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  1. Brissmas

    Black Ops 2

    +1 to new WW2 cod.
  2. Brissmas

    PSA: HUGE DSE Gaming Sale incoming

    This has to be April fools...
  3. Brissmas

    Project Green Dragon

    Cant wait for this to be finished man, looks absolutely sick :D
  4. Brissmas

    [Build Log] My main PC

    Looks like a sick build, will keep watch for updates :D
  5. Brissmas

    HD7000 rumors

    http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...;cPath=193_1309 7970s instock at PCCG, get them while they last.
  6. Looks like ill be getting an ASUS board now, gigabyte seemd to have dropped there game :(
  7. Brissmas

    Steam Specials Thread

    Sums day up to :D
  8. Brissmas

    Mudg3's Christmas Give away

    Haha yeha but you didnt keep that stock intel cooler for long did you yah shit head Still got it in a draw right next to me hahah
  9. Brissmas

    Show us your Rig

    Sick sleeving fenix :D
  10. Brissmas

    Show us your Rig

    New Christmas present! Not really a big loop but im stoked :D
  11. Brissmas

    Steam Coupons

    Cant use them til after the sale i believe.
  12. Brissmas

    Steam Specials Thread

    So far ive picked up Half Life complete (still havent played Half Life 2 yet haha), Portal 2 and Orcs Must Die. Been a great sale so far.
  13. Brissmas

    Mudg3's Christmas Give away

    Great idea mudg3! Always helping people out :D
  14. Brissmas

    Project Green Dragon

    Id stay away from Feser coolant, havent heard anything good about it.