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    Multi Threading with sockets

    If anyone is interested, I ended up using the select library to allow for full duplex communication rather than worrying about creating multiple threads. https://docs.python.org/2/library/select.html
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    Multi Threading with sockets

    I am creating a wrapper class for the sockets library in python that will make it easier to create a full duplex instant messaging program. However I'm running into an issue with the multi threading portion that allows for the full duplex. Whenever I send a message from one computer to another, the received message isn't seen until a message is sent. Does anyone have any insight? I'm attaching a picture that contains the code for my client and wrapper class.
  3. satyricon11

    Linear data structures and multi threading

    Okay thanks! I'm looking into this now. I havent done that much with threads so this is a little new to me
  4. I'm trying to write a program (in java) that pings each possible IP address on a sub net to see if its alive, and if it is, store it in a sorted linked list to be displayed in a JTable. As of right now I'm using the Thread class instead of the Runnable interface and I'm getting a lot of null pointer exceptions. Whenever I run this program without multi threading the program works fine. Ive done a bit of research and so far the material seems to be rather complex and above my understanding. I'm wondering if accessing the data structure from several threads is my issue, and if so, how do I get around this?
  5. So I am poking around with a VM of Windows 7 and Metasploit. After listing all running processes in meterpreter (as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM) I noticed that there was no owner for the audiodg.exe process. However, under the windows task manager on the local machine, I see that the processes is listed as a local service. My questions are: 1) Who owns this process and what privileges does it have? 2) Why doesn't the owner show up when I list all running processes in meterpreter or any custom python script 3) Would this process have ring0 access since I can't kill it or migrate to it as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM Based off of the reading I've done, my assumption is that since this .exe deals with drivers / driver signing there is a good possibility of ring0 access if I could migrate/exploit this process. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-hardware/windows-audio-device-graph-isolation-audiodgexe/35337ea9-4fd2-4902-b05c-7aedbf78fe9f
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    audiodg process ownership

    Good to know. Thanks guys
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    audiodg process ownership

    Okay thanks guys. Yeah I went in and used msfvenom to add a backdoor to the .exe and to no surprise it didn't work. Would I experience the same outcome if I tampered with any of the .dll files that it uses?
  8. Hey guys so I'm messing around with a copy of Windows 7, Metasploit, and the python programming language. I've noticed that even after I've got NT/AUTHORITY access on a machine, there are still certain things that I cant do. After doing some research I found out that even with superuser access, I may not be in the correct "privilege ring" to accomplish what I want, ie forcing the computer to stop system critical programs, delete certain files, etc. So my thought here is, knowing that the smss.exe process is responsible for starting the kernel and user modes and loads the registry, what if I created a registry key that lets me interact with a custom python script. Would it inherit the same privs/rights as smss.exe? Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? BTW, I know that me wanting to delete or stop system critical files is ridiculous. As stated above, this is all in a VM on my PC and is all proof of concept and me goofing off.
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    Windows 7 Privilege Escalation

    Thanks I appreciate it!
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    recording packets with python

    I am writing a wifi scanner in python that will scan nearby AP's that wil also identify specific wifi security as a proof-of-concept idea. As of right now I can identify nearby SSID's and write them to a file. However I am stuck on recording data packets from the SSID's because I don't have permission to capture on my specified device. I have tried creating a subprocess method to login as root through terminal but it's still not working. I was wondering if anyone here has overcame this problem
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    Blank hard drive issue

    I have a hard drive that was wiped using a disk wiping utility and I am trying to re install windows on it. However I am stuck trying to assign the disk a volume and letter. I see that the disk is listed as "disk 0" and I've already ran the clean command and converted the disk to MBR. I'm just curious as to how to assign the volume and letter.
  12. satyricon11

    Blank hard drive issue

    Rybags-I'm using WinToFlash to try to load Windows 7 SP1 onto a flash drive, and I was using Windows Installation Media Creation Tool to try to load Windows 8.1 to another. Which I downloaded from here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media WintoFlash allows me to specify where the Windows .ISO is or an extracted folder and installs to a specified path to a flashdrive. codecreeper-As of right now there are no hidden partitions on the hard drive because D-Ban was ran on it a couple days before and wiped it clean.
  13. satyricon11

    Blank hard drive issue

    I went into diskpart in the windows installer and created a partition and gave it a volume name as well. It shows up as disk C: and volume "New Volume" and the disk is labled healthy and is empty. When I go back and run the actual installer, windows says device drivers are missing. I have searched google and done everything that has been suggested such as restarting the installation, pulling the flash drive out and re inserting it into a different USB port and reinstalling windows onto my flash drive. I have also used differenty types of flash drives because it seems SanDisk doesn't like making bootable flash drives. Laptop is an HP Pavilion Model # 11-n010dx initial OS: Windows 8 no CD/DVD drive. As of right now I'm using WinToFlash to re install windows 7 on one flash drive and I'm using another to try and install windows 8 again using the Windows Installation Media Tool of of the Microsoft website
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    I am trying to join two active processes into one using Python. In order to do this I've been researching the .join() method in the multiprocessing API. I've done some research and I'm not sure this is what I need in order to accomplish my goal. Does anyone know a better way to go about this?
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    I have an I-Pod 30 gig and it's beyond repair. I want to get the music off of the hard drive, does anyone know how I can do this? PS: When I hook the ipod up to a power source is says "Please wait, very low battery" And I can not put it in disk mode
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    I'm about to look for a compact flash reader. I appreciate it guys!
  17. If I tried to compress 1 byte of data with winzip what would be the end result?
  18. satyricon11

    file compression question

    oh okay, I understand. So no matter what you do there's not actual way to REALLY compress a 1 byte file
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    beowulf cluster

    So me and my friend have a couple custom builds and random laptops laying around and got curious and decided to try to set up a beowulf cluster using ubuntu 12.10 server just for the learning curve. We managed to install the OS on the master and one of the slaves but can't seem to get one of our desktops online. We have an old dell desktop that doesn't have a hard drive and we are trying to boot it from LAN. I've looked on the internet and followed all kinds of instructions on how to install a tftp and DHCP server but nothing has worked. Any ideas? Would I be better off trying this on Windows server or stick with ubuntu? PS: I've installed the TFTP server on my master computer, but what do I do from there? I've read that the remote computer needs to have the TFTP client installed but how do I manage that if the computer doesn't have a hdd?
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    Large Text Document won't open

    So I have a 1.5 gig text document that I need to open and edit. I've gone online and tried multiple programs to open it but nothing seems to work. Every time I open it the program either freezes or crashes. Does anyone have any ideas? PS: I'm running ubuntu and I've tried using the split command but even after I split the document its still to large
  21. satyricon11

    Large Text Document won't open

    Is there a way that I could dedicate certain memory to being contigious so I can open the file? And thanks, I will check out ultredit and get back with the results
  22. satyricon11

    Large Text Document won't open

    I doubt I'm running out of RAm. I'm running 16Gb
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    windows firewall

    When I port scanned my computer I saw a couple ports were open, I went into Windows firewall and changed them to either closed or filtered then port scanned my computer. (Windows 7 Ultimate) the port scanner is still reading them as open. Why? I'm port scanning my laptop from another computer(ubuntu), using nmap as my port scanner
  24. So my friend and his father bought an internet sweepstakes business where you can gamble with computer programs. The problem that they are running into is that the people that come in and play have access the whole entire computer and mess around with the gambling program that they are using. What we are trying to do is find out how to restrict access to the users where they can't access the computer desktop and can only use the software that we chose. All of the computers are running Windows XP From what I have found out on the internet. I'll have to replace gina in windows. I'm not sure how to go about that, and how that would help me execute the program that I want. I suggested just disabling the login screen and putting the program he wants in the startup folder, but my friend told me that the computers that he's running are slow enough that who ever is on them at the time has enough time to run whatever they want before the program is executed
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    I've tried. I don't see where I can change any of the settings in virtualbox