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  1. really thats not that bad wonder if theyll come down in price maybe to a cool 300 soon 4850 to 5850 sounds like a great upgrade lol
  2. deathkill


    i hope the classes act like those in kotor but with more detail
  3. deathkill

    Never played Starcraft or Diablo

    10 dollars is basically free lol
  4. deathkill

    Mass effect 2

    i hope its basically the same game but bigger..why improve something that was great already
  5. way out of my price range lol
  6. deathkill

    Atomic Mpc Subs

    lol id rather win it than pay for a sub... when it comes down to it.. milk and bread or mag.. the food usually wins it
  7. not really.. but my computer screen is a 40 inch bravia..so it wouldnt hurt lol
  8. deathkill

    Starcraft Demo

    tru well that sux hopefully they do
  9. deathkill

    Atomic Mpc Subs

    when is atomic gonna have some subscriptions in competitions so i can win it :P ?? id like to see something good for xmas..a super competition ? ,didnt know what section to write this in...
  10. deathkill

    Will my DREAM PC work?

    your dream pc has a 4770 lol wth ?
  11. deathkill

    Aliens Vs Predator (MA+15 stamp of approval)

    they should find a way to make sure kids under the age cant get this.. but thats impossible
  12. thanks for the info might be worth to go check it out also... grab some of the old classics if they have em.. baldurs gate etc etc
  13. deathkill

    Starcraft Demo

    u seriously thought i was talking about starcraft 1 ? lol they made that along time ago why would they of just finished and doing touch ups :P starcraft 2 demo ?
  14. the more cgi movies like this the better..wats the point of having huge screens if u got nothing like this to show off im hoping a blu ray rip comes out early on the net CINEMAS HERE WE COME