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  1. maxxypoo

    UnPacked a wing today {:)

    very nice. One day I'll def get out there and try it :)
  2. maxxypoo

    1 hour till the bakery opens

    Coffee makes me go nuts ever since I gave it up due to health reasons. quiter talk.
  3. maxxypoo

    Anyone into Suppliments?

    When you have too much whey and not enough 'real food', it can give you shocking gas and the like. Take it easy and time your shakes eg morning and post workout only.
  4. maxxypoo

    Anyone into Suppliments?

    You know hydroxyburn pro is just caffeine and protein powder. does jack shit.
  5. maxxypoo

    Anyone into Suppliments?

  6. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    Having a differing opinion, or not being able to express it properly to other people does not make someone a troll. Refusing to clarify when asked, and generally being a wanker does tho. Wow you guys are still posting here? I've moved on to the superstition thread.
  7. maxxypoo

    Why scepticism is still ‘the highest of duties’

    Would anyone like to buy pure H2O created via stevia induced cold fusion. Will get you jacked. No skeptics.
  8. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    Lame. Put some effort in. Bring back tantryl.
  9. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    LOL another douche come to rage with no point. Come at me bro. At least there are enough of you to make a circle now.
  10. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    How dare you critise my grammar. Just because im clearly the victor of this argument about BMI being meaningless, does not mean you can stoop that low. Cry moar.
  11. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    I'll take that as "no mate, I was just trying to make up an arguement about get a talking point about BMI that wasnt actually mentioned specifically I've heard over and over again in when it doesn't really fit in the thread, making any definitive statements like that would mean you actually had something to respond to and I'm just trying to get you to commit without saying anything myself". if fixed that right up for you buddy.
  12. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    What was tantryls argument again? I've forgotten over all the crying. It's amazing you can get all those words out with his wang in your mouth btw.
  13. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    2 other people have responded saying measurements and categorisation of weight, can infact be misleading (even if it isnt BMI), which relates to the numbers referenced in this article. If that doesn't make you think I've made a relevant point, then nothing will. Keep jerking each other off though, it's amusing :D
  14. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    I think i hit a nerve. :)
  15. maxxypoo

    American? Young? Overweight?

    This shit is getting intense! 2v1... I can still take all of you. You do realise i don't really give two shits past saying "Overweight using what measurements?", questioning where they get the numbers from. If you want to have a cry about how wrong that is then go ahead? Trolling 35 year old virgins on the internet is fun though ;D