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  1. Flouncy

    Well hello PCPP peeps

    Hey Atomic :) The time has come for the PC PowerPlay forums to gracefully and with dignity exit the internet. We made the decision and announcement yesterday and we're encouraging the fine people there to come and join in at Atomic. So, if you see anyone new please do make them feel welcome, there's so much in common between the Atomic and PCPP community I reckon we'll all get along just fine :) And a big BTW because I know what you're thinking - there is absolutely no plan or intention - right out into the longest long term imaginable - that the Atomic forums face the same situation. It won't happen. I promise. So - for any PCPPers who need a really top Au tech and games forum, with excellent people, you have landed. Ben
  2. Flouncy

    Final Cheers To OBA

    He sure was a big part of Atomic. OBA said it like it is, tolerated no BS and was a crusty bugger we all loved. He used to accost me at various Atomic events, all fired up about some bit of tech or software he either loved or hated and the passion was so genuine. He didn't faff around or waste any time on anything he didn't truly believe in. I liked him a lot. Thoughts with you and the fam OBA_Spawn. Ben Mansill
  3. Flouncy

    Future Article Idea For Pcta

    PC&TA editor here. Thanks for the idea codecreeper, it's a good one. We do run email tutorials pretty frequently, several a year in fact. And in the next issue (#203) that's onsale 8th Sep there's a pretty comprehensive guide covering a great many 'advanced basics' for setting up the client just-right. But it's for Outlook. I can't say for sure if and when we'll do one for Thunderbird, but it's highly likely.
  4. Flouncy

    Anand Moves On

    He's the King. Bedazzling tech depth plus proper impartiality and fairness. I fully expect those qualities will continue at anandtech!
  5. Flouncy

    WANTED: Tech writer/reviewer

    Hey Atomic, Ben Mansill here. I'm now the editor of PC & Tech Authority, sitting here at Nextmedia with David Hollingworth and John Gillooly (who is editor of PCPP now). And, I need someone to review tech gear. Could that be you? The gig: To be a freelancer reviewer of mostly PC components. Some will need to be benchtested, some won't. Mostly it will be graphics cards and motherboards, with the possibility of things like SSDs, laptops and CPUs. With a high possibility of other stuff. How much work is involved: Probably around 2-4 or so reviews each month, each around 700-800 words. Are you right for this? You must have a deep knowledge of PC components, trends, how gear is used. You must be able to write cleanly, in a friendly yet authoritative and easy to read style. This is not personality-driven objective writing - it is an accurate appraisal of gear based on its features and performance, usually backed up by benchtesting (always with graphics cards). You don't need to be a published journo, right here on these forums we've given many tech writers their first shot. But it's not a training wheels gig, either. You must be confident you can do this and not let us down. Do this well and it could be the path to greater things. Benchtesting? We have an established set of benchmarks that must be used, easy when you know how, we'll train you if necessary. Location: You MUST be in Sydney. This is partly so you can drop by our St Leonards office and pick up gear, and so occasionally we can courier it to you. But also because some benchmarks will probably need to be done here in our labs (although we may also kit you out with a benchmarking system so you can do this at home). Often we get gear in very close to deadline, so you will need to be responsive to this as much as possible and be able to do a review at short notice if required. Time: Is entirely flexible. If you have a full time job but want to do this in your spare time that can work, no problem. Typically, I'd guesstimate the time you'd need to be around one weekend's worth a month, or so. The pay: Based on experience, but note it's just a few pages a month, and there will be some months where there's no work at all (such is the nature of freelancing...) so don't be quitting your day job for this. Note there is no guarantee of regular monthly work. But, we need an ace component reviewer, and if you turn out to be fantastic then more and more work will be available to you. What to do: email me at bmansill at nextmedia dot com dot au Include a brief introduction telling me about yourself, and any relevant experience - and that includes work in any tech field, which may not necessarily be tech writing. If you have published examples, whether on a blog or a mag - or just something you've written, include that, or a link. I need to see how you write. If it's an amazing post here on Atomic, include a link (or a few links) if you're especially proud of that and it shows what you can do. I'll keep an eye on this and will answer any questions. The quest for the next great tech writer begins!
  6. Flouncy

    RIP Oculus

    Luckey has promised that a Facebook login will not be required... But still... waah waaah RIP Oculus. Cos M$.
  7. Flouncy

    RIP Oculus

    It's fantastic news. Seriously. All it means is: HEAPS of money to develop it - this is very good. Many apps and worlds that will use it for social shit - to us gamers, we can be indifferent about this because it won't affect the gaming side one little bit. It's hardware, not software. So they can't fuck with it or fuck it up. Even if FB wanted it purely for social VR - which they don't - the hardware would still have to be super-quality utterly convincing immersion. That's good. That's the hardware we wanted and expected. Notch has been a precious bitch about it. 3rd-party support for Minecraft OR lets him have his little tanty and no-one loses. Read Palmer Luckey's posts on Reddit HERE. Among the highlights: " This deal specifically lets us greatly lower the price of the Rift. Just promise me there will be no specific Facebook tech tie-ins. I promise. Why would we want to sell to someone like MS or Apple? So they can tear the company apart and use the pieces to build out their own vision of virtual reality, one that fits whatever current strategy they have? Not a chance. We have not gotten into all the details yet, but a lot of the news is coming. The key points: 1) We can make custom hardware, not rely on the scraps of the mobile phone industry. That is insanely expensive, think hundreds of millions of dollars. More news soon. 2) We can afford to hire everyone we need, the best people that fit into our culture of excellence in all aspects. 3) We can make huge investments in content. More news soon " So, you 'Facebook is evil guys' - WHY is this bad, exactly, specifically, and don't just say "they'll ruin it". Sony's annpuncement was bad news for OR. Sony have far better access to components and more power in the supply chain, and they can design and fab - or more easily have fabbed - custom ICs. That, and the liklihood Sony's VR will be cheaper than OR because it uses bit of the PS4 that you already own (like the camera), not to mention vast experience in engineering attractive and comfortable head mounted displays. OR was facing a real threat, now it has a fighting chance. So if the Sony came out and was better than the final OR would you not buy the Sony? Or is Sony too evil for your money, too?
  8. Flouncy

    F1 talk about the real races

    Yeah pretty sure both the smart money and safe bets will be with Hamilton for Melbourne. Though overall across the season (assuming the Merc stays as a front runner) that the changes may play into Rosberg's style. He's more of a thinker, and has pretty good pace when needed, too. Or a Williams, perhaps. And not necessarily Massa. And to be able to say, with a sane mind, that Force India are a better prospect than RB or Lotus is actually valid. Crazy times... Just sad a bit that Dan the Man isn't a likely chance. Unless RB have somehow sorted the probs, but even so, such little testing time. Oh yeah, and Ferrari.
  9. Flouncy

    What's on your mind?

    I watch this a lot, obsessively. Cos it's fucken great. And it gives me shivers and excitement. For a game trailer, it's nutty insane cool. So it's On My Mind. And thus thread context relevant, bitches. I watched it twice tonight. I have watched it about twenty or forty times. Or maybe sixty, All up. I reckon, IMFO, the best game trailer ever made. So, do it right. Max vol. lights out, max volume, and turn that volume up. Max vol. Boys, it'll make some good wood, girls, I believe there's a sexual equivalent of wood, for girls, but I hope it's nice for you regardless. (it's not porn, but really, it is). Now don't be casual with this, a small window and low vol and all that is fail. Machine gun this in BIG. http://vimeo.com/69691304# Well? FUCK YEAH.
  10. Flouncy

    Happy VD everybody

    Lubs yoos all, sweet sexy darling wonderful lovelies. mmmmAHH, smacks cheeks with sloppy dribbly wet lub. Yeah. That'll do, pigs.
  11. Flouncy

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The The - Infected.
  12. Flouncy

    What's on your mind?

    End of new job week 1. All systems super-nominal. Confidence is high.
  13. Flouncy

    New magazine idea utilising Atomic..

    Right back at ya, kiddo. /lubs
  14. Flouncy

    What's on your mind?

    Mastering the art of omelette-making. Something I've oddly neglected for many years. Today: sliced up kanga-bangers omelette. Yesterday: chicken liver and bacon omelette. Day before: THE MIGHTY KING OF OMELETTES - THE CHEESEY MUSHROOM OMMELETTEGANZA.