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    Dinner at MEET X

    Maybe we should have a kebab or a pizza, :D!!!
  2. kaiser adelwein

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    Hey. I'm a friend of Supergeeks and I'd like to come along with a +1, if that's alright? Why not? Tell him he's a piker! Put him in the dirty pikers list well he's antisocial his reply was "I don't enjoy those kind of things" in a sqeaky voice whats happening with dinner I'm not too fussed as long as its not too expensive WHAT! Unbelievable!
  3. Are i7's hotter in temperature than the standard quad core?
  4. kaiser adelwein


    Which is the better graphics card out at the moment out of Nvidia and Ati?
  5. BTW, does any1 know when Half life 2 Episode 3 is coming out?
  6. kaiser adelwein


    I heard from super geek that intel r making much better cpus than amd at the moment, is this right or r amd catching up?
  7. The extreme edition CPUs would run slightly hotter due to their greater clock speed. yep more cycles per second = higher frequency which has the side effect of extra heat needing to be disapated. what is the relavence of this question though? I guess he is trying to get info so he can figure out which quad core to get weither its socket 775, old i7, new i7. Not sure if I can give advise on this matter at the moment as I haven't looked into quad core architectures. Thats my guess thats where he is trying to go. You sound formal super geek but we all know it's just a pretense! You could simply say,"I don't know." It's ur response to most things i ask. hmmm
  8. kaiser adelwein


    Just to confirm, wat does everybody think r the main differences between the 5870 and 5970?
  9. kaiser adelwein


    Interesting, wat site did u get that from raradawg and does this card hav 2 cards in it rather than 1? And how much video memory does it hav?
  10. kaiser adelwein

    How filthy is the mind of the average Atomican? O_o

    Peteed most likely will enjoy it. It's actually doubtful even he would enjoy that but 4 saying that Super Geek maybe we should use u as a guinea pig to test the theory!
  11. kaiser adelwein

    L4D2 DLC Announced

    Zombine Right here.... Vito, that was a poor pun. LOLz, ah, those zombines were so annoying with their grenades, i liked using the gravity gun and stealing their grenades and throwing it right back on THEM!
  12. kaiser adelwein

    How filthy is the mind of the average Atomican? O_o

    yeah tryed a forum search for that one but couldnt find it XD @peteed1985...How old are you? 24 a monthish off 25 :) Aspergers Syndrome FTW!!! And don't forget spending 16hrs a day on WoW FTW also! lolz There's nothing wrong with spending 16hrs a day on WoW except at the expense of ones life but im about to be guilty of the same thing with Star Trek Online. However since I bought u and super geek as well as 4 myself The collectors edition from amazon for the borg support officer, ur loyalty is now to me, defending my enterprise AT ALL COSTS! FAILURE RESULTS IN EJACULATION, I MEAN TERMINATION!!!!!
  13. kaiser adelwein

    Moderation etiquette.

    You also don't notice those times where posts get removed quickly and quietly, with perhaps a PM to the offender in question, and no-one says anything about it. Yes when that happens it's a job well done for the moderators, as the mafia say,"I don't know nothing!"
  14. kaiser adelwein

    Moderation etiquette.

    Yeah, that Cyb3rGlitch dude is such a prick! Cyb3rGlitch I don't think that's appropriate to mock other people on these forums especially a mod, lolz (joking)!!!
  15. kaiser adelwein

    I'm in the mood for some RTS...

    Yeah i second that and also the settlers, rise of nations, and maybe lord of the rings battle for middle earth is kinda that way with magic!
  16. kaiser adelwein

    PSA: Harvey Norman Massive Monday 21st 75% off Games Sale!

    Is this Harvey Norman sale still going by any chance?
  17. kaiser adelwein


    so basically the engine and video clock are better, btw thxs for the comparsion chris, does anyone hav that info to put up for the 5970?
  18. kaiser adelwein

    Removing cum off LCD monitor

    damn too bad I didn't see this sooner I would of said that :) that or bring Hawkeye over for that :P thx for showing me this pure win thread super geek :D +1 for POTM without needing to read any other threads this is just too funny Peteed1985 P.S. how do I get cum off a 5750? Obviously u lick it off pete, or leave it on there, it might make the GPU go faster, LOLz!
  19. kaiser adelwein

    looking for an old skool type game but new

    Have u played Age of Empires 3 or Warcraft 3 or r u looking for the original AOE?
  20. kaiser adelwein

    How filthy is the mind of the average Atomican? O_o

    yeah tryed a forum search for that one but couldnt find it XD @peteed1985...How old are you? 24 a monthish off 25 :) Aspergers Syndrome FTW!!! And don't forget spending 16hrs a day on WoW FTW also! lolz By the way i meant FTW as For The Win and not Fuck the world, just clarifying!
  21. kaiser adelwein

    Left 4 Dead 2 - Refused Classification after review

    I guess we're getting the neutered version then. It's a sad day. I heard its that guy in South Australia whos been blocking the violent games lately, i know a few ppl who r really in a uproar about it!
  22. kaiser adelwein

    TF2 appreciation thread

    I reckon TF2 is a fun game. Funny story i got the orange box off ebay and turns out i got a censored version which when shooting others players or blowing them up with the grenade launchers, it was in low violence, so hamburgers and bolts and others things bounced out of the other players body instead of blood and body parts. I contacted steam support and they fixed it but it was kinda funny. Also ep2 was censored and that wasnt as funny, but yeah!
  23. kaiser adelwein

    Farcry 3?

    Really, another farcry is coming out? when i played no. 2 at the atomic event in late 2008 at olympic park, it was quite fun but wasnt as realistic as CoD4 in the game physics and taking quite a few shots to die!
  24. kaiser adelwein

    Bought L4D2 "hopefully" with gore, need clarification please!

    I've heard a lot of uproar about this censorship of left 4 dead 2, a friend of mine, Peteed1985 bought the censored version of l4d2 and was very POed about it having no gore, does anyone know how to help him and get around this, by modifying certain files or whichever way?
  25. kaiser adelwein

    Eve Online: Dominion expansion Dec 1

    It never ends, another expansion for Eve, lolz, so wat new major changes did they include this time?