YWVP-2Q6D-7XN5 Mirror's Edge: HR4C-YVG8-3KZW-AZZQ-GFT3 I also have one glorious Steam key: Dead Space: WAYWT-MA3Z0-7M8G8 First come first served. Enjoy.
  8. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    It sure does. Is there an official release date yet? I've heard "probably late 2014" but i've not seen anything official. Also we might need a spew bucket on our sim rigs according to all the reports on motion/vr sickess. Protip i just found out: if you look at those Oculus Rift screenshots or videos with the two images side by side and cross your eyes like those old 'magic eye' books from the 90s you'll get a 3D image. It looks awesome, i've just been looking shit up youtube and trying it out.
  9. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Get an Oculus Rift dev kit! :P
  10. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Another season down. Qualies: Just couldn't seem to get it together this race for some reason. In offline i was setting qualy times of around 1:11.1xx. But could only manage a 1:12.0xx on the day. Ahh well 9th it is. Race: My aim for the race was to finish ahead of Toggsie to give us the best shot as the constructors. I got off to a pretty good start which is rare for me, after about lap 2 i was sitting in 4th with ET, Pessi and Toggsie just behind but after locking up my brakes coming into turn 8 i dropped 3 places. I think i just managed to get back infront of ET but spun on turn 10 which lost me places to ET and fredz, at this point ET was well ahead of me, i decided to pit a couple of laps early and just try to pull together some clean laps, i ran wide at turn 4 and i think millen (or ET?) got past - i can't really remember to be honest, the red mist was clouding my judgement, i blacked out and regained consciousness crossing the finish line in 8th. Disappointed i couldn't pull it together for the final race - i actually did a bit of practice last week as well. Would have been awesome to get dat Constructors. Congrats to everyone this season - everyone really stepped up, super impressive racing all round. Congrats to SOJ - well done mate, excellent season. Congrats to Ploddy for a freakin' outstanding season. Ridiculous pace all season. For the offseason i'll probably drown my sorrows with a GPU upgrade and flying Kerbals into the Sun.
  11. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Not sure yet only listened to it a couple of times. A couple of stand out tracks but it hasn't really grabbed me yet like Sound Awake or Themata. I'll probably reserve judgement until another month or so. I might have to start pracising for Brazil this weekend.
  12. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Well this constructors championship looks like it might come down to the wire. I just remembered i have tickets to Karnivool in Sydney which they decided to schedule for a Sunday night.
  13. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Yeah, myself and the kerb at turn 9 got into a slight altercation. I came off second best. The barrier came off third best.
  14. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Haha, yeah i saw a Ploddy in the team lists. Pretty sure you got me back with your rock chucking machine though.
  15. effing_sea

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Agreed. I had a few AAA games I wanted to pick up. I've bought none of them but still spent $100+ on indie games and last couple or so years classics. Highlights include Kerbal Space Program and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Can't Stop. Won't stop.