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    AMD overclocking club!

    Hahah yeah, this board kills my old crappy ASUS, never give up AMD FTW
  2. grindpig

    XSPC RS240 Water cooling kit help

    Welcome to the WC club. My first foray into WC'ing was a Swiftech kit so it's a good way to jump your first hurdle so to speak, although custom setups rule. Never use tap water, all the nasties added to tap water will bugger your loop only use distilled water and some silver for a biocide, additives require constant re-adding, the advantage of silver is it doesn't need replacing and it's effects only get stronger over time Loop order doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things as long as your reservoir feeds into your pump first, but your bay reservoir also holds the pump (I have the same one) and it makes setup less complicated. My loop order goes Res/Pump>Rad>Block>Rad>Res/Pump By the looks of it your radiator has a low FPI (Fins Per Inch) count so your fans will work better in a pull scenario (even better with a shroud). Higher CFM fans like the Ultra Kazes work better with high FPI Rads and in a push scenario, so the Noctuas will be a better fit, and less noisy. At full tilt my Ultras sound like a jet engine taking off. Anyhoo hope this helps
  3. grindpig

    AMD overclocking club!

    Welcome, and nice overclock :-) Cheers Mate, CPU wouldn't go over 3.8 stable on Air, could get to 3.9 but it would bsod to all hell. A good board helps
  4. grindpig

    AMD overclocking club!

    Hey All, long time lurker first time poster, currently have a 1090T under water @ 4.0 stable 18 hours Prime95 - settings are as follows: CPU Clock - Auto (4000) CPU Northbridge - X10 (2500) Core Performance Boost - Disabled CPU Frequency - 250 PCIE Clock - Auto HT Link Width - Auto HT Link Frequency - X10 (2500) Memory Clock - X5.33 (1332) CPU PLL Voltage - 2.58 DRAM Voltage - 1.65 NB Voltage - 1.25 CPU Voltage - 1.5 At Full Load temp is 37 degrees, Idle is around 20 - 23 degrees Hope this helps
  5. grindpig

    Rent a German!

    Looks like "Ze Germans" get Waaaaayyyy better drugs than I can get my hands on, how very efficient were those dance moves
  6. grindpig

    Good thing I'm not arachnophobic...

    Reminds me of a mate of mine who works as a landscape gardener, on the job one day removing a couple of diseased palm trees. Digs around the root system on the first one thinks he has this baby sorted he proceeds to wrap his arms around the trunk and give it an almighty wriggle to loosen it fully from the ground, in doing so he gets covered with what he assumes to be tiny clumps of dirt, little does he realise he's disturbed a fully fledged nest of whitetails, that is until the stinging pain of a few dozen or so bites gets him.......
  7. grindpig

    Another candidate for the Darwin awards

    Doesn't sound like a bright spark to me
  8. grindpig

    Finding a womans G-Spot

    Ahhh dudes and dudettes, we are talking the Herald Sun here, the last bastion of Right Wing journalism, the paper that doesn't believe global warming exists and off the slight chance it does exist no matter how teensy weensy the chance there is NO CREDIBLE SCIENCE OR REASONING that humans are the major contributers, the paper that gave Andrew Bolt column space to spew his vile vitriol - Sigh, also videogames are directly responsible for the steep rise in violence due to players being desensitised BLAH BLAH BLAH. Grain of salt time - this is coming from a paper that wants to drag us kicking and screaming back to a time where the white Australia policy was endorsed and rigorously adhered to, where spousal abuse and racism was tolerated. Awesome Footy coverage Tho'
  9. grindpig

    Here's to you Mrs Robinson!

    I Just find it wholly to ironic that she's Mrs Robinson
  10. grindpig

    Windows Live

    Maybe it is just that the server is down lol. What with the holidays and all, is this the only site giving you trouble ? Cheers for the help guys.Bowiee the answer is yes, Live is the only site giving me grief, Bundywow, I'll give it another shot, would deleting the cookies be any help?, I'm almost at the end of my tether here GGGRRRRRRR, frackin hellmongrel
  11. Hey Guys Happy New Year To All. Just a quick question, every time I try to sign up to Windows Live to create a profile (not that I want to, but certain games require a profile to start and for save games as well) it seems to work fine when filling out all the rigmarole but as soon as I hit submit, I get an error message saying the server is down - try again later. I've tried different times of day and night, different profile names, same shit happens. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Cheers Mate, didn't really want to pay nigh on 500 for a new OS unless totally necessary
  13. grindpig

    PSU cable extension

    How are we to know what you need? If you need to extend your 8 pin ATX power cable by 30cm, then that's what you need. Alternatively, you could cut the cables and add in some extra wire. Heh Heh Heh, I could just imagine it, hit the power switch - Boom - Ninja smoke bomb PC!
  14. Hey guys and gals, currently running the rc of windows 7 ultimate and pretty happy to say the least and will upgrade as soon as the piggybank is a little more portly. So I was wondering if to go the whole hog with Ultimate for a gaming rig or whether the Home version will be an equivalent but cheaper choice, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers - GrindPig