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  1. metasynaptic

    Test cheapies?

    Toms hardware have done a few articles such as this, recently with power supplies. They are good reading. Yes, they blew them up. But that's really information we need to know. It's also nice to see a review on something that hasn't paid someone, somewhere for advertising. oh wait...
  2. metasynaptic

    Modern Warfare 3

    Mental note: if I ever become a mine designer... flashing red LEDs are not going to be part of the design.
  3. metasynaptic

    Child pornography freely available in Australia

    Errr... isn't age of consent 16 in most states? Isn't this the core of the whole St Kilda and teenage girl thing a few months ago based around the fact that oh, yeah, she's a school girl, but oops, technically no crime has been commited. So umm, yeah, back to my point... 17 years old with H cups? not sure that's illegal, game or not.
  4. metasynaptic

    Which Android phone should I get?

    I lol'ed. That's detailed? I have an iPhone 3GS. What I like about the Incredible S already: You can take the battery out and put in a new one.
  5. metasynaptic

    Getting a refund for OEM Windows

    It could be argued that selling you hardware without an OS means that it's not fit for purpose, opening up a legal can of worms.
  6. metasynaptic

    Getting a refund for OEM Windows

    The main problem is that most manufacturers don't have support staff to help you with Linux problems, which is why they don't offer it, which is why they don't support it. The idea that you must use windows has got to be some sort of restraint of trade issue though...
  7. metasynaptic

    Even more inconvenient truths

    I stopped reading New Scientist years ago. They recycle their stories and regurgitate the same shit over and over. And to be honest, it's over priced for what it is.
  8. metasynaptic

    Steam Specials Thread

    Odd that I can't find Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow... maybe it was never ported to PC.
  9. metasynaptic

    Atomic Issue 125

    I would very much like to see such an article the next time I read atomic with my coffee.
  10. metasynaptic

    Biggest BitTorrent Downloading Case in U.S. History

    A US judge recently threw out one of these 'John doe' class actions stating an ip address is not an identity. In another case, comcast was complying with a court order to release ip information to ip holders, but were doing so at a rate of 100 per month, deliberately and legally dragging their feet. All you torrenters can breath a little easier, this isn't going to be a serious issue any time soon.
  11. metasynaptic

    Atomic Issue 125

    Unless I missed something, which may be possible, after reading the three monitor article it left me wanting more information, particularly: Which monitors are best suited to this? Which have the thinnest bezels? How can I adjust the output to seamlessly deal with wider bezels? Who makes monitor brackets that can mount 3 screens? Which monitors can be rotated on existing stands? Just questions this article left me with.
  12. What does 'realistically simulated' mean? Doesn't strike me as a terribly measurable criteria.
  13. metasynaptic

    Steam Specials Thread

    Ubisoft got rid of the always on DRM. From the T&Cs on the Settlers 7 store page:
  14. metasynaptic

    Modern Warfare 3

    I think there might be different views on what is considered camping. I guess I get accused of camping a lot when what I'm actually doing is creating area denial for my team to move up. Overlapping fields of fire ftw. In well built 'rush' maps there is little point staying in one place because the game will move away from you. However if I'm up the back sniping/camping clearing out areas and making it safe for assault to move up... Not sure why that isn't skill and helping the team.
  15. metasynaptic

    Modern Warfare 3

    See I am kinda the opposite, in BC2 I always strive to win the match and get best player pin, I don't give a shit about optimal progression or KDR. And thats perfectly fine. I'm of the view that it takes many skills to win a round. Players that can snipe. Players that can assault. Players that can fly helicopters. Players handy on the tv missile. Players that are sneaky and plant c4 on stuff. Too many of the same thing is not good. I just like being a sniper. Don't see why that makes me 'less skillful'.