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    So I'm running windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop and I'm running windows XP home SP3 in virutalbox. I set my VM to bridged network. For some reason I can't get either OS to ping each other. When I look up info with ipconfig/all it says that the VM's ip address is on my virtual ethernet adapter (so it's connected to the internet). Seeing as my laptop isn't hooked up via ethernet I figured that would be a problem. When I researched the issue I found out that I had to change the settings in "Adapter 2" in virtualbox, when I open the network settings it won't allow me to change them, as if I don't have those settings. What do I need to do to get my VM and my laptop to be able to ping each other?
  2. so for multiple reasons that I won't get into, I decided it was best to wipe my hard drive clean using DBAN. The problem was that I forgot to plug in my laptop and my battery died about halfway through. So using the only other computer I have, which happens to be a netbook with Ubuntu on it, I downloaded an .ISO of windows xp and booted it onto my flashdrive. When I booted up into the startup installation screen, Windows gave me an error saying that I needed to format my hdd to NTFS. When I entered that Windows said that it detected my hdd was corrupt and unfixable. What do to? If I plug in my laptop into the wall and run DBAN again and do a complete wipe then try installing would that fix it?
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    installing windows from usb after using DBAN

    Just updating everyone, I fixed the problem. I actually found a windows installation disk and installed from that.
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    installing windows from usb after using DBAN

    That's what I'm about to do. I'll repost & update
  5. Here is my problem. At my friends house he's got several laptops that run off a wireless connection with no encryption/protection whatsoever. And occaisonally I bring my netbook over ot his house and we'll chill and surf the web. The other day I gave him an old gateway 2000 desktop. What I want to do is secure his wireless internet with WEP WPA2 naturally and then download an intrusion detection software like trip wire or something. Would this protect all of the computers on the network or just that individual computer? What I want to do in the long run is use the old desktop to secure the network and run scans regularly to make sure noone is trying to gain illegal access. How would I go about this seeing as I've never done it before?
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    newb networking question

    Okay I'll check that out. I've read about netstumbler before. I'll check that out too. Thanks for the help. [:
  7. I'm pretty sure that violence towards women is a touchy subject. Just sayin.
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    Expensive footwear

    I wouldn't spend the money. I'm 17 years old. I'd rather spend the money on skateboard shit or beer and girls.
  9. E is known to make you horny but not be able to get it up. If you have that ability your penis has powers equal to a god. E has MDMA in it, which is commonly known, It stands for methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Most people know who pop pills that any nymphetamine, or in this case methamphetamine pretty much kills any chance of having sex or any sexual experience. I have heard of people getting hard on adderall, which is a dextroamphetamine, but they couldn't keep it up for any amount of time. If your girls going to a rave and dropping E you don't have any worries, yeah she's gonna be horny, and she's gonna be around a lot of horny guys, but she ain't getting the dick. You might wanna make her rinse her mouth out the next time you see her cuz she's prolly gonna be sucking a dick to try to get it hard to stick in her.
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    newb networking question

    Okay thanks. That tells me what to do to secure my network. Also somethine else I am looking into is,some sort of software that I can run from the desktop computer to scan all of the machines and shuts them down or alerts my friend incase of a remote machine gaining unauthorized access. Is there something that I could buy or preferably download for free that would accomplish this? Would an IDS do this?
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    Where is the safest place to get shot?

    I say go for it! As my shrink says. You can do anything you put your mind to!