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    Maintaining my website and putting up with annoying Ubuntu/Mint bugs. But still loving Linux over Windows though.
  1. neubejiita

    Gaming community in 2018 versus 1996?

    How does the gaming community in 2018 compare to the old days of LAN parties and dial-up Internet? We have Steam and fast connections at home, I do not even need a game store, I have Steam shop and reviews to go by, So I am not meeting up with other gamers at all, unless in an online game. That is how it seems to work these days, But how has this affected gaming overall? Is this a good evolution of the gaming scene? It seems in many games that players are only for themselves and do not care about others, even ignoring team mates and blowing everything up without warning people nearby. Will we ever see such a massive online cooperative battle like this again? https://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/08/the-surprising-and-allegedly-impossible-death-of-everquests-unkillable-dragon/ This was an epic battle against a monster believed to be invincible. And all players cooperated together to kill him. Modern games have heroes locked behind paywalls, that is really lame. https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_locked/dppum98/ No wonder that they are roasted.
  2. neubejiita

    Shellshock Exploit

    The shellshock Linux bug still works on Debian 8. env VAR1='me() {echo "hello"}\ ' /bin/touch /home/$LOGNAME/my.text Give this a try on your box. Did you get a text file?
  3. neubejiita

    At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel

    Not our sun. Who knows what effect that much crap would have on a star... -X Maybe a black hole, or a Neutron star. The massive gravity on a Neutron star would tear apart the atoms of the film and DVD's and they would be converted to Neutronium. No more Jar Jar. Follow the crates with George Lucas and you would be done. 100,000,000 x Earth gravity would make sure there were no more movies.
  4. I got this to work by going through the setup wizard with the dongle plugged in and selecting Optus pre-paid mobile broadband, then finishing the configuration. Then you need to go to edit connections and click through to Mobile Broadband then select the connection and click edit, then PPP settings and under Authentication Settings you need to click configure and make sure that only PAP is ticked then click OK. I did all of this and the dongle is working perfectly on Linux Mint 9 with a vanilla Kernel 2.6.36. http://www.bejiitaswrath.com/maps/ppp.png This screenshot shows the settings I am using to get this working. This is quite simple, I do not know if this would work with a Telstra or Vodaphone dongle, but the Optus one seems to work very well indeed. I have done something similar to this with a Telstra mobile phone, using the web packs to get mobile broadband, but this is just as good and it is great not having to use Windows.
  5. neubejiita

    Gigabyte H55 IDE help.

    I have the machine running now, I reset the BIOS and loaded Linux, but the drives still are not visible. I will have a look at the settings and see what I can do. Can you get SATA DVD drives? The drives worked fine initially then they stopped working and I must have done something in the BIOS that interfered with that. And the el-cheapo 7 Port USB hub I bought from Big W just died, so I am not having a good time of it, but the machine is running fine despite that, I should abandon IDE anyway, SATA is easier and quicker to get working. I just want to get back to Gentoo. The drives do not show up on the POST screen, but work perfectly with the old mobo. I press F12 to get the boot menu and select the driver to boot from, but they are not detected at all. I can boot from USB and of course the SATA drive. I could just install one of these. I have a heap of SATA ports that are empty, and I can just hook up my old mobo to get the data off the old IDE drive. http://www.nextag.com/Lite-On-IHAS124-04-6...C18DA61138976D9 Thanks for your help by the way, I appreciate it, I think the IDE AHCI modes are what I need to look at.
  6. neubejiita

    Gigabyte H55 IDE help.

    The drives will not show up in the bios, only the SATA drive will.
  7. neubejiita

    Gigabyte H55 IDE help.

    This is with the BIOS not the OS, I have only got a Windows XP Home CD to test it with, I would rather run Linux.
  8. I have finally put together my new PC, and installed Linux Mint 9 on a 500GiB HDD, but the MOBO will only detect the SATA drive now and not the IDE hard drive or CDROM. Is this a BIOS issue? I could reset the BIOS if that would help. The Mobo has one IDE connection and I have a DVDRW drive connected to that, but it will not be detected. I am using a i3 CPU and 2GiB of RAM, and a 550W PSU. The Mobo is the version with the PCI/E slot and not the smaller Mini ATX version.
  9. neubejiita

    Upgrading suggestions.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I love older games, but running darkplaces Quake on highest settings with dynamic lighting really does need a kickass card to run it. But it looks to die for, the mobo has a video connection on the back, it must have a integrated graphics chipset, that I could use until I get a card, that means I only need a PSU, RAM & CPU to get started. I would love to be able to run Quake @ 1600*1200 with real time lighting that would be like VR. I will hold off on getting a card until I can get a powerful one, as long as I could run Gentoo and do all of my usual stuff on it, I will be happy, and I will try and get a i7.
  10. neubejiita

    Upgrading suggestions.

    The 500GB drive is a fast 7200 drive, with a large cache, I put the external together myself, when I bought a SATA drive by mistake online. A Core I3 sounds good, I will try and get a faster video card, with about 1GB as I want the fastest GPU I can get as I will not be upgrading again for a long time. And 4GB of RAM should be fine for Windows and Gentoo, which is what I have at the moment. I just want something a lot faster than what I have now, to make gaming and encoding Youtube videos more smooth. Are the placement of the motherboard risers in a case pretty standard?
  11. Hello. I just bought a Gigabyte H55 USB3 motherboard to upgrade my current Celeron 2.4GHZ beast with 1GB RAM to a Core i7 or i3 beast and I am wondering what parts should I include that will not cost too much but will allow me to build a good Linux machine. I want 4GB RAM and a good graphics card for Compiz and Quake, darkplaces gaming, as well as Unreal Tournament. Would I be able to run 64Bit Linux on this, or would I need a Athlon 64? I thought it was about time I upgraded, I currently have a Geforce 6200 with 256MB RAM and I was going to upgrade that, but the shop did not have any more powerful AGP cards, so I decided to upgrade the whole thing keeping maybe a old hard drive and I could reuse the 500GB SATA disk in my external enclosure for the OS, that would be faster than IDE. I am buying the new parts bit by bit to enable me to make the best choices about which parts to buy and eventually I will have a whole new machine.
  12. neubejiita

    Found RAM.

    Actuall, I emptied the box out and there are actually only 25 left, I used one and open another, so there are 25 unopened boxes. So 25x 256MB = 6400MB according to the calculator on my phone. But what could I get for this old ram? Maybe $10? What would it sell for? I want to get rid of it.
  13. neubejiita

    Found RAM.

    I was walking home from the shops one day and it was bulk garbage collection day and I saw a box with some smaller boxes inside labelled as 256 MB RAM and I picked it up and took it home and it had 40 256MB RAM chips for laptops. DDR2-533 256MB memory modules that someone was throwing out. I put one of them into my laptop and upgraded the RAM, but what can I do with the other 39 RAM chips that I now have possession of? It was sitting with some other rubbish so it was not left by accident, but why would someone put out something like this instead of selling it on Ebay? And how much is it worth if I wanted to sell this stuff, as I do not need that many RAM modules and maybe I could put it on Ebay myself.
  14. neubejiita

    Intel's "walled garden" vision

    What about the NSA Selinux approach in Linux. Could that be developed in Linux? I have seen it in action myself and it kills a program that tries to access strange parts of memory instantly and quietly, only popping up a notification down from the System tray. This is Fedora Core 13 I am talking about. I wish Windows could have something like that built in that could maybe help stop viruses and malware before they run. Just a thought.
  15. neubejiita

    How secure is linux/unix

    What about using Linux with NSA Selinux? I use Fedora Core 13 on my laptop right now and it seems to be very secure compared to Windows. And it was very easy to enable DVD and MP3 playback support. So Fedora Core 13 all the way I think. Very secure, and faster than Windows 7 with the Gnome/Openbox desktop. Windows has many security features, but if it had something like Selinux then it would offer more security. That is why I erased the Windows partition and the recovery partition as well and I am going Linux only. Fedora Core 13 is the only Linux distribution I have tried on my ASUS A3H laptop that has had the firmware for the WIFI adapter already on the LiveCD. And unlike Ubuntu, it actually supports runlevels.